More Exclusive Tea Regarding Nene’s Role on Glee

I’ve got so much tea happening today that I may burst my bladder. This bit of tea is for the Nene on Glee fans out there. Glee finishes it’s last filming of the season today. Most everyone has packed and left except for Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer.  Season three ends with Rachel and Kurt going off to NYC  to attend the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA).  I know, I know. Who cares? Well Nene fans will. Here’s why.

The big talk on the set this week was about the changes for season four. Glee has more issues to worry about than the fact that today is Cory Monteith’s THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY. I’ve always found it bizarre that the actors on this show are so old. Anyway, I digress. The real problem is that the big names of Glee are graduating seniors with big ambitions so what the hell are the writers going to do? Well, they are going to move the focus away from Ohio, which means away from McKinley High. McKinley High is where Roz Washington works. Ergo, you aren’t going to be seeing as much Roz as you did in season three.

Part of the reason you don’t see Roz on every episode of Glee since she was hired is that Glee has a big cast. There is often a big guest start, like Lindsey Lohan,who is on next Tuesday’s big two hour episode.  So even people like Sue, Figgins and Beiste are not on every episode. Next season a considerable portion of the the show will be set in New York following Rachel and Kurt. There is also a rumor that Puck may have some storyline in LA.  So while there still will be some scenes at Mckinley High and Coach Roz will still get screen time it will be considerably less. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are two huge Nene supporters so Nene will certainly miss working with them.

The good news for Nene is that she has a heavily recurring role as Rocky in Ryan Murphy’s new NBC comedy The New Normal which was picked up recently for a fall premiere. So losing a few Glee episodes won’t hurt her pocketbook that much.


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4 responses to “More Exclusive Tea Regarding Nene’s Role on Glee

  1. Good for her – don't like Season 2 thru now Nene – but hope she segways herself to primetime.

  2. A couple things. AFAIK, Rachel isn't going to NYADA after choking at her audition. Since he failed the geography final, Puck won't graduate, and will be at Mckinley next season. This all was clear as of the last episode.Throwing that unecessesary bad information in to a Nene story really hurts the credibility of your source.

  3. Well I guess we will have to see who is right. When Rachel goes to NYADA on the season finale, please come back and apologize. The thing about Puck graduating is sort of up in the air, so I am not as certain about that. But I'm just telling you what I heard from the same source that allowed me to break the Nene on Glee story before anyone else. So, yeah, I'm not really interested in what you think you know.

  4. Rachel isn't going to NYADA?LOL.

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