Chris Brown and Rihanna the Love Story Continues

Rihanna and Chris Brown are a constant source of blogger fodder but that may be coming to an end. It seems that last night Chris released some sort of remix of Kayne’s lovely little ditty Theraflu. You know, that’s the song Kayne used to woo Kim K into his lair because she’s all hard to get and you have to go that extra mile for her. ANYWAY. Chris, who is known for the respectful way he treats women his musical gifts freestyled the following lyrics “Don’t fuck with my old bitches … like a bad fur … every industry nigga done had her. Trick or treat like a pumpkin … just to smash her.”

Well isn’t that delightful. It’s just like that time Miss Universe tried to rhyme on Celebrity Apprentice! He rhymed ‘her’ with ‘bad fur’ because… well moving on. Apparently, Rihanna was offended because she unfollowed Chris (how do people keep up with this) just after the song hit the Internet and then he unfollowed her (GASP!) and now they are mad at each other. This morning Chris posted the picture at left with the tweet, “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense [sic] to it then its something you feel guilty about.”  Which basically says that Rihanna is calling herself a whore. Ouch salt on wound!

If Chris Brown and Rihanna can’t make it there is no hope for any of us. What a sad day. I’m sure there will still be the hospital IV tweets and the tweets with pictures of Rihanna mostly nekkid though so there is that. And I know y’all are gonna say I am just hating or I want to be Chris Brown or something but doesn’t he look awful?


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8 responses to “Chris Brown and Rihanna the Love Story Continues

  1. sick of rihanna and sick of chris brown BUT honestly is rihanna the only girl in the industry chris has dated? He's right in that he didnt mention names at all…so if she thought it meant her, oh well.On another note, rihanna, please, we dont want to hear about your everything on twitter. I wish tabs would stop reporting her every tweet. Then she will stop. Its annoying and desperate for attention on her part.

  2. They want each other. They can't have each other. Rih depicted Chris in We Found Love. He rapped about her in Theraflu remix. To be young, in love, and naive.

  3. I want to say this…and ill take the backlash. Chris and rihanna dated for years before the whole grammy incident and after the incident she was stalking him. Chris has had girlfriends before and after rihanna and not one has ever come forward with an abuse story. Before we label him as an abuser for life, lets remember that. Also no one knows what happened in that car except those two. Yes the picture was awful but it takes two to tango and I will guarantee you rihanna being the strong personality she is got in some licks. Just sayin…

  4. Hmm I wonder if lapd hadnt leaked photo would his rep be the same cuz riri wasnt talking to media in the beginning. shes always been a little crazy to me. Ive heard rumbles jayz was a little more than mentor. dee

  5. @Anon 7:06 I know people always seem to get on him not realizing that this fight actually started because she struck him and kept hitting him while he was driving. Last time I checked that would have been called self defense if he hit her back. The big lump on her head came from when he slammed on the brakes and because she wasn't wearing any seat belt she flew forward and hit the dash board. Rihanna knows that she was truly wrong why do you think she honestly can't leave him alone. They're both equally guilty for what happened that night. The only reason she didn't go back to him was because Jay Z had people around her to watch her every move, even making sure Chris was blackballed from any award ceremony or music functions. At least now people can truly see that Rihanna isn't the angel she once appeared to be.

  6. It was definitely a career boost for her. I noticed she never went on a platform for abused women, etc because she knew it was a fight not a beating. There are stories out there that she does have a temper, and even threw a glass bottle at her brother one time during a sibling fight. People just took the picture and ran with it and chris never had a chance. They are not the new Ike and Tina people!

  7. Amanda

    TT, your earlier commenters all seem to be morons.

  8. tamaratattles

    Yes, commenters are a lot stupider when they don’t have to assume a name of some sort.

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