Are You Watching Bethenny Ever After ?

I don’t know why I feel the need to blog about Bethenny Frankel today, but I do. When I started blogging I was bemused at first and later a bit appalled at the level of …let’s call it hysteria, that surrounded Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin on the blogs. Both women have/had frothing at the mouth fans and frothing at the mouth haters with blogs catering to both camps. Fans and bloggers alike were/are not just spewing their hatred towards one or the other, but literally hunting them down in real life. It’s a level of insanity I try to avoid. That said, I’ve been watching Bethenny Ever After and I wanted to see what y’all think about the show. Maybe. I already feel like I may regret this blog. But here goes.

I kinda like the show. Bethenny is crazy. She knows that, and we know that. Jason has his own issues. I think initially he thought he could “fix” Bethenny. It is easier for men to try to fix their partner rather than look at their own issues.  Jason seems incredibly frustrated that they love each other and have buckets of money and no one is cheating, yet they aren’t happy. Bethenny feels exactly the same way. Jason seems to feel like Bethenny is blaming him for his inability to fix her. I don’t think Bethenny really feels that way at all. Bethenny knows she is crazy and has been since well before Jason arrived on the scene. I think Bethenny just wants Jason to accept the crazy. Jason wants to fix the crazy and feels like he failed as a man because he can’t. Jason is doing that thing that most men do at age 50 at age 40.  He’s having a mid-life crisis. That’s a cute term for a not so cute experience that men (and women) have when mortality hits home and they look back on life and have regrets and want a do-over.  Despite Jason’s successes he sees failure. Bethenny’s huge success only amplifies his issues.

Basically, this is a relationship where despite loving each other they unintentionally push each others buttons. Which is great for us and not so great for them.  I may be naive but I actually believe Bethenny and Jason. I believe the boat story despite some coast guard guy saying they were never in danger. I don’t think it was a life or death trauma, despite Bethenny’s over reaction. But I believe the TV therapist had a broken GPS and didn’t know how to get through the water without running aground. I think that while there are “scenes” where the producers tell them what they want them to talk about or where they want them to go,  that we see the real Bethenny.   I think we see the real Jason too. At least as real as you can be on a “reality show.”  I also don’t see more product placement on the show than any of the others. I guess I am pulling for Bethenny to get better, to get happier, to enjoy all the great things she has. Am I the only one?  The ratings for this show are not good. Am I the only one watching?


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19 responses to “Are You Watching Bethenny Ever After ?

  1. Awww, Tamara… I love u! BUT I CANT STAND HER AT ALL!!Hugs!

  2. I am and I think this nis as real as reality tv gets. I have loved her from the start and wish she would just enjoy her sucess to but I am not her. I will miss her when she goes off the air. I am not in one of the cities that her talk show is aired. Cross my fingers it gets picked up!!

  3. This is a tough show to watch because it's so honest. I adore the Hoppy family and want it to work out. I'm not on the "it's all bethenny's fault" bandwagon. Jason admitted to having a problem with her making more money than him. That isn't going to change…Bethenny is richer than most people in this country. I'm rooting for them but this is definitely not all Bethenny's issues.

  4. Maybe people are not watching because… Who wants to watch a TV show where rich people whine?

  5. I'm watching only for the apartment reveal. I cannot take Bethenny any longer and her constant level of hysteria. Won't be watching the chat show either. I used to like her pluck, but now it is too exhausting. Her daughter will be traumatized by her mania, good intentions or not.

  6. I have never watched the show because I had enough of her on RHONY,plus I can not stand her voice.

  7. I watch and I love it. I plan on getting the book and watching her new talk show. Congrats B!

  8. Your dead right on the analysis, they are having trouble but it's trouble that they can't fix.

  9. bethenny is a fraud! just her mother said she dont even no how to keep that handsome man happy…after all she is so fucking ugly…she shud thank god bren didnt come out with her looks…yuck….the rhony was the best thing that ever happen to her she should be thanking jill on her knees….p.s. i bet she fucked that big black cock her new driver has….lol controlling slut!

  10. I love Bethenny and her show, I think is honest and it is refreshing to see honest instead of prefabricated drama like in the Bravo HW, thanks for recapping the show Tamra.

  11. I've always loved Bethenny & am so happy for her family & success but honestly I can't take her flipping out anymore… Just wish she could let the past go and enjoy her life now… Lots of folks had bad childhoods but don't live it forever – it's a mindset… I truly hope she accepts the happiness that is all around her – just waiting for her to join in…

  12. mck

    I'm still watching. Sometimes it's hard to watch, but I hope they're able to pull it together. Love little Brynn!I knew Bethenny wasn't lying about her experience on "da boat". Some bloggers (on both sides) aren't very objective.

  13. Dear Bethenney, Do you want a lot of cheese with that whine???I try to watch but honestly, Bethenny's whining is so annoying. Its like hello get over the tough times and appreciate the good ones–but she's so busy dredging up the past, she cant see it. Woe is me. Grow up! like someone else said earlier, plenty of people had bad childhoods…hers wasnt as bad as it could get..although her parents had major issues, atleast she was clothed, fed, and by all accounts, kinda spoiled with luxuries. Maybe she didnt have love and affection but just give Bryn the life you didnt have and stfu about it…poor jason, it always looks like he just doesnt know what to do.I think they really should have lived together before getting pregnant and married. Jason could have really seen what he was getting into

  14. If you don't have mental illness like chronic depression and OCD which is likely Bethenny's situation ( I dunno, I'm not a doctor) saying "just get over it and be grateful" makes a lot of sense. What we are seeing is Bethenny being frustrated because she wants very much to do just that, but can't. Nobody chooses to be unhappy.

  15. I don't quite get the "just because you didn't get love as a child and now aren't able to give or receive it in a healthy way, you're not entitled to be unhappy because you have lots of money" comments.Understanding and compassion towards others can actually make your own life much better, so it's worth a try.

  16. I always liked Betheny. I really liked her when somebody surprised her at her party and she didn't know how to react and broke down in the bathroom. I feel sorry for Jason. The good guys just never seem to get what they deserve. It's not Betheny's fault because she really is trying but she has a lot of deep seeded issues. I hope they make it.

  17. Ivy

    I think Bethenny is hysterically funny and sharp as hell, and she's the absolute best at being as much herself as possible while being filmed. But I only watched once, because even though I find her life genuinely interesting and entertaining, I can feel her frustrations coming right through the screen.

  18. I'm not sure that someone who has never been in a relationship (unless you count screwing around with married men) is qualified to comment on someone else's relationship :(

  19. I agree with it being painful to watch someone who truly HAS IT ALL whine and complain so much. Clearly she has issues that don't allow her to see the forest or whatever. I would love to watch her if she could get past all the hurdles and see her enjoy the wonderful life she truly has.WD

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