Brandi Glanville’s Loser Ex and Skank Responsible for False ROL Story

Ever since Radar Online was mentioned on the RHOBH reunion, I started to pay more attention to their stories. So when I wrote the post about Brandi being given a full-time spot as a “housewife” on the show based on their article, I felt pretty comfortable using them as a source. Then things started going downhill. They recently posted a story about Lisa Vanderpump being a diva on the set of RHOBH and how Taylor was so upset by Lisa’s diva behavior. It was utter crap, it read like utter crap and it made me think that the Brandi post was utter crap. Lisa has not even acknowledged whether or not she is actually filming RHOBH right now. I’m still not convinced she is. Lisa tweeted yesterday that she was “home from diva school” which was clearly a jab at the ROL story. Brandi never confirmed that she was a “housewife” and everything regarding what, if anything, these two women are filming for RHOBH remains unconfirmed. Although Brandi did retweet a story saying she was a full housewife for the season currently filming.

Then today, ROL posted a story about her being back to “friend of the housewives” status because “Leann and Eddie” have objections. The phrasing of that alone made my blood boil. First, Leann’s name shouldn’t even be in the sentence let alone first. Leann doesn’t have any standing in whether or not Brandi’s kids are on the show or not. Leann is a little twat that is a waste of oxygen. The only way she can get any media to pay attention to her is to harass Brandi. She’s a sorry excuse for a human as is the dimple-faced pathetic excuse for a male she seems so pleased to be with.

So ROL is today saying that Bravo rescinded the contract. That is false. Bravo gets whatever they want in the contract before it is signed. Either she has a contract or she doesn’t. Brandi is landing in Louisville, Kentucky at the moment to host a Kentucky Derby related fundraiser. She did tweet that the ROL story is false and that they didn’t get it right in the first or the last article about her work relationship with Bravo. So that combined with the Lisa Vanderpump story ends any sort of credibility I have for their RHOBH stories. But what is even more wrath inducing to Brandi fans is that Brandi admits on twitter that the story came out shortly after a conversation she had with Eddie. Clearly, once again, one of Leann’s foul friends called in the story that Leann is somehow protecting Brandi’s kids from reality television. What a bitch she is.

Meanwhile, Brandi is telling us on twitter that “Bravo rocks” so clearly she is happy with her situation whatever it may be. I can’t imagine what it must be like to give birth to children and then have to send them off with their sorry excuse for a father and some trashbox who calls herself their “bonus mom” while trashing their mother all over the Internet. I hope the weather holds up for the rooftop derby party tonight and Brandi can just kick back and enjoy herself and ignore the drama for awhile. It will be interesting to read the reports on the party especially if she took a Bravo camera crew with her.

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16 responses to “Brandi Glanville’s Loser Ex and Skank Responsible for False ROL Story

  1. I thought the Lisa story was utter shite. Thanks for posting this and the remarks about that ugly squinty star search husband stealing yodeler.I would watch a Brandi/Lisa/Camille show. The rest can live in Maloof's flaring nostrils.

  2. I"m just glad Brandi's going to be back. She seems unafraid to fight back. And the fact that she CLEARLY makes Kyle so uncomfortable is extra bonus cherry on top!WD

  3. You hit the nail on the head about LR trying to appear to be the "savior" for Brandi's kids. I can't stand the way she tries to act like she and Brandi are on the same level when it comes to Brandi's children. She needs to stay in her place! She doesn't want those kids on TV because it will make her look even worse! It will be a reminder that she didn't just ruin a marriage, she ruined a family!! There is no doubt in my mind that the story was leaked by someone in her camp. I don't believe in karma, but I so wish it existed because that chick is in serious need of some!

  4. Tamara, you hit the nail dead on the head: Eddie is a loser and LeAnn is a skank, and together, they make a perfect union. LeAnn doesn't have any say so over the kids anyway, so that is how I knew ROL was full of crap. Thanks for clarifying and bringing the truth out.

  5. Pot, meet kettle — all you really do is trash people on the internet via this lackluster blog…Shut this mess down!

  6. Tamara love your blog but I would not call LR a female dog. Im a fan of LR and I remember the whole break up thing with Eddie and Brandi and it was not all on LR. Brandi released some statements that was not what a mother should say about a woman that is about to be her children stepmother. I am not condoning what LR and Eddie did but having stories and calling each other names does not help the situation at hand. Also lets remember i dont believe camilles children were seen on the show at the request of her then husband, lisa woo hartwell, former atlanta housewife, did not have her older children on her show because the childrens father objected. Also no matter what we, the public, think we are not in these relationships and we dont truly know what is going on. finally if she is a full housewife next year then she just gave herself a great storyline fighting with the ex and his wife. A story line camille crammer sighed away from.

  7. skank and the gigolo are jealous morons. Get a job stop trying to gain publicity off Brandi. When was the last time the gigolo even had a regular paying job? When did skank last have a hit record? In the late 90s. They certainly are cut from the same cloth, even got the same ugly squint eye thing going on. Why not they go back to renewing wedding vows and vacations and leave Brandi the hell alone. Nobody cares about these morons. They belong together. Brandi got better things to do with her life than have to put up with their BS every time they want to ride off her coatails. Skank hasn't been relevant since she was a teenager and dimples who the f was he anyway before he arrived her. I sure as heck didn't know who dimples was. His career wasn't exactly ABC caliber or else I might have recoginsed who he was. Maybe a D or E at best.

  8. finally if she is a full housewife next year then she just gave herself a great storyline fighting with the ex and his wife. A story line camille crammer sighed away from.To whomever posted that crap above.Er NO. She didn't. Skank and dimples did. They harass her, not the other way around . Lets get that straight. You're right calling her a dog is inappropriate, I'd call her a horse. If the hoove fits, wear it. People see through them both, only there coward twitter friends don't want to tread on her hooves. All aboard the LovEbus. F gag me with that sissy crap. Why not ride the TruthTrain instead. TruthChoo!!!

  9. One more comment before I get off here. I was reading that Dimples didn't want his son on rhobh because his son was teased. OK but since when did 5- 8 yr old kids watch RHOBH? yeah because every kid would rather watch that than spongebob and jimmy neutron series. How is that any worse than the pics she puts out, some are very inappropriate. Full of crap. lies lies lies. Jealousy eats at the core of their dark souls. Its sad that they are so petty and jealous. Dimples you ended up with skank. skank you bought dimples. Now F off. Go be happy together you miserable F'ks

  10. Well said, if eddie trys to stand in Brandi's way of making an income then she should take him to court for the money she'll lose out on..

  11. Leann needs to realize those are BRANDI's kids, not her's. You are not their mother Leann, get over it. Leann is so scared that Eddie will cheat on her she sticks with him like glue.Bella

  12. Tamara….you really need to get a hold of yourself. You don't know these people personally. There are three sides to every story and just because you like the character Brandi plays on TV you know nothing of this woman to call the dad sorry. Is he a bad husband of course because he cheated but you do not know the relationship he has with his kids. I will see if there is a story in radaronline about someone you don't like if you take it as fact

  13. I want shiny knees like hers.

  14. Don't you mean loser HOT ex?

  15. Eddie is genetically gifted, but he hasn't been hot since he got with that skank. Nobody wants to go there after he has been THERE. Nobody.

  16. There is always someone who will get with him. Someonen got with Jessie James didn't they. Some women out here don't care

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