Wendy Williams Pisses Off Some Housewives on Watch What Happens Live

So I was live tweeting my comments on WWHL and everybody is asking what happened. Well here’s the tea. Wendy Williams was on with Andy by herself and Andy’s mom was the bartender so Wendy was in heaven because she got to talk A LOT. Andy had just been on Wendy’s show this morning and Wendy blew the interview.  Andy played some word association game with her where he named a housewife and she said the first thing that came to mind. First was Tamra and she said “Who? Oh Orange County, I can’t tell them apart.”  Yeah, me neither Wendy that is why it is so hard to watch them. Also something else comes on during that time, so whatever. But probably not smart for you to say. For Nene she said “lonely” which may be true but it’s mean and she has Nene on the intro of her show with like Madonna and some other strange choice as if she thinks she is fabulous. But wait, there is lots more tea.

 For Caroline she said “deceptive.” and said there is more to that story. She also said that Caroline was mean for talking about Lauren’s weight. Which I agree with and now Lauren is tweeting that her mom is super supportive. Look, I like Caroline and I thought she should not have talked about Lauren’s weight on the show. There has to be a better storyline. Still isn’t bringing it up on WWHL doing the same thing?

Wendy was over the top Team Kim on the show. She loved everything about Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, she thinks Kroy is “one of the last good ones” she’s totally forgiven Kim for being a mistress. Since when do mistresses care about Wendy Williams approval? She thinks Kroy’s hair looks great whether gelled up in a fake mohawk like an 8 year old wears or flat like the kid from Leave it to Beaver. Really, Wendy as into hair as you are, you are okay with that? I mean I like Kim and Kroy but in moderation and there is still plenty to mock. Wendy was WAY OVER THE TOP with the Kim love. It’s like she was mad at Nene about something. Plus she just announced on her show that Kim was fired from RHOA like two days ago. Which was a lie. Someone called in a question about Nene’s new acting jobs and what Wendy thought and she said that Nene was fine “guest starring” ( which is a slam, Nene has a recurring role on two major network shows)  and implied she was playing herself. Again, I agree, but I haven’t been kissing Nene ass on my network talk show for all these years. So for Wendy to make such comments straight to her boss’ face on TV is rude and ballsy. Plus Nene has been doing Wendy’s show since it started and people tune in for Nene. Wendy just mocked Nene on her show doing the hairpiece theater thing with Gabby Sidibe as well.

So Nene is tweeting about shady people and then she tweeted the word RICH as many times as she could and Lauren is defending her mother and the number of housewives willing to sit on the Wendy Williams couch just dropped by quite a few. Oh who am I kidding, they will still get in front of any camera that is on, but there are some housewives that likely agree with me that Wendy is an idiot, so YAY!

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44 responses to “Wendy Williams Pisses Off Some Housewives on Watch What Happens Live

  1. pcm

    great recap, tamara. wendy is a known hypocrite: she always ends up dissing people who appear on her show.

  2. I'm just going to say this: Alexis and Gretchen do look alike. I thought they were the same person when I first started watching OC in Season 5…but carry on…

  3. I thought it was Tamra and Gretchen that looked alike. See? I have no idea. I also can't tell two of the new anorexic blondes on RHOM apart. I just see lots of blonde hair.

  4. …and wait, what? Wendy called out DonCaro? She never does that on her show. She tries to villainize Teresa all the time. Wendy must've been drunk.

  5. Tamara, I tell you, when I first saw the show, I could not tell Alexis and Gretchen a part lol… they both got a face full of Botox, those funny looking noses, blonde hair. Wait, that's almost the whole cast now..oops

  6. That's why I don't blog it. I am supposed to be in the OC at the end of the month. Not sure I'm up for it. :)

  7. Wendy to say that the OC White and blonde wives look alike is an extremely RACIST remark by this black woman and she should appologize . She shows her stupidity every time she makes comments like this and Andy should have called her out.

  8. Everything isn't racist. Why are people so quick with that accusation. The womeon of Orange County all go to the same doctors to get their faces sliced and diced to look exactly the same. That has nothing to do with their race and a whole lot to do with their insecurites and surgeries.But I do agree that Wendy is an idiot! :)

  9. It was a racist / hate remark Tamara.What if a white person had said about the black Atlanta housewives that they couldn't tell them apart? It would be called a racist remark and everyone who watches would have been upset.I am sick of people just passing off remarks thinking its ok – they are just about white folks. Blacks can be quite racist. Think about it as you can be sure Wendy Williams didn't think about what she said. And yes, she is an idiot.

  10. I agree if a white person said it,IT'S RACIST!!!!

  11. Tamara you are beating a very dead horse. Nobody cares about Wendy Williams except for Wendy Williams. Please move on already!

  12. Wendy Williams will always be who she is, a two face hypocritical crack whore. Just because she puts on a facade for the mainstream media doesn't mean she doesn't have some SERIOUS SKELETONS. All you ahev to do is google Wendy Williams past and you'll find out. It's sad that many of her fans don't truly know who Wendy Williams is.

  13. ANON: 9:48You caught my interest and I did a WW search… The drugs didn't surprise me & problems with the radio show – but her husband is much more interesting – wonder if Monica aka Mistress Terri was a shock or did she know! I didn't know anything about her – never watched the show… Thanks for the idea…

  14. @Anon 9:48 There's so much more dirt that I don't want to post on here but try googling "Wendy Williams and Method Man".

  15. Blacks can be racist.Whites can be racists.Asians can be racists.Everyone can be racists.Was Wendy Williams comment racists?You bet it was. The OC ladies do not look alike anymore than the housewives of New Jersey or Atlanta or any other site, including Miami, which I am sure will warrant a snide comment from Wendy.It was a hateful remark.It was definately racist.Sorry Tamara – you are wrong not to notice this blatant example of race hate.

  16. Pam

    To change the subject of the comments, if you do decide to get a taste of the OC, we can steal a car and scale the fence of Coto De Caza to get the scoop. Bethany scaled fences, why can't we? Oh, wait, neither of us do enough Yoga to be nimble enough.

  17. ANON: 11:36Looked up WW & MM – she had no right to hurt his family like that… after watching his video I'm surprised she's still around… WW is a piece of sh*t…

  18. ANDY Said awhile back that Tamra&Gretchen were constantly being taken for each other,however now more than ever Alexis looks just like them,so guess i'm racist.NOT.INTERESTING BLOG as always.thank you

  19. Your (Subject) Title is misleading. Unfortunately, these are personal feelings and your mispleasure of everything Wendy and Andy discussed. I personally respected a guest who honestly gave her opinion, meaning Wendy. So many guests on these shows are scared to speak how he/she really feel. Clearly, you have an opinion – this is not why I visit your site though. I like when you present factual information with sources and references. I relate and understand your site entertains but I assumed (I know, I shouldn't) with your limitations on left-mouse clicking – this was MORE than a blog/post/spot…This title should say, "Why I think Wendy Williams Pissed off…" step your journalism/post's up – especially if your going to be so critical… 2 those you just dislike. SMH

  20. You might want to go back and read the part about the housewives mentioned tweeting about it during WWHL. Now fuck off.

  21. Wow – I'm off to google all about Wendy Williams … never knew all that!! I just know I can't stand her – she is too loud…and she always speaks as if her mouth is full of spit. **shudders*

  22. I am so far from being a racist. However, I must agree with Wendy, I gave up on RHOC because I kept confusing them. To me their lifestyles, personalities and looks were similar. I attempted to watch basketball wives and had the same problem.

  23. @anonymous who made said Wendy was racist…I'm not on Team Wendy, but I guess we can call NeNe Leakes racist too, because she mad a similar comment about the RHOBH. I don't think it was a racist comment, but rather a fact. JMO.

  24. It WAS a racist comment. If a white person said it (as others have already said) someone would have yelled 'racist' from the sky. Never watch Wendy's show, she's loud, obnoxious and flat out crazy.

  25. Wait, what? If a white person said all the real housewives of OC look alike who would be yelling racist?

  26. What Wendy Williams said is not racist. It is a stereotype about the type of women (blonde hair/big boobs)living in the OC. Like people call Nene, the Angry Black Women. Stereotypes only exist for the people who believe in them.The reason it is considered racist to say that All black people look alike is because black people were slaves and the people who owned them called them boy, girl, gal, etc. They did that to keep black people in their place and oppressed. Slave owners felt black people didn't need a name since they were considered animals and only good for work – "All black people look alike." There are some things that the white race cannot claim!

  27. What a racist comment about slave owners/all blacks look alike!!!'I am Japanese American and can say that both blacks and whites have used far worse on all Asian people. I have been subjected to the we-can't-tell-the-slanty-eyed-apart stupid comments all my life. Blacks do not have this alone and Asians are still the most put upon people on the planet.So remember this and then ask yourself this—– have your people been rounded up into concentration camps or made to take blame for a war that happened 70 years ago or been spat upon? Do you still see the same stereotype on tv or movies to this day? And lastly do you see any Asian housewives outside fired Lisa Wu?Blacks and Whites have a lot to answer for as they both can be very hateful and yes racist. And while blacks have a bad history in the US it is nothing compared to what Japanese / Chinese / Korean / Vietanmese / every proud Asian has lived for many centuries.

  28. Obviously you hate Wendy Williams, you've been on a rant about her for quite awhile here.Yes, I believe her comment about OC Housewives was racist. I live about 20 miles from there & no, they don't go to same Drs. to look like each other. Unfortunately, the thin, fake boobs, big lips & long blonde hair is "in" in the OC- that's who Bravo has chosen to cast. I can tell them from 1 another, but this particular show has run itself into the ground. Wendy talking about Nene, Kim, Teresa, Caroline- it's what Wendy does. Don't like it? Don't watch. Just like the Housewives, it's entertainment. There was truth in what she said about Nene & Caroline; I'm sure you've been reading about it in Twitter comments. People haven't been liking Nene the past 2 seasons & this season, seems Caroline has fallen from grace. Of course Lauren will defend her mom, it's her mom! But it seems this post is about you being happy cuz Housewives are now hating on Wendy Williams. Really? If so, good for you. Yay & all that. Don't know what this bitterness is all about, I get that you don't like that she says stuff w/o checking facts. But, imo, yours has always been an enjoyable blog & you actually do write about things you can confirm- I like that about your blog… but this constant WW thing- to me (and I know, I'm really no one to you) is getting old. It's starting to seem petty & beneath you. Just my 2 cents.

  29. Yes it was a racist slur against not only the OC housewives but any attractive blonde buxom woman who may have some refreshing surgical enhancements. It us not right when blacks make such hateful and yes racust remarks against whites. To me it seems more and mire blacks get away with such remarks with no remorse or care but whites still have to answer for something that happened 200 years ago. Let it go — you weren't ther and for many neither were your relatives. Think Jews still blame all Germans?

  30. Boy all this racist comments.On a personal level before Obamba was elected, I have experienced young blacks rushing to store door only to grin and shut it.After the elected my experience is young blacks opening and holding the door open for this great-grannie.With Obamba elected I hope for a meeting of all HUMAN races.

  31. okay y'all are just fucking with me now.

  32. You think so? Then you really are ignorant but I expected this considering you are so inferior than I due to you racist thread.

  33. Tamra is a hell of alot prettier than Gretchen! Has anyone seen the picture of Gretchen without makeup? she looks like frankenstein

  34. Just to add my two cents, I finally watched my dvr'd wwhl and what Wendy said is that 'she gets them confused'… Not 'can't tell them apart'….That being what it is I do not think she said it in a racist way & I'm not a Wendy fan per se…If she had said 'she couldn't tell them apart' then yes, maybe, but she didn't!! Please watch the episode again…

  35. Wendy confused?Well, now isn't that new!Maybe her wig was on too tight. Lack of oxygen to the brain explains much her!

  36. Pam

    This comment page is a stupid page for stupids. Jesus fucking Christ people, if you think what she said was racist you live a sheltered life.

  37. So swearing and taking the name of the Lord in vain makes it right Pam?It was RACIST and your profane outburst just shows us your hate and ignorance. Two wrongs do not make a right.And please just troll somewhere else —- your just trying to stir the pot here. The majority know she mad a hate speech racist comment and has yet to answer for her deed.

  38. ALL you people who are screaming Wendy made a racist comment and going on about racism, GET THE FUCK OFF THIS BLOG with the bullshit!!

  39. Pam

    LOL @ 10:12 So Tamara, some anonymous poster told me I need to troll somewhere else. I guess I will slink back to OT. This is definitely the laugh of the day for me. So I am a racist hater because I don't think what WW said was racist???? Too ott. Oh and for good measureFuck off.

  40. Pam are you always so bitter? Problems at home with your love life?Sounds like you need to get laid or as you would say:F you C K. Off!LOL at your poor pathetic rants!

  41. Wendy was doing alot of NeNe,Teresa&Caroline hating. She was kissing all of Kim and Kroy's ass. Not feeling her and all of the back bitting. She is obviously mad at NeNe. Wendy go back to radio. She also hates on Shaunie Oneal weekly. Ugh!!!

  42. OK. Here's my comment on Wendy Williams. To all that keep trying to compare the Wendy of radio to the new and greatly improved WEndy – STOP. There's no comparison and there shouldn't be. There is no way she could be the same in your face shock jock and be successful as she is. There's just no way. Is it two-faced, hypocritical, etc.? Nope. Its just a smart ass woman that knows how to circumvent and navigate in the competitive world of day-time tv. Stop hating:) I don't always agree with WW. Some times is roll my eyes during hot topics and a good majority of the time I fast forward through much of the show. However, I tune in to see her take on "hot topics" and watch some interviews guests. She has a unique style and she can be quite "messy" during her celebrity interviews.The reason I support her is that she's giving a platform to people I NEVER see interviewed on other talk shows. To me, that has been worth the occasional eyeroll and the ever present fast forward on the DVR. People are really going hard for no apparent reason. The woman is no where near being an idiot or stupid. A good part of her success is that she shares her opinions and is actually ok if you don't agree with her. I agree with the commenter above – she said she gets them confused vs. can't tell them apart. Ease up. Its entertainment baby!

  43. Pam

    Need a napkin for all the mouth foam? I see some paste dribbles on your chin. That really isn't a good look to show in public.

  44. These people are really a trip. Racism is defined as 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race Merriam WebsterNow….Wendy's comment was directed at a handful of women, not the entire race of white people nor white women. Stop trying to make it an issue when there is none. Had Wendy said "all white women look alike" then you would have something to cry about. Have a seat.

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