BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! Kris Humphries Has Feelings About His Divorce

Apologies in advance for this Kardashian post, but yesterday’s article in the Washington Post was full of laughs. First, it annoys me that so-called serious news media outlets even pay attention to this crap. But check out these quotes.

From Kim’s attorney. “I feel that (Humphries’) personal feelings and maybe some media drive is keeping this case alive.” How dare Kris Humphries have feelings about the divorce? Actors are replaced all the time! The attorney goes on to say that if Kris continues trying to prove fraud rather than just slinking off into the sunset like a good boy he will end up paying her outrageous legal fees if he loses. Isn’t she a charmer?

Also from the article “The comments came during a routine hearing Friday in which a judge allowed Humphries’ Minnesota attorney, Lee Hutton, to take part in the case.” Well isn’t that nice. They are going to let Kris have an attorney. It appears they have begun the whole 90-day status conference cycle that Sheree Whitfield has been in with her ex for years. Next court date is August 15.

Please let this be a televised jury trial. Please.


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10 responses to “BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! Kris Humphries Has Feelings About His Divorce

  1. The only way I'd watch this on Tv is with the understanding the whole family would be vaporized for our viewing pleasure…

  2. This is like midget porno. I wanna at least once.

  3. I can't imagine anything better than an actual televised trial that forces Kim K to admit that the whole show is one big scripted farse.

  4. It'll be like watching the OJ trial!

  5. I'm not watching this crap, however, I do feel Kris is loving all the attention he is getting from being married to Kim. No one knew who he was before he started dating this girl, and since then, he's being doing late night TV, getting endorsements, etc., all the things he wasn't getting when he was a nobody.

  6. I disagree. Kris is booed at every game anytime he hits the courts. He is ridiculed publicly everywhere as the dumbass Baby Huey that was stupid enough to fall for Kim's ratings tricks. He is not rolling in endorsements or doing a lot of late night. I'm sure he wishes she never darkened his doorstep. I'm no saying he's the world's greatest guy, but I think he got hoodwinked and hurt.

  7. Tamara, you always make me LOL. Baby Huey. But I respectfully disagree. I think, although got played like a flute, saw dollar signs too. You don't get married to Kim Kardashian and think it's going to be for a lifetime. I think he saw mansions and cars, because his money is short compared to Kim's, more fame, and again, more money. Still love and swear by you though.

  8. Poor kris. Thought he was in love. Instead he got plaaaaayed. Of course he thrived in the attention he got from marrying kim. Who wouldnt? But kim used him trying to best her sisters and it backfired. and she benefited way more from the money, gifts, and publicity than kris ever did. both she and her mother made sure of that. Kris, in my opinion, just got caught up and plaaayed.

  9. I think Kris was in love – mostly with the fame – but also with Kim. She comes off as someone who could make you believe she loved you but in reality just need you for the publicity.I feel bad for this guy somewhat. He probably didn't expect it to last forever but who woulda thunk 70-odd days?!! He got played. Publically. And that sucks.WD

  10. As usual, WD is correctamundo.

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