What’s Wrong With This Picture? Insert Horse’s Behind Joke Here

Nene just tweeted this picture from today in LA. It just doesn’t get any more epic than this. I’m slammed with productivity and errands today.And yes, that is Aubrey O’ Day (on the right). Please make your own jokes in comments. :) Oh and click through for one more picture…

I know, I know I’m a terrible person just a few steps away from drawing penises on pictures. Please pray for my immortal soul. The threesome were at KTLA for interviews you can read about here.


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17 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Insert Horse’s Behind Joke Here

  1. RHOA is amazing. Not only did the show assist Nene in finding her father, but it paved the way to reunite her with her long lost twin. Don't tell me reality televsion has no purpose.

  2. That's Shereè not a moose, Tamara.

  3. Haha. You made me smile. Very funny

  4. Tamara you know you wrong. I still like NeNe

  5. What do you look like, Tamara…hmmm? Oh wait–yes, right–no pictures. Wonder why? If it's good, you show it.Take a laxative, sit down, "doo" it–and sweat it out. Because you're full of s*it. NeNe looks good. You however, may look like this horse's behind. Who can tell?Cheers,

  6. Every single person on reality TV is an ass. I am a reality TV watcher. However, I am smart enough to know that reality TV people woukdn't give a shit about me or any other viewer if they were to meet us.

  7. Tamara what I don't understand is…if people hate your blog so much and feel that you're always judging women from RHOA, then why are they reading your blogs and posting comments ( ValdaDeDieu)? People get real!!! Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  8. What I don't understand is why what I look like has anything to do with that picture. :)

  9. ne ne….. "ur stand-in for the next scene is here" (ne ne)…oh really where is she? bloop… bloop

  10. ne ne says…..hell if i had known i had to get my own hair off da dam horses head….i wud have hired sweety for 10 dollars….bloop bloop…

  11. I've seen the NeNe horse before & like it… on the first picture – the horse is cuter then oday ever will be…

  12. ODay – she's so small to be such a big bitch… but now I get it – there wasn't enough room left over for any niceness…

  13. ODay. – she's so small to be such a big bitch… but now I get it – there wasn't any room left for nice..

  14. Wow. Who knew NeNe was so short.

  15. It looks more like Kim Z, The hair is blonde and it look like she got herself a tan. If the horse stand on her hind egs it would definitely be pregnant kim. Also Tamara let's see a picture of you. Maybe that's you.

  16. To Anonymous–and all and sundry: I don't hate Tamara's blog; I wouldn't be here if I did.However, Tam– it was a cheap shot at NeNe, and if you're going to criticize someone's looks, then put yours up for the same scrutiny. NeNe's career puts her in the public eye, therefore your comparison was unsporting & unfair.Lastly, I would NEVER say, for example, that Kim Zolciak reminds me too much of a bloated, swollen, squirming maggot, with a fish's mouth stuck to it…She can't help what she looks like. Best thing that I can say about Kroy and Kim is that there is a lid for every pot! But Kim's character now, she creates it every day with what she says, does and displays–and I can object and criticize if I choose–just as you can with NeNe. I have no problem with criticism (of any kind, justly or not)as long as it is FAIR. A wig on a horse's face? That's just juvenile. Where's the wit in that?This isn't about race; I go off on people who make similar comments re. Sarah Jessica Parker (I simply adore her, plus she got to kiss Chris Noth-YUM); Or those who low-blow–yes, I just used a noun as a verb–Jennifer Aniston. Unkindness, simply for the sheer pleasure in it, should never be enabled. You Southerners know THAT. Making a valid point, however, is another thing. You can dish it, you can take it, Tamara–you're a big girl. Just not as big as NeNe. (Those are some giant shoes to fill, figuratively & literally as I am tall and wear size 10 too!) Keep reaching, lil' darlin'…

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