RHOA Rumor Fact Check (Wendy Williams is an Idiot)

Wendy Williams needs to hire some people with sense for her “hot topics.”  Until she does that, she needs to stop getting on TV repeating things some high school intern for the show read on Media Fake Out. If she wasn’t so stupid, you’d think that maybe she gets a kickback for sending people over to Media Fake Out. But she is stupid so it’s not that.  The picture above is Kim Zolciak sitting on the couch with Wendy Williams on her show on April 26th. That was less than two weeks ago.  But as I reported here, Wendy doesn’t even listen to the answers her guests give. She is too busy talking over them and trying to think up her next question in her head. This happens all the time. So the actual person sits on her couch and says she is coming back, and then two weeks later she chooses to believe Media Fake Out over her guest.

If you recall when we talked about this before Kim said she was coming back “if the show gets picked up.” Which I thought was weird because surely the show was going to be picked up. It now has been officially picked up. It is so irritating when Wendy puts utter bullshit on her show. Suddenly, I am flooded with emails asking why Kim got fired. All y’all seem to think Nene Leakes can fire people from RHOA. It’s just not true. Bravo doesn’t give a spin-off with one hand and fire you with the other. It makes absolutely no sense to anyone whose wig is not on too tight. If you were watching the reunion, you saw Kim and Nene playing nice (for them) which was a good indication that they will be back filming scenes together for season five.

As for the “two new housewives” rumor and the ” Kenya Moore” rumor that is an exclusive from my friend over at Straight From the A.  Is it confirmed? No.  Is Atlien usually right? Yes. I haven’t discussed it because my sources have been saying totally different things. I don’t have enough confidence in what I am hearing to post about it yet, and might not ever. For one thing, the person I am hearing the most about joining the show is a shady Marlo type character. She comes complete with a large neck tattoo and a questionable past. She is telling people she is going to be on the show, but it doesn’t hold up to my smell test. I haven’t heard anything about there being two new housewives other than from Atlien. Again, she has good sources. I just have no confirmation from people I know. If I get more information about anything, you know I will post it.

As for Marlo, I don’t know why Wendy thinks she is coming back. Bravo wanted her off mid-filming of last season. She turned out to be the Danielle of RHOA. I feel confident in saying you will not be seeing Marlo next season.

If I can confirm Kenya Moore as a housewife I will. Atlien has great sources, Kenya seems to “fit” the profile of the RHOA. The main problem I have with her is that she is not from Atlanta. I don’t mean that in the Kim Zolciak is Not From Atlanta way, I mean she doesn’t live here. She doesn’t have a place here. I suppose she can rent something during filming, but…I just don’t see it. Kenya is also VERY busy. She makes tons of charity appearances and is a model/actress with a decent amount of work. There have been rumors of who the new housewife will be all over Atlanta since back in early December when the AJC was reporting this white girl was replacing Nene. People love to start rumors that they are going to be on RHOA. It’s the new Atlanta past time. So we will just have to be patient. I am not personally aware of any filming going on yet. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening, it just means I don’t know about it.

When I know things, I tell you. So let’s just all give it a week or two and all will be revealed.


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37 responses to “RHOA Rumor Fact Check (Wendy Williams is an Idiot)

  1. Is there any truth to the tumor that Sheree might not be coming back. I don't believe the rumor but I just want to make sure. I can't see Bravo continuing the show without Sheree. That would be a knucklehead decision.

  2. Interesting take – yet, YOU believed Media"fake"out when they reported that Sheree was being fired for diva demands, and believed them when they said NeNe divorced Gregg for creditor issues…You "selectively" choose to believe them when it suits your passive-aggressive storylines because other than the Chateau Sheree stuff back in November, you have failed time and time again to give us any original scoops – only conjecture and speculation about what you "think" may happen, or repetitions about what was on "Fake" out first or straightfromthea…Again, I implore you – GET RID OF THIS BLOG – IT'S A JOKE!!!!!

  3. Shut it you! I got enough problem commenters today without the knuckleheads showing up to cry over Sheree. I thought you got a job. Go do whatever it is employed people do. 😛

  4. Tamara I knew you was going to be upset when Wendy Williams made that comment this morning. I got happy when Wendy said that now you saying it's not true we will see when season 5 come. But for some reason I don't think she is coming back.

  5. I don't read Media Fake Out. I barely have time to read other blogs at all anymore. You are free to read and believe whomever you choose. And yet, here you are again. Why is that?

  6. Okay sassy, if it makes sense to you that Bravo would give Kim her own show and fire her at the same time, you keep holding out hope that she isn't coming back. *SMH*

  7. Wendy may have sited Mediatakeout as the source for Kim getting fired or not coming back, but she was just at a party for Andy Cohen's new book at Anderson Cooper's house and maybe Andy gave her a heads up about Kim not coming back to RHOA.Kim show is somewhat successful, maybe she will be better off on her own series, because she acts like she is too good to hang out with her old cast mates now that is a married woman.

  8. Yeah, that's probably it. Y'all go with that idea.

  9. I agree with the person that commented up top, your scoops are not original!! I always read it from Straight from the A first and then I see you with it. I originally thought you were good and had inside info BUT SADLY you don't!!!STOP WRITING THIS BLOG LADY…You're NO GOOD!!!

  10. Tamara you can *SMH* all you want but I also agree with Anonymous 1:50 & 2:23 you don't really know nothing until Straight from the a tell it and you also gets stories from reality tea.

  11. I can't speak for the growing number of people that clearly hate this blog, but I only read it because everything you post is stupid, delusional, and/or non-fact-based, it actually is comparable to Media"Fake"out….I mean NO ONE believes their stories, but it's like a car accident – you can't help but watch…I don't know who suggested to you to become a blogger but you were ill-advised…This "blog" is an editorial at best – and that's pushing it….I just think you're an unemployed psychopath with no life who needs attention from people you don't know (your readers) so I'll continue to visit to read your shitty-ass-diaper mess of posts on my free time at my nice cushy government job…Have a great day Tamara.

  12. Also, it is PAINFULLY obvious that you read Mediatakeout by the way…Unfortunately, you steal their information just like they steal everyone else's….You should fill out a job application to "report" for them – at least people actually read that foolishness..no one reads this garbage…

  13. Keep on calling her out on stuff like thisI find this blog entertaining in this respect.Delusional disorder at its best

  14. I've thought this for a long time Tamara, you got one good scoop with the Chateau Sheree lies and such but most of that tea came from public court records that anyone could go to the court house and look up. I don't believe you have good sources that would tell you anything about RHOA and who returning or not returning. Honestly for the real scoop on RHOA Straightfromthea.com has been on point and in the know. Even "Mediafakeout" as you call it has had the tea. There's no new tea here so I'm not sure why you try to fake like there is. All your stuff is recycled from other sources…

  15. For the person that thinks Tamara is delusional, you're absolutely RIGHT…Go on twitter – Girlfriend thinks there is just one person leaving all of these comments about just how lackluster this diary – I mean "blog" is….Well at least she didn't say it was Sheree Whitfield this time – Per Tamara, we all know that Sheree stalks this blog and leaves comments *side-eye*

  16. I actually like this blog. It is what it is! It kills me when people comment that they don't read this blog; no one reads this blog; etc. Obviously, they are reading otherwise, why comment.Whether the material is new fresh tea or recycled from an old tea bag, I read this blog for another perspective (whether I agree with Tamara or not). I do like the fact that "all comments" seem to get posted. I have a problem with bloggers that don't post any comments that aren't in-line with their thinking or that outright question the validity of their blog.Go Tamara! You definitely have a following.

  17. ^^^ BTW, I think its totally unfair to call Wendy an idiot for reporting what she read on MTO. I haven't actually seen the show today but she usually reports what's buzzing around the internet. She acknowledges that some of her sources are questionable such as the National Inquirer, Star Magazine, etc. And, the way you state that it wouldn't make sense for them to give someone their own show and fire them from RHOA you are right. That sounds absurd. However, coming to a mutual decision that you will do the spin-off show and no longer appear on the original show, RHOA, makes perfect sense. Isn't that kind of what Bethanny Frankel did?

  18. Wow, why all the venom? It's just tragic and sad that others go through such efforts to hurt and bring others down for no reason at all. Just tragic! I enjoy coming here because I enjoy Tamara's perspective as well as those that disagree with her. I like to take it all in, but I do have my own opinion, so what I dont agree with that's okay. I live in Carson, California. It would be impossible for me to know what's going on in Atlanta and besides I have limited time to read "gossip info" so I chose this one mainly because I enjoy her writing style and personality. So it matters less to me if she was the original reporter or the tenth reporter, I enjoy her personality and how she converses with the posters. Do You get it now? It's not a race/competition of who gets the info First, Second, Third. etc. to me and I think neither to the many responders here. Just in case you forgot "1 million mark" in half the time. You see, Personality sells! and that's why I am here. So People PLEASE stop this foolishness and just add your perspective on the topic at hand and leave the other foolishness of trying to destroy her blog and berate her abilities; its not nice so Please just stop!Thanks!Lannette P.S. There's CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and others…I watch what I like for many reasons….take care!

  19. First of all, let's not forget it's entertainment. U can write what ever you want and express your opinion. I like reading tamera's blogs. I always learn new background things about the housewives that I don't get from watching the show. I don't understand people getting nasty about what a blogger writes. If you don't like it then go elsewhere. Really! It really amazes me that people are so critical. I enjoy reading the blogs. So keep up the good work tamera!!!

  20. tamara i have not been around for awhile, tho i have checked out the blog fairly regularly. what the heck is going on?? the venom! and people telling you to stop writing your blog! and rabid support for wendy williams of all people! let's not forget her history, folks! and i think even she would admit her stories all come from other sources; she does not have a team of investigative reporters at her disposal. and not being God, she is not always right either. it's gossip, folks. lighten up!!chitown shelley


  22. let me be clear, my comments about not always being right, etc. were directed at wendy williams. just in case it wasn't clear…….chitown shelley

  23. Team Tamara! I really enjoy your blog! I find your posts interesting and also like the layout of your site. If I don't like a certain site or think their content is "stupid", I simply don't visit that site at all. Simple as that. Of course there's always gonna be haters, so let 'em hate all they want. They obviously have nothing better to do but come on here and complain on the site they "hate" so much. :)

  24. Oh please this site is whack as hell…There are a million people who are overly interested in the lives of other people that they don't know….It's overrated. In my Sheree voice, "Tamara has got to go!"

  25. OK Tamara.. You're officially a Real Houseblogger of Atlanta!! You have a team now LOL.. I really enjoy this blog.. I like the entertainment/gossip.. but please spill the tea.. are the earlier posts scripted like the other house wife shows? Will I have to trace all of the shows..oops.. I mean comments to see if they were posted the way they were recorded?? (funny sarcasm).. LOL.. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!!

  26. You are aware that Wendy is a "silent" partner in MediaTakeOut? That's why Fred can be found on her show every so often and MTO is constantly reporting how beautiful she looked on the latest red carpet.

  27. The guy from MTO has been on the show/after show whatever, so clearly that site is more than just a random source to Wendy Williams. His post are occasionally interesting, but mostly speculation and usually ignorant and borderline racist. It's fun, but it's fluff about overpriced clothes and who has the biggest ass. Also, proper grammar goes a long way when it comes to credibility.

  28. I don't visit blogs I don't like – what's the point in coming here to harass Tamara if you don't like her blog? Seems there is more to this. Your words do not make her readers go away…Keep up the excellent job Tamara and overlook the small minds..

  29. Wow, anyone who watches Wendy regularly will know that she has other entertainment bloggers as well as reps from various magazines such as In-Touch on the show to discuss whats floating around the internet. Honestly, I watched the show yesterday and unless I'm missing something she doesn't specifically say she got it from MTO.But whatever, I read MTO but take their posts with a grain of salt. MTO seems to be winning since it seems as if EVERYONE talks about the site and reference their nonsense constantly.

  30. I was thinking about this blog last night. I agree with Laneette. We should'nt take these reality shows and others opinions about them so serious. I had a wake-up moment and feel that Tamara is just bringing us this information, for our entertainment. She is not saying that she is always 100% right, but she mean no harm. Let all just have some fun and respect each opinions. Thank You Tamara

  31. You still talking about this…didnt you just blog about this a couple of weeks ago when it actually happened? I hope Kim doesnt come back maybe they will pick her show up(which i certainly don't watch) and she will no longer be a part of this show. and No I am not a Wendy Williams fan I actually can't stand her either. But get over this already if you are right, you are right it is really not that big of deal the way you are making it out to be.

  32. I am soooo confused!!! why are so many…whatevers on this ladys blog talking about shes not good @ it? WHY ARE YOU HERE??? AND YOU STILL HERE!! WHAT A WASTE OF YOUR LIFE TO COME ON HERE JUST TO ……FORGET IT I'M SURE YOU DON'T GET IT ANYWAY! BE BLESSED!!

  33. I don't understand why somebody would come here if it just makes them crazy. There are other things to do. Go for a walk, read a book, start your own damn site. It's the same Charlie Brown voice, over and over…We get it. You're too cool for school.

  34. Oh please, I don't care what anyone says, MTO gets A LOT OF TRAFFIC! I visit at lease once a day. And what's this with this site always praising Kim Z? That tramp is pathetic. I always read the post where she was talking about black girls going to Popeye's chicken. Girl bye! Wanna come visit a KFC near where I live, you'll see far moore whites thna blacks. TRUST ME! Now she hates Wendy Williams, too? Oh brother. Don't make shit so damn obvious!

  35. Damn people need to stop hating and vote with a click of the mouse. Since that the true barometer of success in the blogger world. Looks like Tamara is winning! Y'all writing scandalous, mean things and defending WW of all people. LOL. I think WW can defend herself … But I'm just guessinTamara u know the deal… Keep doin u…. And keep it 100

  36. lisa

    I am so dam confused. Why does everybody want to be named anonymous? At least be creative with the name if you don’t want to use your own.

  37. Tamara, I really wish you would come back to the old blogs and brag once you’ve been proven right! I know this is old as hell and nobody will read this but damn at the venom and hate you were gettin for being right! I wonder if any of these scared ass punks came back and apologized to you? Oh and all the racist vomit that is flowing from everybodies mouth is ridiculous! I hope to never read another comment about racism, ever! This bullshit of never being able to say anything negative about a black person or your racist is straight up bullshit! I’m so tired of these people putting us back 100 years and not letting it go! Ok I admit there is racism and its alive and well but i see more blacks being tons more racist than white people are now! Nobody cares about that shit anymore. Except the ones that wanna play the victim and oh poor pitiful me look what we have to deal with in life with all these racists! Chances are if you are being looked down on and people are being racist towards you it’s because you are doing something to feed into the negative stereotype that decent black people are trying to change! What’s funny is all the black people I know look down on those types of people as well! Most decent black people are tired of their own people throwing them back to the old days and want it to be gone! I feel bad for them because they have so many people holding them back and making it impossible for them to move on and just be an American! I’m racist to when it comes to some people but it doesn’t have anything to do with color it has to do with how you present yourself! If you present yourself as the stereotypical black person then expect racism to be alive and well. Just as white people can expect to be treated the exact same way who represents a negative white stereotype! Sorry for the rant but I couldn’t hold my tongue any longer! I have much much more to say on the racism topic but I must get my chickens up to get ready for school! Btw, I’m glad you didn’t listen to these cunts and stop blogging! I don’t know what the hell I would be doing with my 8 hours of free time during the day now that schools started back 😉

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