Why Won’t the Salahis Just Go Away?

First Reality Tea tweets that Tareq Salahi is running for Governor of Virginia, and then someone directs me to this Journey video. I don’t know which is a bigger spectacle.  Apparently the video was released on Valentine’s Day which upset the ever sensitive Tareq causing him to file a lawsuit against the Journey guy whose name is Schlong or he is accused of sending Tareq a picture of his schlong or something. Um, and nothing against Filipino  people but  who is that Filipino guy? This is not the Journey I remember. Please watch the video and sit next to me and tell me how ridiculous this whole thing is.  I’m perplexed and a bit nauseated.


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  1. Tamara, my husband is a die hard Journey fan, and apparently this Filipino due was homeless and did a you tube. He was promptly picked up by the band for sounding like Perry. That's all I've got.fpfPS How funny is Michaele's outfit? She's pushing 50 with a midriff and what appears to be beaded bottoms.

  2. The Filipino guy can sing like Steve Perry did but he looks a little out of place with the rest of the old men.

  3. Uggghhh why won't this blog go away?

  4. Hey look at the ppl who put Obama in office. Why not another empty suit as Gov. of Va. I just would love to know the jackasses who contribute to his campaign. NJB

  5. Liz

    Gross. I'm assuming that's a private beach that they had to sneak into because they forgot to bring the invites.

  6. Man, I really miss the Real Housewives of DC… :(

  7. I love how dumbasses from redstate start that "Obama empty suit" crap when another loser sticking a "R" on their chest waddles into their party. Almost as nauseating as these two past their 15 mins of fame morons are.

  8. The lead singer has been in place for a while now. Another poster was correct in stating that he was picked because he sounded like Perry. Wonder why they used Michaele in the video? Is it just me or isn't she a bit 'ripe' for a music video?

  9. DJ

    Arnel Pineda (born September 5, 1967) is a Filipino singer-songwriter who has served as the lead singer of the American rock band Journey since 2007. Pineda has had a successful musical career in the Philippines for the last 25 years.

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