What’s Wrong With This Picture? Divorce? Version

I couldn’t decide which was my favorite, so click through to see one more. Don’t you need the kids present to co-parent? Looks like a romantic getaway to Miami to me. But hey, what do I know?

Someone want to explain this one? Nene fans? Anyone?
Head over to Bossip to see more pictures. 


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28 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Divorce? Version

  1. The pic of her raking through her crotch (on Bossip) is hilarious.

  2. I spared y'all that one. Can I just say Gregg dresses better than any of the househusbands. I think he's quite the handsome man. Is it just me?

  3. go nene! that cover up is fierce… she was not "raking through her crouch".. she was holding it closed.. hi haters!!! lol :)

  4. Wait, what? She has to hold her crotch closed? :)giggle

  5. Aint nothing wrong with trying to make what works work for longer. I just dont get why she went through ALL this trouble to make it seem like Greg and herself were done. And then to bring in that pizza dude, I mean what exactly was the point of him? John was his name right? That was just foolish. To make it seem like he was just so into her. I just cant. If Greg makes her happy then good for them. But dont make it seem like she's some single lady roaming the streets.

  6. There was a financial reason for them to "get divorced." I assume that all the debt was put in Greggs name prior to the filing. Once he goes bankrupt we can always have a grand remarriage!

  7. NeNe already has a set of blinkers on her chest, now she has them on her face?

  8. I love neene. She's living life on her own terms and doing well. I like Greg too. He seems like a cool dude

  9. Tamara – another poster brought up John… what's the deal there? Did Bravo pay for all the loot he gave her? Was it Bravo's bonus to NeNe for ratings?

  10. Nope. Believe it or not that was all John. He was serious. He can more than afford some shoes and a rolex.

  11. Is THAT your criticism now? NeNe's ex obviously loves her? And/or she him?So…Wait, she needed your permission to divorce? Or Bravo's?Some of you are craning your necks to misread the obvious with NeNe, while bending over backward to give legitimacy to Kim…Good job. Keep working what you ain't got. Good thing stupidity is an affliction infectious only to those already afflicted!

  12. Oh and PS…(This is the reason I came over–to see if you had the scoop on this): Newest RHOA housewife MIGHT just be: Kenya Moore!http://hellobeautiful.com/2513859/enya-moore-real-housewives-of-atlanta/?omcamp=EMC-CVNLIf you think I'm a fan of NeNe–just watch my scorched earth technique with mean critics of Kenya…Fair warning. But then you don't want every reader of your blog in (boring) lockstep with you, do you?

  13. Greg has financial problems – some say bankruptcy and lots of creditors wanting to be paid. Both knew divorce would let NeNe go off to make money and be free of the enormous debt they have piled up. Greg has no real income and the debts are esponged via the Courts/Chapter 7. Nene and Greg keep all her newly earned money and they get off scott-free. They have ruined their credit and that is why everything is leased or paid for in cash. Other websites are reporting their scam but I bet they lawyers and the IRS will be coming down on them soon. Just plain trashy hustlers. And NeNe is getting FAT.

  14. No I love when people show up here with no clue what they are talking about, spout off as if I have personally offended them in some way, read all kinds of nonsense into my post and then post a link to one of the worst blogs on the net regarding an exclusive story written by a respected Atlanta blogger. Please make yourself at home.

  15. Anon 10:21 You snuck in on me there! Obviously that last comment of mine was for the one who thinks she rules God (based on her pen name) It's no wonder she thinks she rules this blog too. Your comment is right on the money regarding the reason for the divorce. If you get busted for divorcing in order to avoid debt/bankruptcy you get in BIG trouble. We'll have to see how this works out.

  16. Nene is probably the most comfortable with Greg, can see why they'd be hanging out even if their relationship isn't a traditional marriage. Life can be tough in the fast lane, glad to see Nene relaxing.

  17. Sure they are comfy —- these scammers got divorced to ward off the delinquent debts and monies owed. Remember how they filed their divorce docs in another county? Who are they trying to fool? And if you are so star struck by these deadbeat grifters you must enjoy the fact that they get to wipe away all their debt while most honest people pay their bills and file their taxes while living within their means. This type of hustle makes me sick and the bull moose should be looking at some serious jail time with her lackey hubby for trying to take advantage of the system. She is such the stereotype of the black ghetto sista! Sick.

  18. Anon 3:27White folks do that sh*t all the time, ask Big Poppa, he's do the same thing right now. Why is NeNe and Greg any different.

  19. Black ghetto hood rats do it as well—ask Redd Foxx or jailhouse resident inmate Wesley Snipes. Moose is a thug and you can insert the n word now!

  20. The state of Georgia recognizes legal separation, so there would be no need to get a divorce for his bankruptcy not to affect Nene. All they would need to do is prove they maintain separate households, which is why I never believed Greg was still living in Nene's basement. Love is a strange thing. Some people divorce and remarry, and divorce again. Matters of the heart are complicated, especially when you have to live out your most private affairs in public. I really don't buy the bankruptcy story, Greg and Nene never OWNED anything, so bankruptcy protection wouldn't help them. Bankruptcy is a matter of public record so it will be easy to prove or this story if its true. The only thing that bothers me about this picture is the Nene's nose looks like a hunk of dough…

  21. Godiva, it's not about division of assets, it's about division of debts. And seperate households does not effect the validity of marital debt accrued during the marriage. Even if you do believe they seperated, that doesn't mean one or the other is not responsible for marital debt. A legal divorce decree in which they both agree to put all the debt on Gregg, who doesn't have much if any income, would let Nene off. I do agree about Nene's nose though. :)

  22. I hope Nene and Gregg work it out! Nene filed for divorce in the county she lives in. People are just mad that they can’t pull the information up on the internet.I agree with Godiva13. You can be married and a spouse can file for bankruptcy and it not affect the other spouse. In addition, you do not have to file joint tax return with the IRS. You can file married filing separately. It is not against the law! You cannot file for divorce while you are in filing for bankruptcy. The only reason to file bankruptcy is to protect your assets from creditors. Normally that would be home and/or car. Everybody says that the Leakes don’t own anything, so what would be the purpose? If you lease something, it would go back to the creditor/owner. If you don’t pay your debt, then you will have bad credit and will not be able to get loans or credit cards. Filing for bankruptcy does not mean you will automatically walk away free and clear from your debt. You still have to pay your debt through the court. Once you file for bankruptcy, you cannot just go out and make major purchases without court approval. A lot of people have filed for bankruptcy due to the economy. That is why American Airlines and Big Poppa filed for bankruptcy. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are broke. With court assistance, it is possible you can restructure your debt and eventually become solvent and build up cash flow.Paying your federal taxes and bankruptcy are two different things. Redd Fox and Wesley Snipes did not pay taxes on the income they earned. That is why Wesley is in jail. He made millions of dollars and never paid his taxes. Redd Foxx had someone (Accountant/Manager) in charge of his money that never filed or paid his taxes. It’s unfortunate, he had to liquidate assets (sell) just about everything to pay the IRS. He trusted the wrong people and wasn’t smart enough to do any better. Nene had an attorney, I am sure he advised her what to do! It would be different if she filed Pro Se.

  23. According to nene on rhoa, gregg puts it down. So id be all in that divorced with benefits action too. And I dont know when all this debt started occurring but I think gregg had some issues with nene blowing up while he was slowing down financially (remember that radio interview where he said he made her and.wanted his $). That would definitely affect any relationship. I think they were having issues way before any debt came up.,

  24. Ivy

    The picture of a grinning Nene grabbing her crotch has been making me laugh till I cry (literally) for the past week. I finally gave up and downloaded the thing. (There's a frowny one, too!)

  25. Ivy,[teresagiudicevoice] If you read the comments good [/teresagiudicevoice] you would see that we've been told Nene was holding her crotch closed. Maybe sand was blowing up in it or something. This is not something to laugh about. What is wrong with you?

  26. Ivy

    LOL! Yes, I did read that, and that must be one ginormous crotch! Hey, Nene, hold my sunglasses for me, will you? LOLOL!

  27. You are a horrid, horrid person, Ivy. And Kim Zolciak is a nasty whore who sleeps with married men and wears wigs. Yours in Christ,Tamara

  28. Ivy

    Yes to both. Yours, too. 😀

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