Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding Premieres With Big Numbers!

There was a whole lot of tweeting going on last night during Tardy For the Wedding. It was lots of fun for me to watch because I started this blog just a week before the wedding and was shocked that people were sending me information almost from day one. At that same time, Kim Kardashian was in town and I was getting bits of info on that too. As someone brand new to blogging, it was hard to keep my Kims straight which is why at the last minute I was totally unsure where Kim was getting married despite having the information. It was so exciting.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the ratings from last night so I can just see how many of y’all that said you weren’t going to watch were lying. :)
FINALLY! Ratings are in and they are fantastic! 1.399 (.5 18-49) for 9pm and 1.670 (.7 18-49) for 9:30!  Why aren’t you people watching Kathy at 10? She only pulled .726 :( Is it because you are addicted to Scandal on ABC like me?  Congrats Kim!

The question I got the most was about the cops showing up to the wedding. Well, Kim’s parents have been sort of …um… unusual on RHOA and her over the top mother has a big role in Tardy. Everyone’s mother can be a bit intrusive during the wedding planning. Juggling the parents of both bride and groom is part of the whole ordeal, but when you are …er….um…let’s say when a daughter has new money, and the mother is unaccustomed to ginormous reality TV weddings, expect the unexpected. Kim’s mom is not exactly Kris Jenner. So sadly, the po-po is called on her by security during the reception.  Sorry to spoil the ending, but… keep your eye on Kim’s mom.

I didn’t understand the whole secretive hotel room scene with the Pnina Tornai dress. Kim went to the New York debut of the line and sat in the front row with Colin Cowie.  It was not some big behind closed doors thing.  Also, Kim is 5’8″.  I have to get on the team that doesn’t believe she is a size two. I’m 5’9″ and even at 125 I was a 7 or a 9 and was bony.  Perhaps they have changed the sizes since the dark ages, but I also have huge (real. real saggy) boobs and … well there just ain’t no way. I realize they had to alter the boobs, but still. That said, we get to see a different side of Kim on this show. We also get to see more Kroy. I like Kroy well enough but he is not my physical type. I don’t understand all the hoopla there.  He seems to have a good heart and an easy going personality. I loved Shun the stylist ( follow @shunmelson ) and the loyal friend, Jen (expect drama between Jen and Kim though) and of course KJ is stealing the show.  I expect the ratings of this show to get better each week. Next week it moves to the 9:30 time slot.  The first two shows will air immediately before starting at 8:30.  After that the previous weeks show will air at 9:00 with the new one airing at 9:30.  So the 8 episodes will roll out over seven weeks.

So let me have it. What did you think of the show? Or just rant about how you didn’t watch it because Kim is a big, fat, whore. Either way works for me.


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21 responses to “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding Premieres With Big Numbers!

  1. Although I am not a huge fan of Kims on RHOA I have to admit I really enjoyed the new show. It was nice to see Kim actually interact with her kids and KJ is such a cutie. I think Kim's mother is going to be a hoot to watch. Can't wait to see Kim without her wig and to see which RHOA show up to the wedding. NJB

  2. Jury is still out for me. I DO like her mom, though, and she might be worth watching. I'll probably watch at least one more time.WD

  3. We will see if she can keep the ratings. I think people are curious of what she looks like without the wig. I didn't watch since I find Kim annoying.

  4. i didn't care for this season of RHOA, but i did enjoy this show!! it was like season 1-3 kim revisited!

  5. No Kim fan here but did like the show… Thanks for the tip to watch mom – I like her…Seems Kim likes clothes skin tight – just waiting for something to split… I've sewn for 40 years and can tell you her seams are reinforced… I wouldn't sew for her- pick up 5 pounds and no seam will hold… geezy pete – how does she breath…

  6. Of course people watched. Kim is our (reformed) trainwreck that we just can't seem to turn away from. And Kroy. He is such a hottie to stare at. Who knows, maybe this show will work out for her, and this one time deal, one season show, will turn into something more. I'm just curious who is the reason for the cops getting called at the wedding!

  7. The answer lies in the post! :)

  8. Curiosity got to me so I wound up catching it when it ran after WWHL. To be honest, it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Kim's show is a thousand times better than Bethenny's weekly infomercial.

  9. I enjoyed the show, much to my surprise. It was fun and light and happy. What's the tea on mom and her eating disorder (?). Love your blog! I enjoy reading it every day. Keep up the great work!!

  10. "The answer lies in the post."This is why people shouldn't just skim, huh?

  11. While not a Kim fan, I actually enjoyed the show(s). I suspect that part of the draw is the poor season of RHOA. Most of my circle stopped watching after the 3rd show. However, watching an over-the-top silly blonde's wedding plans and family issues may be more interesting to watch. After all, there are just only 1 or 2 Royal Weddings for us to watch within a lifetime. Don't get the Kroy "hotness" either. Can't stand Kathy, so wouldn't watch the show. LOVE Scandal, but why can't you record one and watch the other? Just asking….big fan of your blog.

  12. I'm sort of Amish. You'd laugh if you saw my TV. And I don't have a DVR or Tivo. Seems like too much trouble to hook one up. I keep meaning to upgrade my provider, but I want a new TV first so the dude can hook it all up. Which becomes complicated because the new TV need to be hung on the wall and… well basically it's a chick thing. :)Thanks for reading. :)

  13. Kim needs to retire that wig.

  14. I must admit I don't care too much for her on roa but I enjoyed watching show and I would continue hopefully the ratings still well enough for a second season…can't knock a chick for getting her hustle on lol

  15. I agree with the person on it is 110% better than Bethennys was. I like watching the reality shows where people aren't pushing thier products on my (Ramona). Kroy is so good with and too all those kids. Kim has really matured right in front of our eyes. Now, watch Kathy Griffins talk show. It really is funny. She brings on "civilians" to talk the dish about everything,!!

  16. I loved the show. It was so nice to see Kim interact with her real friends and family. Baby KJ is sooo cute. You gotta love that baby. Kroy is easy on the eyes and seems to really love Kim. Love Kims girls the youngest one seems so sweet. I enjoyed this show much more than RHOA.

  17. WOW! So, Kim's show was good? You mean I really missed a good show and a funny one at that? WOW! Regardless, I didn't watch Kim's show for the same reason I don't tune into Bethenny Frankel's, they simply don't appear strong enough to carry a show.I'm glad you all liked it.

  18. I saw both episodes today and the show is very very enjoyable. I am impressed with Kim. She has grown and she seems so happy now. I am glad for her.

  19. HAHAHA Tamara great blog and so right on. I read all the comments and not one whore comment (YET) I just think the show was a hit (but I thought it was going to be) I love how Kim is with the kids. Im getting old or something I even got teary eyed. The baby is just too cute and Kroy I have to agree, I dont understand whats so great about his looks (maybe just his ass-et) but the way he is with Kim's daughters makes him cute in some kind of way. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the Kim mother info. I cant wait!!! I like Kathy and Anderson on New Years but she is pre-taped I like Kathy live not edited. Censored!

  20. Tamara you have got to get you a man honey! The reason I know you don't have one is because a.)No man is going to go for one of those huge TV's with the big back on it 2.)You would definitely have a DVR because there is no way in hell you would be home to watch each and every one of these shows you blog about every week. c.) He would take care of upgrading your cable provider, getting someone to hang the tv. etc. That is definitely a guy thing.

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