Thoughts on Last Nights RHOA Reunion & Answers to Your Questions

I wasn’t planning on posting about second part  of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion last night. I thought it was pretty boring. There were only a few things that stuck out for me last night. First, Phaedra subtly got off a little one liner sticking it to Sheree when she said “I think that maybe the clothing line thing has been overdone.” and followed it up with hinting that she will have a video coming out about a donkey butt workout. Didn’t we recently see a picture of Toya Wright and Phaedra flaunting their backsides while working on some project together? Sounds like season five storyline to me. That was a triple punch at Sheree that Phaedra just let out so sweetly that lots of people may have missed it. Essentially she said, your clothing line was a failure, you should have done a workout video, and now I am doing one with your replacement. It was perfectly nuanced and fabulous.

Another interesting thing was Peter failing to get his stories straight with Cynthia before the show. When it comes to the night that Peter dipped during the middle of Cynthia’s agency opening this is what Cynthia had to say on her Bravo blog:

OK, let me bring some clarity to that situation, before I officially close out 2011. Peter Thomas was the one that spent most of his day setting up everything up for The Bailey Agency opening. He made sure that everything was beautiful and perfect. I was happy that he took the time to help me out, because managing Bar One is a full-time job. Between bouncing back and forth between The Bailey Agency and Bar One, he was exhausted. At one point he stepped out to check on something at Bar One and was MIA during my thank you speech. Of course, when he returned the speech was over and the rest is history. My only issue with Peter was that he should have communicated to me that he had to step out and would be right back. Communication is key! It eliminates the unnecessary drama and senseless confusion. I was so busy entertaining my guests that I honestly did not notice that he had left. Had I been informed, I would have waited for him to get back. Or I could have at least expressed to everyone that he had to step away for a moment. No drama, end of story.

Last night, when Andy asked Peter where the heck he was during Cynthia’s speech, Peter said he was tired and went home. Seems like these two still aren’t communicating. Today Peter is tweeting about people talking about him and Cynthia is retweeting comments about how we don’t know the whole situation between them because we only see a few minutes out of their lives.  I contend that even if they are spending all the time we don’t see naked and intertwined whispering sweet nothings to each other, these two still have issues. They both spend a whole lot of time arguing and trying to keep their stories straight. Even if every counseling session and family drama scene is completely fabricated for Bravo, these two people have serious marital problems. Because if you have a good marriage these sorts of scenes do not happen either for real or just to make some bucks on TV.  So today’s attempts on twitter to make us all believe everything is hunky-dory is falling on deaf ears.

I can’t believe Marlo has fans. How anyone can say that Apollo’s criminal record and subsequent behavior is in anyway similar to Marlo must not be watching the same show I am.  Apollo was not convicted of a violent crime. Apollo does not appear on Bravo thug-lifing around saying “you better google my record.”  Marlo slashed a girl’s face and continues to brag about it on national TV.  So Marlo trying to say she deserves a second chance like Apollo is ridiculous. Marlo has not made any changes to her behavior or learned from her poor choices.  Similarly, Marlo calling Kim a whore was her lashing out because she is not returning next season. What could irk a felonious escort who tried like hell to land a football player more than to see Kim sitting there with a ring, an NFL player husband who clearly loves her warts and all, a spin-off show and more importantly a family. All the things Marlo wants but doesn’t have. Marlo is so jealous of Kim she can’t see straight. All she could do was try to convince us and herself that it wasn’t true, Kroy didn’t buy the ring, Kroy doesn’t make money, her family is from three different men so it’s not a real family, the house and furniture aren’t really hers. It was sad actually. If I’m the one measuring the holes, I have to say Kim’s wins and Marlo’s is used up.

The reason I went ahead and blogged about this today is it seems that y’all have lots of questions. Most of them are about Kim.  Several people asked me if Kim and Kroy really bought their house.  I haven’t commented on this because I don’t know. Kim said they did on the reunion but she hasn’t tweeted a thing about it. The Fulton County tax office still shows the house being owned by Antonio and Kendra. Kim has lied about a few things on the reunion. It’s possible they are still closing on the house. It’s possible the Tax Assessors office hasn’t updated their records yet. I just don’t know. I’ll let you know as soon as I know something either way.
Then there was the drama between Kim and the blogger who writes Straight From the A last night. Lot’s of  y’all asked me if I knew what was going on. Nope. I saw the same thing y’all did. Maybe less because when there is a show going on my timeline moves fast and I can’t keep up and watch the show at the same time. All I know is that Kim and Kroy landed in Atlanta after returning from LA to promote Tardy for the Wedding and stopped somewhere to watch the reunion before going home to Roswell. Perhaps Kim was cranky from the flight? I didn’t see Atlien paying her that much attention other than commenting on Kroy’s hair. Which did look …um…different. I really have no inside info on what set that off. Speaking of Kroy, someone asked about why the contract was for three years and not four. A reader named Bree, explains that in comments of the post I made about it here in case you missed it. I think/hope that covers everything.


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25 responses to “Thoughts on Last Nights RHOA Reunion & Answers to Your Questions

  1. Liz

    Kims fixin to get cut.If it wasn't for envy, why else would you try to disfigure an other womans face?Marlos has issues with jealousy and other women… probably because she felt abandoned by her biological mother. Just a guess.

  2. Marlo never compared herself to or even mentioned Apollo. Andy made the comparison after reading a question from a viewer. Let's make sure we're reporting completely accurate information. Furthermore, Kim is trifling. She is bragging about buying houses and boats and still has not compensated Kandi. Luckily, Kandi sees right through her and hinted at the fact that this is why their friendship is on hiatus!!

  3. Also, I loved the jab Phaedra took at Sheree!! And it was actually Toya and Kandi that did the workout photo shoot.

  4. you busted, actually it was Mandy who rotated it. she replied to my comment. finally approved it.

  5. After watching part1 one I was expecting the fireworks to continue. Yet, part two was a snooze fest. I can barely remember anything from the show other than Nene and Peter explaining the nature of their relationship and Marlo calling Kim a whore. Marlo was right. Kim is a whore. She was then and she still is a whore, except now she is a married whore.I don't know anything about her husband or his contract. I do know the best contracts include a good portion being guaranteed money. And, are not loaded down with performance stipulations…If it's the later and not the former, they better have a good investment banker! Is Marlo jealous of Kim? Don't know. But, my own personal opinion is – if she's jealous of Kim, she needs to be on antidepressants. She has two girls by two different guys; She told viewers early on that she got a large amount in child support and alimony. Yet, we learned that the guy was a broke ass, loafing child molester; She advertised on tv that she was a kept whore with no morals; screwed around on her lesbi gf with Kroy, she is supposed to be in her early 30's but look likes she is in her mid 40's and so forth. Now, who in their right mind would be jealous of that? While part one was the bomb, part two was a total dud.Blessings,P

  6. ^^^I so agree with P. Kim has nothing for Marlo to be jealous of and if we're measuring holes, according to what's played out on tv Kim's is definitely bigger. Hopefully Kim will go away from the show soon.

  7. Ivy

    Even with occasional prompting from Kim, Kroy still only had five lines to memorize, tops. When asked about Kim's smoking and drinking, he answered, "Well, that gets blown out of proportion." (LOLOL!) Kim pretty much took over the questions after that. Kim claimed that she knows Marlo is an escort because "I know the same people that YOU know." And who exactly would those people be, Kim? The longer and harder she argued the more she actually began to look and sound like some old whorehouse madam. Which in all honesty is what she's reminded me of from day one.I'm glad that Kandi finally made clear that the tension caused by Kim's NOT PAYING HER for TFTP is the real reason behind why they're no longer friends.What the hell is wrong with Cynthia? I'm not kidding.

  8. Tamara I think you hit the nail on the head and Marlo is one jealous Biatch. Im shocked none of the girls said they were not afraid of her and shooting scenes with her. Marlo is so jealous and had her speech all planned out, it seemed so rehearsed to me. Marlo 2 seconds of fame. I thought the Q and A was a snooze fest too but the questions asked were pretty good. Nene's eye rolls and faces while others are talking are really getting on my nerves. You so can tell she doesnt want to be there. Nene needs to go!! And Im happy Sheree is gone, she was like an elephant in the room on this show and just doesnt fit in with the wealth. I just wish Kim would see threw Sheree's games when it comes to Kandi and the Africa comments. We all watched the same shows and I dont think Kandi meant any harm.

  9. Ivy

    Oh, and Marlo is just as big a phoney as Nene is. I enjoyed the hell out watching her make Kim's head explode, but in no way do I have any interest in her beyond that.

  10. Good post! I'm surprised at all the hating on Kim going on. Why aren't people calling Nene a whore, she has 2 kids from different men. Until this season I couldnt stand Kim, but it seems she's really changed & her priority is her family. We've all got skeletons in our closets, but Kim seems truly happy & content <– thats what I think Marlo is pissed off about. I find Marlo reprehensible & has NO business on this show. If it were up to me, I'd get rid of Sheree, Nene & Cynthia. Cynthia brings nothing to the show, in R1 I think she spoke once & it wasn't even a comment referring to her…she's such a bore. Nene? Let her move, but please don't let it be to Cali- she won't fit in here. She's too loud & obnoxious. As for Sheree, that's a done deal, as it should be. That gets rid of all the "talls" doesn't it? Oh well…

  11. @jane Kim has 3 kids with 3 different men Nene married Greg BEFORE her last son was born and Nene never got engaged to a MARRIED man!! So that's probably why she's not considered a whore but Kim on the other hand……

  12. Kim had Brielle as a teenager. Sheree had Tierra aas a teenager and isnt being called a whore.Kim's 2nd daughter Ariana was with her husband, and her 3rd kid son KJ is with her husband, as well as the baby she is pregnant with. Call Kim a whore for her dealings with married Lee but I disagree with calling her a whore because she has kids with 3 men, 2 of which she was married to.

  13. Kim had Brielle as a teenager. Sheree had Tierra aas a teenager and isnt being called a whore.Kim's 2nd daughter Ariana was with her husband, and her 3rd kid son KJ is with her husband, as well as the baby she is pregnant with. Call Kim a whore for her dealings with married Lee but I disagree with calling her a whore because she has kids with 3 men, 2 of which she was married to.

  14. Kim is a whore bc she was messing around with married man for his money and flaunting it. It has nothing to do with her children. Marlo never mentioned the children

  15. Marlo cut a woman and the dusfigured victim ended up killing herself because of the torture she endured from Marlo and her knife. Marlo should be serving life without parole not on reality tv. She is a skank and NeNe is a bully ghetto beeetch who should not be admired. A bunch of stereotypical angry black women that Bravo Andy the buffoon racist bigot believes is what dumb middle American thinks Atlanta is like . If you added plantation pickninny house slaves or Sherman's march with Prissy or Aunt Pitipat you could get the vapors! How can anyone not be offended by the Real Housewives series?! I most certainly am!!!

  16. Ivy

    Kim is/was a whore for the sole reason that she used her body as a human toilet in exchange for money and gifts. Lee Najjar's being married, his being her only john, and Kim's having children by different men has nothing to do with it as far as I'm concerned. Once you enter into that arrangement (fucking in exchange for money and STUFF), you are, by definition, a whore.Too bad Kim had to go and press the issue. Nobody's saying anything that they weren't already thinking and that hasn't already been established as a fact.

  17. Ivy

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. This is from Dictionary.comWhore(noun)1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpetThe one thing I did like about the reunion is something Kroy said. He said he never watched the show or Googled Kim, although she came home that night and googled him. I feel that Kroy is a good man, but based on how Kim is portrayed by the show, we, the viewers, seem to feel that he is "too good" for her. Now Kim is not my favorite housewife but I try to be objective.

  19. I am sooo tired of everyone constantly bringing up Marlo's past. It was years ago, and I don't believe that girl killed herself for having a scar on her face. And why would Marlo be jealous of Kim?? A year ago they seem to both be on the same level, paid townhouses, fancy clothes and jewelry that they both earned from whoring. I personally don't think Kim is in such a happy place, anyone who constantly tells you the same thing over and over is trying to not only convince you but themselves. When she is done playing June Cleaver, she'll dump Kroy and be on to the next phase in her life like she did with BP and that lesbian lady.I'm not a Marlo fan but I'm not a hater either. Kim shouldn't have said "she sleeps with men for money, who does that", because its obvious they both do!

  20. The woman KILLED herself because the severe facial disfigurement caused by THUG Marlo was so bad she was ridiculed, suffered from sever depressiom and was unable to go out in public without embarrasing stares and fear. Unless you have been in this position don't pretend it is nothing. She was sliced up by a lowlife ghetto hood who should be in jail. I am surprised someone hasn't gotten even for Marlo and her TERRORIST act / HATE Crime. If you think this is nothing to bring up again, I feel sorry for you and your lack of compassion – you obviously have no morals, class, and don' t know the difference between right and wrong.

  21. The thing is..people make mistakes when they're young–so what happened with Marlo and her victim is in the past–and everyone should be able to move on–because worse things have happened that people have gotten over. But, what makes it ridiculous is that Marlo is using her "record" as something to boast about on this show, which she should not. Apollo does not, and Nene and Kim do not either. Both of them were strippers but you dont see them bragging all season about it. And honestly tamara, if the producers actually found "real genuine" housewives of atlanta, who would watch? Bravo knows what people really want to see, and guess what, from high ratings, water cooler talk, blogs like this and twitter responses, guess theyre right.-Patty

  22. Anonymous 5:02 PM, First of all, I didn't say it was nothing. But to mention it every single day, on every single blog…Come on. You must be someone in that girl's family to get this freaking personal. I gave my opinion!!! That woman must have had a weak mind. I have an extreme case of psoriasis that scars my skin after a flare up and I rock whatever I choose because I'm confident in me! I'm sure the coroner did not write Marlo's slicing as cause of death. She did it to herself because of as you stated depression, which is a mental disorder. Furthermore I'm sure you have no class and/or morals if you feel the need to attack people for voicing their opinions on a blog and implying someone should cut Marlo as payback. Terrorist?! Hate crime?! A crime of passion maybe, but you are placing that in the same category as 911. Ha! And if you feel I lack compassion, so what! If I had an emotional reaction to everything I read, especially if I don't know it's a fact, I'd be depressed too!

  23. Comparing something so blase as psoriasis to a brutal knife attack by a delinquent thug is ridiculous! I can not imagine what world you live in that thinks this attack didn't lead to the woman's depression and ultimate suicide is preposterous. I feel sorry for you I really do – you must think the world revolves around YOU and everything else is irrelevant, trivial, mundane. You really should take a good look in the mirror one day and assess your life. This was an act of hate, revenge, jealously and rage. Marlo needs a good shrink a a stint in jail AND make retribution to the poor victim's family. She did a truly terrible crime and has yet to say sorry for her actions. She just flaunts it in front of millions on reality television and Bravo is making money off it every day.

  24. Technically, we are all whores. We ALL fuck to get our bills paid. We just fuck our husbands or our boyfriends. Don't get it twisted, you ain't fucking for free either.

  25. LOL, We dont bump and grind for love??? Really! Humor aside, blunt yikes but very good point anon 3:48Thanks!Lannette

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