Pat Houston’s New Reality Show About Whitney’s Death

When Whitney Houston died, and I was reporting along with everyone else all the minutiae surrounding her death, there were those who wished that everyone would just let Whitney rest in piece. While I did feel like things may have gone to far when we were reading her autopsy report which described every square inch of her body, I felt that a lot of people needed closure. When Pat Houston, Gary Houston and Bobbi Kristina did an Oprah interview, I personally felt it was awfully soon. Then others said that it helped give them closure. But the news I got today that  Pat, Gary, Kristina, and Cissy have all been filming a reality show for Lifetime really sits with me the wrong way.  

In an effort to appear as though Pat had a reality gig before this all happened, you will hear that she and Gary were interesting enough people to be selected for a show before the death of Whitney. What you will see of course is a show specifically about the death of Whitney and it will focus on Pat and Gary and their relationship with Bobbi Kristina. Pat and Gary’s daughter, Rayah, will also be on the show. I can’t believe that Cissy is doing it. Okay, I can believe it, I just don’t want to believe it.  Less unbelievable is the fact that Dionne Warwick will appear. Oh and the Winans, don’t forget the Winans. Because don’t family and friends always grieve a tragic death with a reality show these days? Lord have mercy.


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16 responses to “Pat Houston’s New Reality Show About Whitney’s Death

  1. This is disgusting.I am surprised that they are doing this. OMG what people will do for money.

  2. It seems like reality shows damage most families on them. This one is suffering, an even worse idea. Been hearing Bobbi Kristina was planning to be on one, I guess she thinks she is interesting and it's her big break. I assume this may be the families way of having some control. Another spoiled kid that has problems – I hope it turns out well but usually closer to disaster. I have no desire to watch. Did not watch her parent's meltdown show.

  3. Heartbreaking. Poor Whitney. I really thought these people were different from most, that they truly missed & were grieving their mother, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, friend, etc….NOT their cash cow. Seems otherwise with this news. Bobbi K is a spoiled brat who is going to squander everything her Mom worked so hard for & the rest of the family & associates are apparently going to sell their stories to the highest bidders so that they don't have to get actual jobs. Sad, sad, sad.

  4. I wish they would let Whitney rest in pEace.

  5. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE .. I won't be watching at.all.

  6. I'm assuming there isn't much money left, so it's their chance to use Whitney's name to get a paycheck. It sickens me that her mother would be involved. Why not just dig her up and do a city by city tour? I'm sure Barnum & Bailey have an old tent they aren't using.

  7. Should've put it on OWN. Oprah needs the viewers.

  8. Irregardless of the reasoning behind this, it's just ghoulish for my tastes. Won't be watching and those I know who read the article are disgusted as well. Yet I am thinking there's enough people out there who, just like with Whitney's death and the details afterward, will watch this gruesome travesty.

  9. What article?And I'd like to think Own would not air it. I'd probably be wrong but humor me. Also the producer is the same own who produced Being Bobby Brown, so at least we know it will be tasteful. *eyeroll*

  10. I am shocked Cissy agreed to be apart of the show. I think Pat and Gary want fame, because I truly believe that Clyde would financially make shure Bobbi is financially good until she gets the first portion of her inheritence. Therefore, I don't think money is the reason behind the show. I could be wrong though. I don't think I'll watch, because I think the show will not be good for this family.

  11. sad look what happen to your daughter, mother and sister and pat your seem to be the enabler to whitney

  12. Oprah owns the Lifetime and Discovery Channel

  13. Lol, Oprah does NOT own the Lifetime and Discovery Channel.

  14. I don't know any of these people other than Whitney, Cissy and Dionne. I do know the interest that has been generated because of Whitney's death and I haven't up until she passed hear anything untoward regarding Pat Houston. So I really don't know how this is going to all turn out. I know there is tremendous interest in Bobbi Kristina's wellbeing, and if it really is about how Bobbi Kristina is doing then that's one thing that will generate interest. I fail to see how it will be for Gary, and Pat and their daughter. I think my interest would be focused on Mrs. Houston, Cissy and Bobbi kristina. What Pat doesn't realize is that the same for Bobby Brown. They wouldn't give him the show without Whitney and if she's been working on this for years, she couldn't get it without Whitney and now sadly she's got it posthoumously. So I guess we'll have to wait to see how this turns out. I think that Ms. Cissy is grieving out of her mind right now and somehow, someway, Ms. Pat has earned the family's trust. Ms. Cissy is up in age now and she needs someone to lean on. Whitney obviously trusted Pat, so much so she was named as one of the caretakers of the estate. Not Gary. So there you have it. Rest in Peace girl. The Lord's got this.

  15. That's a darn shame. U know Whitney is up there shaking her darn head (while getting fitted for her wings). So rare tht we get a talent as huge as Whitney's… Shame they couldn't respect her life the way complete strangers (Iike the commenters on ur blog Tamara) have done. Rest I peace, ms. Whit.

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