Celebrity Apprentice: I Hate Aubrey O’Day

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been watching Bravo on Sunday nights since Celebrity Apprentice started. My Sunday nights are reserved for The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice. Last night both shows took some time to highlight women behaving badly. I could rant on that, but I’d rather rant about how much I hate Aubrey O’Day.

Hate is a strong word. It’s also a very accurate description of how I feel about Aubrey. If there is a word that goes beyond hate,  that too would be appropriate. The term ‘hater’ has made its way into the lexicon of Internet users and other seedy realms lately as a term that intertwined with jealousy. ‘Hater’ has become a term people use to dismiss the validity of disliking someone by shrieking that the person doing the disliking is in some way jealous of the person with the vile behavior. For example, many times while watching the Real Housewives, I’ve suggested that nearly all of them, except Phaedra, need to buy a decent bra. When this suggestion is made about Nene a certain element of Nene fans comes screaming into comments to call me a ‘hater’ and suggest that I am jealous of Nene.  In fact, I don’t particularly have feelings for Nene as a person one way or another. She does lots of things that are impressive like getting legitimate acting roles and she does a lot of things that are reprehensible. So to be clear, this feeling I have for Aubrey O’Day is pure, unadulterated hate, not to be confused with disliking someone on  a reality show.

I knew that I was going to be driven out of my mind by this moron when she used the word ‘creative’ as a noun with the first two minutes of the show. Traditionally, the word ‘creative’ is an adjective. While it is used in the advertising field as a noun, it’s a disputed usage that most find ridiculous. It’s the type of word people say when they are attempting so sound educated. In other words, it’s something Sheree might say. And it irks me. And she says it at least a dozen times per episode. And she doesn’t consistently use it correctly as advertising jargon. It seems as though Aubrey learned the term on a Word of the Day calendar (advertising jargon edition) in an effort to appear intelligent. And it has worked. At least when it comes to Lisa Lampanelli who thinks that Aubrey should be welcomed to the next MENSA meeting.

If you don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice, chances are good that you are wondering who the hell Aubrey O’Day is and how she got on the show. I have no answer for either really. A few years back P.Puff.Diddy.Daddy got a show on MTV where he was supposed to put together a girl band. The band was eventually formed and named Danity Kane they has a one hit wonder then broke up. The majority of that show focused everyone’s hatred of Aubrey. On last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, we found out that Trump didn’t even know that Aubrey sang. The teams were asked to make a jingle and Trump pointed out that the team with Clay Aiken on it had an advantage because he was a professional singer. When Arsenio pointed out that Aubrey was a singer as well, Trump replied that most people just think of her as being in Playboy. It was, without doubt, the best thing Trump has ever said on TV.

Last night Aubrey managed to suggest that Arsenio Hall is a gay, or at least a cross-dresser, while working for her charity GLSEN, which is a foundation whose mission is to eliminate bullying directed toward gays, and well probably cross-dressers too.  She had to know this because she gave a supportive interview about the charity where she said something like “I’m trying to help those poor unfortunate gays because, like, lately a whole bunch of them have been killing themselves and that makes me sad.” When Arsenio dared to question Aubrey’s brilliant idea that since the company had a mascot, then a cheerleader theme was the way to go Aubrey told the cameras, “Arsenio is the biggest girl on this show, so I don’t know why he doesn’t like tap dancing or wearing cheerleading outfits. We all know he does it at home.” Sadly, Arsenio was stuck in the unfortunate position of having to let Aubrey do her thing or risk Trump saying he didn’t listen to the “musician” so he allowed Aubrey to don a slutty cheerleader outfit and bounce around without putting up much of a fight. That didn’t stop Aubrey from constantly insulting him to anyone who would listen, from Teresa to Don Jr. At one point she told the camera  that maybe “he has become senile and is suffering from the age he has become.” Arsenio is fifty-six. I looked it up and was surprised because he seems younger to me. Let us all hope Aubrey never has to suffer from the atrocities of reaching that age.

So Aubrey changed the entire choreography and structure of the jingle and placed herself right in the center bouncing all about. She should have been thrilled. But when Don Jr. showed up she pulled him aside to explain that she was the only person “with any creative”  and if it weren’t for her “there wouldn’t be creative at all” and that her teammates were imbeciles and horrid, horrid people. After the presentation she told the camera that Arsenio and Teresa sucked (they were fine) and that it’s hard to deal with other people not being good at things like she is. Despite all of that, Arsenio
I am spending the week praying to the TV gods that Trump goes back to men against women for the remainder of the season and that it somehow comes down to Arsenio and Clay with an Arsenio win. Because in case I didn’t make it crystal clear, I hate Aubrey O’Day.  That little quote in the box there is one of Aubrey’s favorite things to say (as if she created it of course) in interviews when asked about why everyone in Making the Band hated her. So at least she owns being a self-important twat. Meanwhile, I’m taking a shot next week every time she says the word ‘creative’. It’s the only way to keep my head from exploding.


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  1. I'm with you on this…she is one obnoxious, vile, utterly self-absorbed excuse for a human being. Chances are she will never change because she suffers from a disease which renders her deaf, blind, and dumb. The part where she explains to the cameras how she keeps pictures of the people who committed suicide on her wall to remind her of who she's playing for was revealing. Watch that clip and you'll notice that she says this with a wierd body language and inappropriate, happy smile on her face that actually shows the disconnect between what she says and what she actually means. It's as if what she really means is "Hey, look at me, aren't I a wonderful person? Look at how selfless and caring I am."She and Lisa are my 2 least favorites, while I hope Clay and Arsenio get to be in the final.

  2. Aubrey is a real piece of work. At first surprised by her I am now truly annoyed and anxious for her next creative instinct.

  3. I can't stand her…what a self righteous self-obsessed manipulative girl. Rewarding her by moving her forward every week on celeb apprentice definitely sends the wrong message…yes, i agree, what a piece of work!

  4. Aubrey just thinks her shish doesn't stank, and it stanks so bad, I smell it through my TV. I can't her. I loved her in Danity, and I watched her show, but now, I wouldn't watch her pass by let alone watch a show she is on.

  5. The fame has got to her head real bad.

  6. I cannot begin to tel you how amused I am after reading this piece. I sat on the couch and said nearly the same thing. My version was "I have reached a place in my mind where hate no longer satisfies the visceral dislike I have for that monster". I have no other person to compare her to in recent memory. I find her entire being to be representative of a huge epidemic we are facing in our society. It is beyond my ability to comprehend how anyone…anyone at all…even one person… could find it within themselves to not absolutely hate this horrific "thing". I have no idea if she will win or lose. I do know that our world is just a little bit worse off with her in it.

  7. Tamaraaaa, I do agree with you but for me Lisa is even worse than Aubrey, so jealous of Dayana and you see… I'm 100% Puerto Rican born and raised on the island and let me tell you, they way Lisa and even my dear Clay managed the culture differences with Dayana was atrocious, she (Dayana) was so nervous at the end that you could tell her English was failing her – I'm like that when I feel attacked and I'm anxious, etc. Lisa is a bully, racist, all mighty white privilege walking around and frankly she needs to go. Even Miss Piggy is more fun than her! Aubrey is the ditzy blonde, we get it, but Lisa is much older and doesn't she needs to know better? Nada, you can see how Latinidad is not welcome. Love your blog!

  8. Pam

    Right there with you. This bitch is so puffed up on herself that there is no room for anyone else. I totally detest her more than is healthy to feel about someone on a reality tv show. I could think of nothing better than this bitch to be struck mute. And if she lives to be 56 I hope she is miserably alone and looks like death warmed over.

  9. I hate that bitch! I found your blog by typing into google: I hate aubrey oday". All she talks about is herself she is like a little child. Just as Arsinio said "when you say "no" to her she shuts down. Child. I think she is an alcoholic. She had an eating disorder. Sometimes they go hand in hand.

  10. She must be very, very insecure to brag about herself the way she does. People with high self esteem never have to brag about themselves. And Danity Kane…I have never heard of them so she obviously isn't that much of a celebrity. Finally, that horrible color hair and high obnoxious voice….it is really hard to watch.

  11. I hate her and Lisa is a close second. I was shocked to see how they even got Clay's grown-ass drinking the kool-aide.I feel better knowing I am not the only one with real hatred for this tv personality.

  12. actually i believe that Danity Kane had more than 1 hit song. Just a fyi because I did watch Making the Band and the sequels.That being said, I agree with the Aubrey hate. Diddy was completely right to fire her. Her ego is absolutely out of control. No one watched her reality show (yes she had her own reality show) and no one bought the album she put out. But does that stop her from being so arrogant and an egomaniac–nope. Sadly this is Aubrey–being Aubrey. She has been the same for YEARS.I cant stand Lisa Lampanelli either. She's so fake and obnoxious–and her racist, sexist, blah blah jokes are not funny–and she's also a total flip flopper trying to act all hard ass. what a joke–Sarina

  13. I was soooo thrilled to find this! I also Google "I HATE " Aubrey O'Day. She is reprehensible & is the only human being that I would SPIT ON if I passed her sorry cheap ass on the street! Whewww I feel better getting that off my chest!

  14. Tamara, great post. I can't believe what a miserable c&$t Aubrey is. Does she have any friends in real life? I couldn't stand being around someone like that for 10 minutes. She has an ego that just won't quit. And she's the epitome of a bully – tearing others down to build themselves up. Oh, the ironing!nubber

  15. I know someone who is much older than Aubrey but acts JUST like her! Everyone is stupid except for her, she thinks she has to think of "everything" and she runs and cries when she is put in her place. Everyone dislikes her and she is bitter & alone. She never had children so she lives amongst her cats and relates to them as humans…..they are the only beings willing to deal with her beside her coworkers who try to avoid her. Yep, I can see Aubrey O'Day being this person if she doesn't change!….You best take heed Ms. O'Day. People aren't pleased with Ms. Know It All's whose claim to fame is a Reality Show that folks don't know about and Playboy. Get over yourself!

  16. I Abhor Aubrey O'Day :-( She loves herself so much there is no room for anyone else to appreciate anything about her. That bozo the clown hair got to me before she said a word. Everything about her is sooo overpowering :-(

  17. hate is a strong word for someoneone you dont know, not defending here but u got to watch the tounge and words u speak ….

  18. So I have to say…..that I love this blog and follow it religiously. But danity kane had two platinum albums, top ten hits and were disbanded in the middle of their success. The only reason they didn't have more than two singles per album was because puffy simply didnt allow it. Buthey were a set of actually talented artists and I have to give that to them as well as them actually being successful. I can't really hate on Aubrey being that she's always been strong minded. Ill admit her comments are immature as hell sometimes, but she I think she is intelligent, graduated college, and is quick in her toes. I feel if she were a man then people would say she was 'a strong natural born leader ' like Penn or clay, sans the immature comments, even though clay has had his share too. If anyone is to be hated though its Lisa. She's a racist, has called dyana a spic, insulted her culture by saying she'll be knocked up any day now, and is all around a vile person. But that's just my opinion and of course I respect yours. And awesome blog as usual :)

  19. I have to wonder if the carrot juice she pours over her haid hasn't seeped into her brain. She chick is oblivious to her certain kind of madness. She must actually believe the crap that spews freom her mouth. I can only hope she never breeds.

  20. Aubrey irks the hell out of me but I'm sure she'll get a reality check. Lisa is just plain racist. Does anyone remember Lisa rehearsing for the puppet show and her Latina accent? It was horrible!

  21. agree! She like super annoying and self center. I'm surprised she doesn't talk in 3rd person. She is the worst person to support that charity, she should have picked a different one because her speeches aboutthe charity is annoying because its fake. If she used that damn word one more time ima lose it. I want her to get fired by next week. (True her ideas are good but I know they can come with stuff just as good as her; she just a spoiled brat)

  22. I LOVE Aubrey O'Day.I'd love to see her roasted on a spit and served on a hard roll. Yum!

  23. She infuriates me. I can't stand her. I hope she gets what she deserves when everyone sees the footage of that nasty little tramp stabbing them all in the back. I don't care who wins as long as it's NOT Aubry.

  24. To the post earlier, I too watched Making the Band. The reason the band broke up was NOT due to the fact that Diddy did not want them to have more than 2 platinum albums..does that even make sense?The reason the band broke up..was …you guessed it, AUBREY!!! She was getting way ahead of herself, and thought she was bigger and better than the group. I remember one episode during a concert, she was like "where my n**gas at?" Please. she was not that cool and Diddy had to let her know that it was not appropriate. So instead of listening and taking good advice from professionals in the industry, she thought she was better, did what she wanted, talked a lot of mess, bit the hand that fed her and got FIRED. Her little friend D. Woods (who does not have a career now) was taking her side from the group got fired along with her so it was only 3 members left and the other girl Shannen (i think her name was) wanted to go back to being a housewife. There were only 2 members left–so Audrey the other girl who couldnt sing anyway, got let go by default and Dawn went solo and later joined Diddy in the short lived group, Diddy dirty money. Just wanted to get it straight.to sum it all up, Aubrey is a hot mess and will always be a hot mess.

  25. I didn't say albums ….I said singles lol they only released two singles per album because diddy wanted to move forward to the next album after two singles. I said nothing about albums. I was addressing the 'one hit wonder ' remark, that's all.

  26. Cant handle this creature. She is really insecure, dumb and painful to watch. And such a BULLY! I would not want her to represent ANY Charity – she does not have a charitable bone in her body.

  27. UGH! She annoys the hell out of me. I just want to reach through the TV screen and punch her lights out! I am hoping and praying she is one of the two that gets fired next week. I really thought Teresa would be the "bitch" but Aubrey and Lisa as well are the two biggest ones there. Aubrey is a control freak and someone needs to slap her down a few notches!

  28. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be down to Lisa and Aubrey at the end. I applaud Dayana for her poise. I don't think there are many people in the world that have her grace. She can want away with dignity. Clay is showing a side that is not becoming…very culturally insensitive. I expected just what has Lisa dished out. I mean really Lisa, you have clawed your way to the top in this "Man's World"? You do not deserve to be there if you do it at the expense and misery of others — geez – I digress… Back to Aubrey the bitch of topic here. She is a LIAR – She likely have won all certain tasks without all the backstabbing lies – she is fairly creative. But the magic and mystery of TV ratings will surely put her up against Lisa for the finale. Bring your first aid kits – this won't be pretty. (and Arsenio – shut up and dance!)

  29. I completely agree with EVERYTHING you said. I HATE her. I don't toss that word here and there all the time, I genuinely hate her. She has to have her imprint on EVERYTHING and she is such a backstabber. She has to tell EVERYONE what she thinks, when it's not even her place to say so. I think if Lisa heard what Aubrey says to herself, she wouldn't like her. Aubrey wants a fucking golden star every fucking day and it drives me INSANE. Sad thing is I used to work with someone EXACTLY like that. Everyone thought she was an angel except for me and I could see straight through her bullshit. Whew, that felt good. And of course, Aubrey has to flash her boobs every day for the world to see. I have natural DDD cups and I manage to hide the girls. No class.

  30. OMG, I can't believe that I came across this blog. I just typed in the words, "is there anyone out there that hates Aubrey O'day on ths season's Celebrity Apprentice"….and, BINGO!I can't remember while watching Making the Band, in which she had appeared on, has she ever exhibited signs of being so cocky, self-centered & down right mean. I was never the hugest fan of her's anyhow, but now I seriously can't stand her smug ass. And she had the nerve to say a few episodes back that Arsenio looked old & had wrinkles. Huh? I was screaming into the television, BITCH, and look at your ass; you've had a ton of botox & lip injections. She is so full of shit. I'm praying that she dosen't win Apprentice. If she does I'm going to be so hurt.Oh yeah, just to echo what a few of the previous commentators had opined, I can't stand Lisa L, either. I was also somewhat offended when she had the gall to stereo type an entire hispanic culture. I happen to be african American myself, but stil……I hope that both Clay Aiken & Arsenio are the last two standing. It would be quite difficult for me to pick a winner with those two. I simply love Clay, and have followed him all during his Idol days. Arsenio, quite honestly, I was never really a huge fan of, but would still like to see him with having half a chance at winning.OMG, this was a super long rant, but I'm sure glad that I came acros your site. I'm going to bookmark it & check back in next week.Peace & Blessings

  31. Hi again,I'm the author of the comment written directly above. (May 6, 2012 @ 9:17PM) I made an attempt to do a sign in by attaching my e-mail address, but to no avail. I will just call myself "SHELLYBEAN", which is what I normally go by on most blogs anyway…I just wanted to add that tonight on CA, The Donald just fired Thersa G & guess who else? That jealous hearted, hag of a bitch, Lisa L! I couldn't freaking believe it! I was really in fear that she (Lisa) and her little partner in crime, Aubrey, were going to go head-to-head. And I was also stoked to see the expression on Lisa's face when she got that ax. Even though I believe half of this shit is scripted…Yeah, and did anyone see when that pervert executive from the makers of the CHI product, was drooling all over Aubrey? I was like yuck! And the whore had the audacity to say that all of her hair was real??? I was like, oh heffa please! I'm the weave queen, and I've had all types of good quality human hair & professional methods applied to my head over the years…I know extensions when I see them. I'm so over her dumb, clueless, tail…..Again, thanks for giving me an outlet to rant!!!ShellyBean

  32. Welcome ShellyBean! There is another post up top I posted before the show tonight in case anyone wanted to rant, but here is fine too. It was bittersweet seeing Lisa leave because you know it will be one guy and one girl. If Lisa had stayed Aubrey would have gone. I'd love an Arsenio v. Clay final but I doubt it will happen.

  33. Good to know that I am not alone in my dislike of Aubrey. She is vile. I mean I can't think of one thing to like about her. Someone clearly lied to her and she thinks she's the best person ever. She can't see what a complete and total joke she is. The only reason she's made it this far is for ratings. I sure hope she is the next one out next week.Peace,P

  34. Who would have thought that typing "I hate Aubrey O'Day" in a Google search would have led me to this fantastic blog!! It is nice to know that other articulate viewers out there have had the same visceral reaction to this narcissistic beast that I have had. I have found her to be increasingly unbearable as the season has gone on, and I have almost aborted the show several times this season just because of her. Although I think Lisa Lampanelli is a vile human being who clearly has issues, she doesn't come close to Aubrey on the excruciating scale. Let's begin with her self-proclaimed "pop star" status. I have read the prior posts on this blog, and it does not matter whether she had two hit songs or not. To be a "star," people have to have actually HEARD of you. That's the way it works. Yet, when the show first started, I had to do an online search to find out who the hell she was. The woman who does the Progressive Auto Insurance commercials is a bigger "star" than Aubrey O'Day (although I suspect that her time on this show has — unfortunately — made her more recognizable). It would have been more accurate for the caption below her name to say "Reality Show Contestant," or words to that effect. Next, I also have to say that her exhibitionist behavior tonight, i.e., sitting in the makeup chair with her "boobs out" in front of everyone was totally indulgent and out of control. I seriously cannot stand watching her, listening to her, or even knowing that she is currently existing out there somewhere as I am typing this. If she somehow wins this show, I may have to destroy my television set.

  35. Hi there @Tamara,Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I can't tell you how much I dig this site of yours. I was actually just going through your home page & navigating through some of your headlines. And yes, I did also notice that there is an entirely different thread in which bloggers' may comment on, as it relates to this topic. If I hadn't gotten distracted, I was about to leave my thoughts there as well, LOL…OMG, and the Kim Zoliac thread was something else, too. I will have to stop in tomorrow & add my 2cents there, as well. All in all, I actually kind of like Kim, though. I guess she's grown on me, somewhat.Also, I have to second your thoughts as regards to Lisa Lampanelli being fired tonight. I'm even kind of shocked that I'm hating her the way that I am every since watching her on CA. Now I've seen her stand up acts, and I actually thought she was pretty funny. (down right hilarious, truthfully) From what I remember, she had even used the N-word (if I recall correctly) on a few occasions & it seriously didn't bother me not one bit. However, now is a different story. I think it boils down to her clicking up with that despicable human being…AubreyWell, at any rate, I can't wait for next Sunday, as I'll be sure to check back in here to read the comments, and surely write some thoughts of my own, LOL.Peace….ShellyBean

  36. Hi again,You know what Tamara, I jut re-read your last comment again, and something hit me just now. I never thought about it boiling down to being 1 man & 1 woman standing in the final two. But that does make sense, hey? It's like an unwritten rule that's usually the norm when it comes down to the final two, now that I think back on all the previous seasons…Damn! I was really hoping that it was going to be Clay (LOVE HIM) and Arsenio. But The Donald would probably get a lot of flack if he went & fired two women in a row, right? That wouldn't be the PC thing to do. Oh well, some was saying that it was going to boil down to the BITCH Aubrey O'Day & Clay….suppose time will tell.One more thing, Tamara. I don't know how frequently you watched the regualr season of The Apprentice, (not celebrity) but remember in either the 1st or 2nd season, Bill was up against the black dude K'wame (spelling?). Bill end up winning the whole thing??? But maybe that was just an exception to the rules….Signing out….ShellyBean

  37. Wow, @Cartoongirl…that was really a well written post. Tell us how you really feel, LOL…No but seriously, those are my sentiments exactly. Also, I do have to say as much as I can't stand that opportunist-P Diddy (or whatever name he's going by these days) nothing could have made me more pleased than the day where they had finally aired the episode where he had actually fired that witch….she simply gets under my skin.Signing out…for real this time, ShellyBean

  38. At 1st I thought she is actually pretty good & well I'll be honest she really is very good & pretty creative to a slight extent. However, she is rude inconsiderate self absorbed & has a lot to learn. Lisa l ugh cannot stand the loud mouth bitc# I do not care if that is her persona etc she is a bully & a bit#h!

  39. Yep, I can't stand her, either! However, almost as funny as the scene with Trump saying most people just know her from Playboy was when she stood there and said (during the blow dryer challenge) that her red hair was natural! ROFLMAO!! How on earth did she manage that with a straight face when she had an inch of brown roots showing? LOL! Not to mention the fact that she said it to someone in the hair industry! HE didn't know how to respond to that one! LOL!

  40. I love this blog!!! Yes I have to admit that Aubry is very intelligent but the minute she opens her mouth she ruins it!! She definitly should not be representing that charity and I bet they are mortified, I know I am. When compared to the stunning Diana who in my opinion was wonderfull ( maybe not the smartest but definitly carried herself with such grace and poise) aubry looks like a monster! Her charity being about bullying can you imagine going to high school with this mean girl?! The attention she seeks from the trumps and the deliberate mean comments about everyone else is awful!! Her arrogance will be her destruction, I would like to think after watching this back she might learn from her behavior but she's so full of herself there is not much of a chance of that. I think it's great to be a smart woman , and she would have been a great role model for girls and young women. The attitude and the fact that she can't wait to bash and tear her team mates apart is a perfect example why women with brains and power get stereotyped! She is embarrassing herself and is definitly not getting any kind of good publicity , just giving herself a horrible name! I believe she is a self obsessed woman who lives in a false reality!! The sad part is that she thinks she looks great and people around the world will agree and bow down!! I just want to give a shout out to Diana for handling herself so well!!! Little girls and young women should look up to the way she handled getting bullied around, the proof is in the putting that beauty is from the inside out!!!

  41. I have no idea what the viewing figures were for the celebrity apprentice, but I'm confident that you will probably get that many hits on your blog… I live in the UK, and I Googled "Hate Aubery o'day"… and I try and love everything… I really do! then I found myself feeling so bad and guilty… is it me? is something wrong with me? why do I feel sick and not right inside when Aubery O'day is speaking on the celebrity apprentice? there was an emotion inside of me I've managed for forever to not pay attention to… and it was boiling to the surface. I had to google it for my sanity. I mean I even find it hard to say the word so "I like not watching Aubery O'day, and staying away from her is actually good for my health!". thank you. thank you for helping me offload. sigh.

  42. Can't hardly contain my discust 4 that piece of sh*t. I want to stick my finger down my throat!!!!! Asshole Aubrey needs help.

  43. Aubrey was only kept around, in my opinion, because of the conflict she brought to the show. Trump has been quoted as saying he enjoys conflict, and it makes for good TV. Imagine if they all had gotten along–snooooozefest. That said, Ms. O'Day should be embarrassed someday when she realizes how she came off on tv. She sounded uneducated, using "creative" as a noun so often it sounded like her new favorite word, while also coming across as cruel and a liar. I doubt many in her industry will want to work with her having seen this show, so with any luck she has sunk her own career. About all she will have left will be getting naked for Playboy, although by the time the show is done running it will likely be Hustler instead, provided they have someone working their airbrush with aa lot of talent and a lot of paint…and hopefully a lot of "creative" too :)

  44. I am among the few who got here by searching "I hate Aubrey O'Day" in Google. Everything that I thought of her has been said already and probably better than I could've worded it. There is something that I find troubling though…people actually are using the words "intelligent", "creative", "hard worker" to describe her. Aubrey O'Day is NOT intelligent, NOT creative, and NOT a hard worker. If she was, she'd be SUCCESSFUL. Since she is none of those things, she was on the losing team for each and every one the tasks she claimed to be the "creative" for. Wouldn't her usage of the word "creative" as a noun suggest even a TINY bit she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed?Go ahead and jerk off to her, but PLEASE don't call her "intelligent" or any of those other words that you supporters like to use to gloss over the fact that she is a narcissistic, dumbass, untalented piece of shit.Thank you.

  45. Christ would be proud…

  46. Cathie

    Hi….I’m totally on-board with what you have written here… I have watched this season of Celebrity Apprentice over and over again, for other celebrities. But I really cannot stand this obnoxious gal- Aubrey O Day! I think with Lisa you can still make things works…she’s a hard worker and she appreciates open, straightforwardness. This chess player, Aubrey, probably really is insecure as some other has commented her, which was probably why she has to be the loudest! Just look at the pattern of every task up to final 4…if you don’t take her idea, she’ll say all kinds of things to blacken you! I think she’s the one who’s over her head! Some humility will go longer way. Don’t even let us bring up the reason why her singing career didn’t start off…. Maybe she ought to change her tactic and work on how to get ppl to like her more. Offending so much ppl at such an age…. There’ll be long time to pay, missy. Hollywood remembers…..

  47. jen

    Hahahahahahaha yes that is her! You hate her! I do too!

  48. tamaratattles

    I blame Brandi Glanville for making me reread this.

  49. NICURN

    I just watched celebrity singles and was so disgusted with her behavior that I too typed in I hate Aubrey. I see this blog was from 2012… Here it is 2016 and this little twat hasn’t learned a damn thing. If that is what a celebrity acts like I will stick being a common folk. She is a nobody. Seriously no one even knows who she is. I had to google her just to see what she was ” famous” for. She needs to get over herself. The only reasons these shows keep her around is for the conflict. She is so vile and causes people to feel such hatred toward her it’s a ratings booster. Not all publicity is good.. If I was her mother I would hide under a rock. And now she is dating that ugly DJ from the old Hersey Shore show who is just as much an ass as she is. ine day something bad is going to happen to her and sad as it is to say.. The world will rejoice in her sadness . Every dog has its day… Yours is coming you little smug bitch. And.. I couldn’t stand Brandi Gainsville but after watching this show I see her in a whole new light.

  50. Dee

    This is hilarious, even better than I hate Bethany Frankie
    Thanks for sharing

  51. tamaratattles

    Some things never change.

  52. Dee

    UGH watching her on Famously Single, she is just awful!!

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