Nene Leakes and Aubrey O’Day’s KTLA Interviews

Nene Leakes wasn’t just hanging out with Aubrey O’Day and a miniature horse yesterday for our amusement. She was at KTLA to promote GLEE and talk about RHOA.  The guy doing the interview is a bit creepy. Okay more than a bit creepy as he becomes obsessed with Nene’s red bottoms and gives her a foot massage during the interview. Nene admits to having regrets about “divorcing” Gregg, says she is not dating, and isn’t interested in being famous. I’m just telling you what she said. Check out the link to the video if you don’t believe me! Aubrey O’Day was there to talk about Celebrity Apprentice. Creepy Guy seemed infatuated with her as well. Aubrey told Creepy Guy that she wasn’t there to make friends, and that Arsensio is a chauvinist pig who just has issues with her being smarter than he is and that all the other women were crazy. You can see that interview here. If you are playing the drinking game, she only says “the creative” once. It remains unclear why the two guests were housed with a horse before their interviews.

The video above is of Nene Leakes, who is not interested in fame or attention, leaving Mr. Chow, where one never sees any paparazzi, with Aubrey O’Day last February 10th. Both are drunk and Nene drives herself away. Aubrey sticks around for more pictures with foreign tourists and then tells us more than we need to know about her Valentines Day plans. Seriously, the last few seconds are um, not so family friendly. That Aubrey is one Classy girl.


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9 responses to “Nene Leakes and Aubrey O’Day’s KTLA Interviews

  1. Was nice to see NeNe but the other is a skank…

  2. love me some nene… tamara let me find out you're switching over to #teamnene … lol!! :)

  3. Ha! I can't really get solidly behind any of the RHOA. They all have good and bad points. That makes me look sort of like I have multiple personalites sometimes. Like yesterday when I poked fun at Nene and then complimented her on her Glee performance. At least I consistently abhor Marlo! :)

  4. Love me some Nene. She did a great job on Glee last night. Nene is always welcome in Cali. Great job NeNe.

  5. You do great Tamara – we're women and that entitles us to change our minds – very often…

  6. Am I the only one that listened to all four minutes of the video above? I expected comments if not on Nene getting into the drivers seat, then certainly about Aubrey's parting (pun intended) comment.

  7. ughthanks for that.blarf

  8. I miss NeNe on glee Monday night I heard it was good. I'm happy for her.

  9. Oh that NeNe, pending on which way the wind is blowing, one moment she can something wise, and the she can say something that gets on my nerves. Well camera can't capture everything, so I don't know what goes on behind the scenes. But the RH franchise reminds of that dreaded place called high school, with the he said/ she said crowd. But RHOA is the best, because the cast knows how to bring the drama.

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