What’s Wrong With This Picture? Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong was filming for RHOBH yesterday. Thoughts?


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19 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Taylor Armstrong

  1. she look like ron perlman from beauty and the beast tv show, back in the day!

  2. i dont know her.. when is nene coming back??? lol :)

  3. Her face is starting to look like Carrot Top's.

  4. Her face is showing all her lies!

  5. All that filler is lumping up on her face. Back away, Taylor! Back away!

  6. Whoa! Taylor's starting to look like she's related to Jocelyn Wildenstein aka the Lion Woman.I'm shocked that Bravo didn't fire her. >.<

  7. She must have used Kenny Rodgers surgeon.

  8. Plastic surgery is bad kids, mmkay?

  9. It looks like she broke her nose! Those lips need their own zip code. Guess she's so damaged that she needs the plastic surgeries to prop her up.

  10. ummm mm poor thing i rememeber when she had dat first break down at camille's house…..and then she had a second one at brandy friend house….i would be 110% embarassed wouldnt want nobody to recognize my ass no shape, form or fashion…not now not never she is so fame hungry and its so clear….so thats why bravo will continue to keep her on payroll people get over it….

  11. Why doesn't she stop. It doesn't look good anymore. There's a dark haired lady on the show with long hair who does it right. I don't think it looks good when women knife their faces, insert implants and fillers. That's the problem. She looks like a rodent.

  12. This is your face..,, And this is your face with lip implants, fillers, Botox, etc..,, don't do it! Stay away

  13. Looks like Botox went Oaklahoma on her face. I hope this isn't Paul's work. YIKES!

  14. Well it is pretty clear, all the ugliness inside this lying grifter is now coming through and showing up on the outside. Only will get worse from here. Karma is sweet and couldn't happen to a better bitch.

  15. Looks like her face hurts. Poor thang.

  16. She is the devil in skin

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