She By Sheree Memories…

I got the feeling that Phaedra’s comment about the clothing line being over done was just a cover because she knows she could not come up with something as fabulous as She By Sheree. She by Sheree was sponsored by something called AC/DC which where I come from means… well never mind. I also think these ladies should go see Cynthia on her open cattle calls on Wednesdays. That is all.


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8 responses to “She By Sheree Memories…

  1. Who left the window open in the studio? ? LOL

  2. She is using too many adjectives.SN: This looked better on the RHOA in Season 2 than just plain out watching it.

  3. You so WRONG for that and I LOVE IT…Shawn Bradley

  4. Donkey booty designs by phaedra parks doesnt have nice ring to it? Lol.Saw part 2 tonight. Sheree stutters alot when she lies. Ugh..ugh..And marlo may be escort but big poppa was not divorced when he & kim were fooling around. She lied! it was funny when andy caught her in lie about the furniture.

  5. That video was low budget and poor quality. Dwight was right, that video should NOT have been played during the She By Sheree fashion show.

  6. Wow. Makes me wonder what ever happened to Angela Karatassos (blonde in video). She has totally dropped out of the Atlanta Party Scene. Maybe this commercial (or whatever it is) sent her into hiding?

  7. Hey Phaedra, Donkey Booty Designs wont work? Lol.Honestly, im tired of hearing about Phaedra's donkey booty as much as Kandi's bedroom toys and joys. Maybe now that she has a man, she can stop talking about it.I think Kandi is the type that wants a man bad so i wouldnt be surprised to hear engagement rumors soon. She seems like the type to say "my fiance"…and then "my husband" in every other sentence.But back to Phaedra, I gotta give it to her. She's smart though..she wants to make money from a guaranteed business. Death is definitely guaranteed and by partnering with an already established business shes going to spend less $ than with starting a fashion line. If sheree wasnt so busy throwing this girls under the bus, she could have partnered with some of them to make a little $.

  8. I had to google the "ac/dc" comment…(interesting)

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