Bobby Brown Says Bobbi Kristina is Doing Just Fine

Finally getting around to watching the Bobby Brown interviews. I really want to be supportive of Bobby but a lot of what he says flies in the face of what we have seen. Things like Bobbi making out with her play brother, and reports of her having a drug problem, and her not speaking to him. He basically says the two are besties who talk all the time and she is just fine. Thoughts?


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5 responses to “Bobby Brown Says Bobbi Kristina is Doing Just Fine

  1. I thought she didn't have anything to do with him – how would he know… that was a wasted interview…

  2. I know, it was weird. The kids admitted to her not speaking to them. Bobby tried to act like they are very close and talk everyday. Then he said he wasn't sure if she was dating the play brother, and Matt was like, "Didn't you ask her in one of your many phone calls?" You could tell Matt didn't believe him.

  3. Security AXED him to move. What a tool. A bloated tool. WD

  4. I was confuse too especially when he said they talked all the time. She don't talk to her dad I even heard she wants to drop her last name(Brown) and change her name to Kristina Houston.

  5. He's delusional and he lied throughout the interview. You really got the sense that they are not close at all. He seems like an emotional person and he looked very sad.

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