Villa Blanca Celebrates Its Three Year Anniversary

Something was filming at Villa Blanca last night. I suppose it was the RHOBH as their filming has already started. It could be SUR, Lisa’s new show. I’m still not sure if Lisa is doing RHOBH this season. Somebody let me know in comments. Meanwhile, Lisa was at Villa Blanca last night, Kyle and Maurico were there, Taylor and her new man were there. The event was a celebration of Villa Blanca’s three year anniversary. A fundraiser for on of Lisa Vanderpump’s favorite charities was held to help the homeless population in LA. Skechers made a major shoe donation at the event.  That’s what I know. Now here is what I want to know. There are no pictures of Adrienne Maloof there.  Did she go? It sure doesn’t seem like it. It seems like Brandi was there, but was she on camera? And why in the name of all that is holy, do we have to deal with Faye Resnick AGAIN? UGH. I’m going to put the picture of Taylor and her new boyfriend behind the jump. Please feel free to play what’s wrong with this picture with either one. Or both.

Kinda “handsy” ain’t he? Men do like the crazy.


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13 responses to “Villa Blanca Celebrates Its Three Year Anniversary

  1. Hmmmm, I thought I saw her quoted that no way in hell is she ready to date. Do you think she's lying?! 😉

  2. What is wierd to me is that he placed his hand on her non-existent ass.

  3. Men do love the crazy! She is so ready to date her next suga daddy..hopefully she picks a weinner!!! lmao!

  4. thats her gay friend dwight. ugh thought u actually had some news.

  5. Why does she have on purple tights? Plus- at first it looked like there was a really short guy in front of her until I realized it's a tablecloth hanging down – duh huh on me…I think ANON 7:53 is right about the friend… maybe he trying to balance her somehow if she's drunk- hell I don't know…

  6. thats her gay bestie thats on the show. do you watch?

  7. Tamara, anonymous is right about the name of the guy she's with being Dwight, he was seen on It's My Party and I'll Spend if I want to episode in Season 1, but according to Shana, that's her half brother.

  8. shes lying about it being her half brother, which is why she had them call him her friend on the show. I know them both, but thanks for pretending to know anything.

  9. Are we really going to argue with each other over Dwight because I called him Taylors new boyfriend? I'm disappointed. I wanted us to say horrible things about Faye Resnick. Seriously, y'all. (1)girlfriend and boyfriend is used playfully in the south (2)WHY ARE Y'ALL NOT TALKING ABOUT HOW HIDEOUS FAYE RESNICK LOOKS? /pouts

  10. I have always thought that Taylor squeaks like a squeezy-toy when she has sexy time.

  11. Sorry – was too caught up in Kyle's floppy knees to notice Faye!WD

  12. she the reason Nicole Brown Simpson is dead

  13. THIS! THIS RIGHT HERE is the kind of unbridled hatred I was going for. Thank You! Actually I just think she looks awful but your comment exceeds expectations. :)

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