Brandi Glanville is a Housewife on RHOBH Season Three

Radar Online is reporting some good news for Brandi Glanville today. I tend to give ROL more Internet cred since their free advertisement on the RHOBH reunion show. I was excited and hopeful that Brandi would be “promoted” to a full-fledged housewife. She earned it last season.  Pam, on the other hand it seems will not be on at all. Shockingly, there will be no grand wedding in a European castle for Pam either. It’s almost like it was all a big lie…
They are also confirming that Yolanda Foster will be a new housewife on RHOBH. That makes two housewives that got married on 11-11-11!  I’m still not convinced we know everything there is to know about Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof’s status for next season.  If they are both on, I don’t foresee them filming together very intimately, but that’s just me.  Also, that would make for more housewives than we’ve ever had before. There is someone else leaving I think. Thoughts?


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14 responses to “Brandi Glanville is a Housewife on RHOBH Season Three

  1. So happy for her. She keeps it real and don't take no ish.

  2. I like Brandi, so glad that she's gonna be on the show next season. She seems to be the "realest" of all those stuck up ladies. I thought I heard that Vanderpump was saying that she didn't want to the housewives show, and instead focus on the show that revolves around her restaurant.

  3. There's been seven before Tamara on NYC.

  4. So so glad! Brandi is the best housewife we've had in a long time, with being herself, and letting it all hang out there. Hopefully we have a few seasons of that before she starts being too mindful of the edit and of what people think of her. Though, if her twitter is any indication, she just doesn't give a shit what people think, and I love her for it.

  5. A couple of weeks ago, they were reporting that Kyle and Kim were refusing to sign if Brandi was there, and I thought that odd that Bravo would allow them to hold the series hostage since they wouldnt allow Teresa to do that on NJ and frankly is a bigger "star" in her series..I am glad, because Brandi is fun to watch interacting with Lisa..

  6. I'm really on the fence about watching a new season of RHoBH. It bothered me that while the season aired, EVERYONE (but Kim) said something negative about Lisa behind her back but had nothing to say during the reunion, and Adrienne attacking Lisa with pettiness made me not like her character. Taylor STILL has not been fired?! She seems like a liability and with her lies she ruins the integrity of the show. Plus I really don't like how Bravo portrayed Russell as a spouse abuser but if they felt there was some truth to it, no one called the cops or did anything to stop it. Shows how much Bravo cares… My only saving grace is Kim still being there, but in all honesty she should leave and concentrate on her sobriety.

  7. Bravo thrives on drama for sure but they don't seem to get that Taylor's drama is the wrong kind… it turns people off – when it was her turn to cry for us I'd change the channel… she honestly makes me sick…

  8. I like Brandi glad she is on the show.I hope they get rid of Taylor she was just too much last season all that crying acting a fool yea she gotta go. I don't want Pam on the show she is fake to me.

  9. Yawn. Don't care for Brandi. Her true colors will show this season. She is full of herself now. I'm sure she will start drama on purpose

  10. I like Brandi and her I dont give a crap attitude. Hopefully she stays that way!!

  11. I am glad Brandi is a main part of cast now. I like her just as she is and hope they do not edit to make her source of negative drama. That would be one way they use to appease Richards women. They were plain mean to her last season. Kim may have been drunk but both talked s–t about her when she could hear. That is part of what made me stop liking Kyle. She had been my favorite.

  12. Bee

    I like Brandi. The rest of the girls got on my nerves except for Lisa. Sad that Camille is leaving though!

  13. JustJenn

    Look…Brandi used to have fans lol. She really blew it.

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