Kardashians Sign Huge New Contract

TMZ is reporting that the Kardashians signed a deal for three more seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that pays the family around 40 million dollars for three seasons.  The figures seem to suggest that Kris, Bruce, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim will make around 2 million per season for a total of 6 million dollars each.  Rob, Kylie and Kendall will make around a million  per season for a total of three million each for the three seasons. Each of those two groups will make the same salary as the other people in the group.  Lamar signed his own deal that combines his appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Khloe and Lamar.  Scott, and son Mason have their own deals outside of this one. I would imagine his deal is somewhere in between the one and two million dollar per season rate. Who knows what Mason is paid. I think Mason may be the first kid in reality TV to draw a pay check. This pay is strictly for filming and does not include their many other businesses and endorsements. Aren’t you happy for them?


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7 responses to “Kardashians Sign Huge New Contract

  1. I've enjoyed this blog for a while now… the only reference I've seen about that disgusting family was when NeNe went out with the 2nd in command liar… Please tell me they are not going to take over your site like they did E… I'd hate to try and find another site as good as this one…

  2. Don't care, don't watch. Wish they would just go away.

  3. I don't hate them or their show. I just can't seem to be able to watch it for more than a couple of minutes here and there. It's…boring.However, some of the Housewives might take some notes. These people are basically boring and yet they are making a TON more money for their reality shows. Merhaps a little less screaming and made up drama????WDWD

  4. I'm not a big Kardashian supporter, I do like Khloe and Lamar but don't blog it because Sunday nights are too crazy. I just blogged this because it broke all sorts of records for reality show pay scales. Say what you want but Kris Jenner is a great Momager.

  5. I don't hate the Kardashians. My mentality is that they have a well oiled machine in their station, a la Kris Jenner. If they weren't getting it, somebody else would. Plus, they aren't making people watch their shows and they aren't forcing people to buy their products. I don't watch but I do give credit where credit is due.

  6. Shockingly I don't find the spin offs of this show to be nearly as nauseating. I even kinda like Khloe & Lamar's show although it'll never win against other Sunday night line ups.If I recall correctly, the Gosselin kids (Kate+8) had contracts and were paid for the show. I remember there being drama at some point regarding PA child labor laws and the precedent that could be set for all child reality "stars".I wish they'd drop this version of the show, watching Kris Jenner prostitute her girls makes me shudder.~Moxie

  7. I personally cannot stand them (minus Khloe and Lamar) but good on Kris for pulling in this kind of money. You have to tip your hat to her. She's great at what she does.

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