Nene Leakes at NBC Up-Fronts

Nene Leakes is in NYC this week for NBC Up-Fronts. Nene has won the role of Rocky on Ryan Murphy’s comedy, The New Normal,  that has already been picked up for the new fall line up. She’s pictured here with Jimmy Fallon. Click through for more, with the Donald.


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9 responses to “Nene Leakes at NBC Up-Fronts

  1. NeNe is doing big THANGS in HlyWood!

  2. I'll be surprised if she doesn't make an appearance at Fox Up-Fronts too. SHE SPENT FIVE HOURS on the press line for NBC today. Girl knows how to work it. And I want credit for not making fun of her outfit. :)

  3. bling bling bitches mad

  4. You gotta respect the grind. She is really hustling.

  5. Nene is a grand hustler. She has three shows going. I am very proud of her. She is not sitting around waiting, on someone else to bring home the checks. I will be watching all her show. Congrads Ms. Nene Leaks.

  6. Good on her, but did she SLEEP in that blouse? For shame…

  7. Thank You! I so wanted to rag on that, but I did see pictures later (earlier for her) where she looked great. The outfit didn't hold up well. She needs to hire Shun Melson.

  8. Nene's face looks great. I don't care for the outfit on the picture. Where are the other pictures? She continually networks. Shun Melson use to style Nene. She may have changed due to being out of town so much. If I remember right, she styled that pictures on Nene's twitter avi and background.

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