Caroline Manzo Talks to Jimmy Fallon About Teresa’s "Apology"

Yesterday, Jacqueline seemed sort of ready to reconcile with Teresa. A few minutes later, she seemed to have talked to someone else *cough* Caroline *cough* and tweeted that it was probably just a publicity stunt. Then, Teresa tweeted she wanted to keep things private now that she had sold her apology to In Touch magazine. Got it? Good. Last Night, Caroline was on Jimmy Fallon and he showed her the magazine apology. I sort of expected her to wipe her butt with it and hand it back. See the edited clips from the show above for her reaction.
In other news, am I the only one that thinks Team Teresa and Team Nene have a lot in common? I’m used to illiterate Nene fans but some of the Teresa fans seem to think they are Team MOTHER Teresa. Thoughts?


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25 responses to “Caroline Manzo Talks to Jimmy Fallon About Teresa’s "Apology"

  1. I can't see the clip on my iPad, but I don't really need too. I have become convinced that Caroline exists merely to make my head explode.

  2. Good for Caroline. Teresa is just a phony witch trying to redeem herself to look good to the tv audience.NJB

  3. I am a NeNe fan, and I am not illiterate. People like who they like, you shouldn't insult them for it.

  4. Ivy

    Good point about the similarities between Nene and Teresa fans, Tamara, although I think the Teresa fans may be even more rabid.

  5. Ivy

    It also seems that all of the head bullies on these shows (Teresa, Nene, Kyle/Kim, the late JZ etc.) have their own little coteries of fans who appear to be every bit as bullying, mean-spirited and ridiculously stupid as they are.

  6. why insult your readers? poor form tamara. by the way, Teresa is no bully Ivy. if you want to know what a bully does, i bet if you go in the streets and ask somebody to show you, you will be promptly accommodated.

  7. Ivy

    I've seen Teresa in action. I don't have to ask anybody anything.

  8. Ivy, perhaps you should listen to soso koba. I'm guessing she speaks from experience when she talks about bullies.

  9. Why so serious soso? It's Ivy's opinion. You gonna check her?!?

  10. Ivy

    You may be onto something there, Tamara. :)

  11. you are all on to me! i am a huge threat to society! dun-dun-DUNN!!HA <3<3and i was speaking from my own experience tamara! you should try doing that sometime, not just typing snarky asides about women that you don't really know, but really envy!XOXO

  12. soso, wtf do you expect a gossip blog to be other than snark? Isn't it a form of "bullying" in and of itself to gossip at all? No one envies Teresa. Not Tamara (sorry to speak for you T), not the commenters, not her husbands bail bondsman. She's trash. Anyone with eyes, or ears, can tell that. I'm so sorry you're missing each.

  13. Illiteracy, by definition, means an inability to READ and WRITE, so I wouldn't know how we–NeNe's fans–find your patented run-on sentences, Tamara, unless we can somehow decipher a sentence, or two.To put it more logically–doesn't every personality however heinous– *AHEM! KIM!* have fans of every stripe, background, and educational level?NeNe has the most fans. Deal with it.

  14. Ivy

    I'm trying to catch up on the NJ blogs, and I can't believe that the Teresa fans are still saying that everyone on this show is trying to gang up on her and "take her down." I don't get it. Take her down from WHAT? And I've yet to hear one sensible, ACTUAL reason for why Melissa shouldn't be on this show (which I can't believe people are STILL arguing about.) I waited all last season for Melissa to "destroy Teresa's life" and it simply never happened.Seriously, is this the best they've got?Finally, seeing Joe Guidice with a black eye tonight made me smile and smile and smile.

  15. @IVY if you haven't been watching the show since the beginning then its obvious why you don't understand. Caroline did the exact same thing to Danielle she didn't like Danielle and she got all of the other women to rally around her and not like Danielle as well. Her own sister left the show because she said she couldn't deal with the drama and ganging up on other cast mates for tv. This entire thing is for TV. Im not saying that I am a Thresa fan but I do not like someone being ganged up on for nothing, what she said in that book doesnt warrant this type of hate from the other women, and if she did do other things to them than TELL US!! Because we are not buying it, she also put a picture of her and Caroline in the book and called her family. Jacqueline is weak minded just like how she was eventually convinced that Danielle was not a friend by Caroline and everyone else. Im not saying I do not think Melissa should be on the show however I would not like my sister in law showing the world an issue between me and my brother and my immediate family just for entertainment. Plus she did not tell her she was coming on the show. Did you see her brother at the Christening last year?? It was sad and pathetic the way they all behaved on national tv. ALso everyone has fans, HOW dare you make a generalization like that about people? Tamara I like your blog but you need to be a little more respectful because right now you sound like a bully and ignorant.

  16. Ivy

    @Anonymous 8:41 ~ I agree that Caroline and her family aren't as angry as they are at Tree about the book – they're angry about the mess that Tree started in Punta Cana. Which of course no one can talk about. Which should make for a really interesting season.Still looking for evidence of Tree's being "ganged up on." What exactly is it that everyone's trying to do to her?I'm not in the proper frame of mind yet for a discussion about Danielle.Dina's full of crap.I never said I was a fan of Caroline's, although I will say that she is the only one on this show who's shown growth from the experience of watching herself on TV. For what it's worth, I'm not a "fan" of any reality show person unless they've proven to me that they have some sort of actual talent (i.e. Kandi Burruss). And can we please knock it off with the "Team" shit? These are middle-aged women, for Christ's sake.

  17. Im not a fan either of anyone, I really should stop watching, LOL! But its like a bad car wreck you feel the need to slow down and look anyway. Honestly I just don't like generalizations about people, to say all of her fans are bullies etc was wrong and you cant possibly know that. Ganged up on, I do think they needed the rating and creating this drama with Theresa has given them that. Jac and Caroline needed a better story line now they have it. I don't know what is all real on these shows and honestly I hope most of it is scripted (but it doesn't seem like it) because this about families and I couldn't imagine having a such a huge fight with my only brother (bc I do have one) and it being on national tv. I WOULD NOT want my life on reality tv for the world to see and judge bc it is full of drama and scandal, LOL! And I dont remember saying anything about a team, Im not a child I teach children matter of fact.

  18. And if you have the scoop on these women this is why I come to this blog to find out what is real and what is fake. Can some one please tell me!!

  19. Also @Ivy I read about the fight in Punta Cana but I dont see why they would be mad at Theresa for that, it seems like Theresa got hit in the face by a man over some spilled champagne and that her husband and Carolines son's defended her I dont really see how that would make everyone mad, now I know they are being sued but really how would that be Theresa's fault? If there is more to this story please let me in on it!!

  20. Ivy

    Anon 10:09 ~ From The Chicago Tribune, June 13, 2011:"'Real Housewives of New Jersey' cast members beat up and injured a Chicago-area police officer and his cousin during a brawl earlier this year at a posh Dominican resort, two lawsuits filed today allege."Adolfo Arreola, a sworn officer with the University of Illinois at Chicago's police department, suffered a broken arm, blurred vision, cuts and bruises after some members of the cast "savagely beat, kicked, punched, scratched, jumped" on him and smashed glass on his head, according to the lawsuits. His cousin Jason A. Gomez suffered a broken leg and a torn MCL after he came to Arreola's defense."The cousins’ lawsuits – filed in New York and Miami – allege that they and their families were dancing and socializing in a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino bar in Punta Cana on Feb. 23 when Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice sprayed champagne on Arreola’s mother-in-law and mocked the 53-year-old woman as she tried to wipe the alcohol from her eyes."The complaints state that after Arreola confronted Giudice, he was attacked by cast members that included her husband, Joe, and Albert and Christopher Manzo, the sons of show matriarch Caroline Manzo."The Guidices and other cast members could not be immediately reached for comment."Bravo, the cable channel that airs the show, is named in the New York complaint, as well."I believe the case is currently tied up in the Chicago courts.

  21. Ivy

    It's also been reported that in order to receive medical treatment in PC, Bravo made the victims sign a release that stated that they would not bring a lawsuit against any of the Housewives regarding the fight. Under duress, the brothers claim, they signed the release. They then brought suit in NY federal court upon returning to the US.Bravo, also allegedly, tried to pay them off with $25,000 each.

  22. I read a report as well but it said that it was an accident that the woman was sprayed with champagne and that her husban allegedly punched Theresa in an argument about the incident which is why everyone else stepped in. Even so I dont see why Caroline would be angry at Theresa her sons are grown men and we have seen them defend a woman before. Still dont get it..

  23. Ivy

    I heard that Teresa got punched in the face, too. 😀

  24. Oh well I dont see why Caroline would be angry about that!! Its just ridiculous!!

  25. Ivy

    I also wonder how they're going to deal with Ashley's dad trying to burn down his own house, which ALSO happened in June, – August 22, 2011"RHONJ's Ashley Holmes Father Arrested""According to reports, John Madison Holmes, 39 aka Matt Holmes, was arrested in early June on charges of arson, insurance fraud and money laundering. He has since been released on $225,000 bond. On March 12, 2011 a fire consumed the couple’s home in Texas. The couple received $429,000 from their insurance company."His wife, Jodi Holmes, 36 was charged with money laundering. Investigators believe she was aware of the arson. She has been released on $75,000 bond."I'm pretty sure that what we're seeing currently on the show happened in June. Are they just going to pretend this stuff didn't happen?

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