Kim Zolciak Talks Real Housewives on Wendy Williams

Kim Zolciak was on Wendy Williams this morning. She looks fabulous I must say. She told Wendy she is having her easiest pregnancy and has sugar cravings and jalapeno cravings. No real tea was spilled but Kim made a few interesting comments. She politely pretended not to know whose decision it was for Sheree not to return. The thing is that Wendy didn’t really ask that. Wendy was talking as if Sheree quit and Kim’s comment sort of corrected Wendy. She could have easily said nothing. Wendy asked her about the house and she said “we should be closing sometime soon.”  Didn’t she say on the reunion they were closing next week?  Sounds to me like they haven’t had an offer accepted yet. That house is the second most expensive one on that street. The should be able to get a good deal on it.  Kendra and Antonio paid 3.25 million for it back in 2007 when it was built. That was just before the big real estate bust. Home prices in Atlanta have fallen more than anywhere in the country. She should be able to pick it up in the range of 2.2 to 2.4. Then she said something weird…

The really weird thing Kim said was in response to whether she would be back for season five. Kim said yes, IF…and Wendy talked over her. Kim finally got her sentence out saying she would be back IF Bravo picked up the show for season five. Kim claims the housewives have not received a pick-up notice for another season.  That makes no sense. Although the main producer Carlos King, has left RHOA to work on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, the new, female producer has come to Atlanta in just the last couple of days. Though filming doesn’t seem to have started yet, production seems to be falling into place. Bravo has said Sheree won’t be back for season five. Which means there is a season five for her not to come back to.  There is no reason for Bravo not to pick up the show because the ratings are through the roof. So why would Kim make the comment that essentially said, if there is a season five, I’ll be on it? The only thing that comes to my mind that might shake up the show is Nene thinking she doesn’t need the Bravo check anymore and leaving. Or maybe they haven’t cast the new housewife yet. There are so many rumors about who that will be that nothing is clear. Or maybe Bravo just hasn’t officially picked up the show yet and Kim is just not counting her chickens before they hatch. At the WWHL fiasco, Andy specifically told everyone on the stage that they were back for another season… Interesting.


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37 responses to “Kim Zolciak Talks Real Housewives on Wendy Williams

  1. That dress makes her look like Smurfette, stuffed in sausage casing.

  2. T,Love your site. Kim said they would be closing next month, not next week. We shall see…

  3. I was really disappointed at the Wendy Williams interview with Kim.I thought Wendy and Kim were throwing alot of shade toward NeNe.Thoughout S4 NeNe was talked by her castmates. I think painting NeNe as an angry black.woman is uncalled for. How would you feel if you were talked in every scene during the season. It is a natural reaction in my opinion.I think Kim feels she should be given a pass since she married Kroy.You cant rewrite history.Your past is your past. I think Kim wants the next Bethenny but she has done nothing but lie on her back to get a new show. According to other cites there were no offers on.their rental house.Boy is she rewriting.history.Thanks for pointing out those key facts. I was thinking the same thing.

  4. Kim needs to do what she does best……spend money, pop out babies, and run her foul mouth, but to be rewarded with a show…….Everyone….Be Tardy. What an awful example she sets for young girls and women with her lifestyle the public has fed on for the past 4 years. And one more thing is she tone deaf or just deaf?? She cannot sing, my dog has better vocals.

  5. Can someone make my day and tell me Taylor Armstrong will not be back on RHOBH? She is disgusting, dense, and in my opinion responsible for her husbands suicide. She bad mouthed him, made him look like the bad guy, but she didn't mind staying so she would as Kyle said have an income resource. I was a victim of domestic abuse, I got out, got a job, and supported 2 kids. You spoiled brainless brat!

  6. Kim show would be nothing, but a joke. In the lastest poll 74% of the people say they would'nt watch. Last I read Kendra, had turn down Kim's offer to buy her house. She offered her some ridiculous price, thinking Kendra will just give her her house. Stay tune.

  7. I think Bravo maybe considering cancelling the show altogether,as most of the cast members without NeNe are not interesting enough to carry the show and I think Kim and her spin-off is gonna be a one hit wonder, just like she always dreamed of being-a one hit wonder

  8. LOL what poll is that. Kim has been getting GREAT press for the new show. There was a lot of drama before, during and after her wedding. People are going to watch.

  9. Why would Bravo cancel it's highest rated show? It's got triple the ratings of Bethenny Ever After, Interior Therapy, Shahs of Sunset, etc. We all say we are over it but over three million turned in for the finale.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks Kim is the prettiest while pregnant?

  11. kim is a joke why is she on the show anyway and her new man is loss just look at his face the only reason he is on the show is because he plays football

  12. NeNe IS an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN!Love Kim.Love Kroy.And NeNe is a HATER and wants out of Bravo's Housewives.Let her leave and see her fall flat as her career stalls.GoNeNeGO!And take your suga daddy with you HYPOCRITE.

  13. Well Nene might be an angry black woman, but Kim is a angry white whore. She slept with another woman husband an aired it on t.v., for everyone to know. Karma is a bitch. Her's is on it's way.

  14. I agree Kim is one angry whore. You.cant turn a whore into a housewife. She slept with alot of married men including Big Poppa. Kroy will never be Big Poppa. She needed Kroy to finance.her lifestyle.One day Kroy will see the light of day and leave Kim. Karma is a bitch.

  15. Kim was in a long term relationship with a man who was seperated and whose wife had her own life. Kim also makes made more than Kroy until the new contract was signed. Nene was with her sugar daddy while she was married, and the Nene lovers have no problem with that. Kroy and Kim seem very happy to me. Much moreso than any of the other married women on RHOA. So why the vitriol toward Kim… hmmm what could it be?

  16. You can tell Tamara is a Kim Zolciak fan!Team NeNe Oh and a lot of people said they are not watching her new show I know I'm not

  17. Tamara have you lost your damn mind. Kim was in a long term relationship with a married man, who is still married to his wife. What show have you been watching. Have you all of a sudden develop amnesia, where Kim Zolciak is concern. This woman whore herself to a married man and then whore herself again to a woman. She parade this in front of the world. This bitch is a whore. Now Elle Mae Clampette and her hick azz husband think we are suppose to tune in to their country azz show.You have lost your damn mind. Go drink some tea. I am calling this shit like it is, since she's trying to throw everyone else under the bus. Especially my BFF Nene.

  18. Hopefully, Kendra will finally except an offer on the house. If they paid 3.5 M, they may not be willing to take a big loss, especially if they can keep the payments up. You can't close on a house unless the seller accepts the offer!

  19. Kim made more than Kroy in 2011? Doing what?

  20. ^^ making her cooter look pretty? Good on her

  21. I have to stop reading these ridiculous comments about how GREATTT Nene is and how Kim is a whore. For me Nene is an "Angry Black Women" with no class and has forgotten the fact that she stripped and once was a nobody. Nene has dating while she was married. Nene still is sleeping with Greg, getting gifts from her business partner (if that what we are going to call him LOL) Team Kim .. Lighten up people your comments are getting sick to read.

  22. I think there will be a season 5. Kandi said last night on Kandi Koated Nights that they are supposed to start filming soon but do not now who the new housewife is yet.

  23. Ivy

    I'm not bothered by the fact that Kim was a whore, but what DOES bother me is that she was and still is a liar of epic proportions. Her lying gets more and more preposterous with the passage of time, but nothing compares to the "FUCK YOU IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME!" lying she did at the reunion. That was deserving of some sort of prize. I don't think Kim knows how NOT to lie anymore. And I'd much rather hang out with (or watch on TV) a whore who tells the truth than a now-married ex-whore who lies non-stop any day.

  24. WOW IVY – you packed a big punch in a little post… well said – I agree with you 100%…

  25. Ivy

    Thanks, Anonymous – we aim to please. :)

  26. I swear I read these blogs and laugh my ass off that you people really care about reality tv that you stoop to make the lowest comments about people when half of you all don't have shit going on in your lives. You must don't if you have time to watch the show then take the time to comment on a blog. I never watch these shows, but I read the blogs to find out who is going to spew their hatred on a daily basis. Do yall really think these people care what you have to say about them? Really?

  27. NeNe isn't getting some fab shoes and jewelry without giving something up.NeNe is just like what you call Kim – A WHORE!She is also a bully and a liar. She has 2 children by 2 different men!She LIED when she said she is rich – yeah, 'hood rich. She is ghetto. And she is a moose in heels!A thug in a cocktail dress!She is nothing without Real Housewives – hope she falls flat splat when she leaves.Hey NeNe, don't let the door hit you in that donkey booty on the way out! SEE YA TALL!TEAM KIM ROCKS!

  28. Tamara I feel like you talk about spilling the tea on all these housewives especially Atlanta ones but are Kim Z your favorite one cause you talk about Sheree and Nene the most but there no spilling tea on Mrs. Kim that you said she told all those lies on the reunion show are Mrs.Kim perfect now since she's married how much she's making for her show, is Kroy getting paid for there new show SPILL THE TEA PLEASE ON EVERYONE…..

  29. Gotta agree with 1:54pm – Nene and Kim are both struggling with the who-is-a-whore title this season. Add Marlo the paid call girl escort to the group, mix well and you have yourself a regular bordello. Add pimp and serve!

  30. I see why she is saying IF it is a season 5 because allot of people including myself is over this whole group and think that Andy should fire them all and bring in all new ladies with something really going on in their lives instead of this petty group of bit—- with NeNe being the first one that needs to go.

  31. IVY! You keep talking like that about Kim and the poor dear is going to end up at Chili's awaiting the results of her….next lie!!! You made me laugh. Keep it up!WD

  32. Dear Lord there are some crazy fans in these comments today.

  33. I believe there will be a 5th Season. If anyone was paying attention at the sentiment in NeNe's eyes when they showed Kim's kids in the montages and Kim's appreciation of Nene getting her the job on the show (while she threw a dig at Sheree about appreciating opportunities). Don't be surprise if the season sets the stage for a Kim and NeNe reconciliation. Boy would that open up a can of worms for ALL of them including non housewife MARLO! That would be the only way the show would survive because replacing them all would be too much.

  34. Hell, let me throw in my little $.02 in. While Kim, Nene, and Marlo's names are being thrown around as whores, NO ONE has said anything about Kandi. I don't know about these days but she was a known skeezer, whore and homewrecker back in the day. That rep goes all the way back to he Xscape days. Wendy Williams used to ALWAYS drop the gossip on Kandi when she was on radio in NY, and this was back in the 90's. Her daughter's father was already in a relationship when Kandi started sleeping with him and got pregnant.Marlo was/is correct when she called Kandi a sugar mama. She just comes off as a horny and sex-craved.

  35. Ivy

    Just reread this post, Tamara, and do you have any news about the new producer who is replacing Carlos King? That sounds interesting. Also, Kim saying "If…" I think was just Kim's way of pretending that she knows a lot more about what's going on than she actually does. Or has more to say about it than she actually does.If Bravo is still considering hiring Marlo (via blog rumors). than they're even bigger fools than I thought they were. She's a cartoon who has overstayed her welcome.

  36. @Ivy I think you might be right about Kim acting like she knows more than she does. I took it as her contract probably states that she cant talk about future deals and/or season talk. I so agree, I hope Marlo isnt a new Housewife she brings to much baggage with her and Bravo would be making a BIG mistake!!!

  37. its amazing how fame and money changes people( ne ne and kim). kim was fun and interesting in season 1-3. her storyline about big poppa(who we all were dieing to get even the smallest clue to who he may be)grabbed the viewers imagination. kim was a wild partying cigarette smoking, wig wearing, wine all day drinking spending a married man's(according to ne ne)money kinda girl we all came to love to hate. since she meet kroy bierman her all of a sudden had no time for drama, was discusted at the mention of "big poppa",she stopped smoking(according to kim)and drinking wine. i think bravo does not beleive in happy endings…lol i predict kim zoliack time is up…she was only given a show to see how the audience responds to her storyline 360' degree turn. bravo fans wanna see the old kim not this new fake, i found love and everything is great, see we are one big happy family person. so bravo please give kim the boot now… in ne ne voice" close your legs to married men, trash box, low down monkey wita wig, nite nite wig…. bloop bloop

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