What Lies Ahead for Sheree Whitfield?

As amazing as it may seem, some of you are having trouble letting Sheree go and want to know if I will continue to keep you updated on her next chapter. Of course I will. For a few of reasons. First, it seems that Sheree was a bridesmaid along with Brielle and at least one other person in Kim’s wedding. I don’t think we will see much of Sheree at all in Don’t Be Tardy for The Wedding and she is not a contracted person on the show so she won’t be paid, but my favorite knuckleheads will at least get to see her in the wedding processional.

Also as much as Sheree claims that her court appearances on the show are for child support. They are for much more than that. After the divorce was settled and and child support was set, the financial distribution of marital proceeds became slightly complicated. There are some acts of fraud that have been previously acknowledged by the court that were committed by Sheree.

It is Bob, not Sheree who keeps the current legal battle going. That was Bob, filed for a child support modification as an offset of the fraudulent acts committed by Sheree after the settlement requirements were decreed by the judge. Sheree has received hundreds of thousands of dollars that she was not entitled to by Bob and in addition her unlawful residency in the home after the judge asked her to vacate ultimately caused the house to be lost in foreclosure. In a nutshell, Sheree owes Bob money not the other way around. Sheree has run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees which were partially repaid by the court seizure of the Aston Martin, but that is just the beginning of her debts. The actual hearing will be this summer, so I will be reporting on that.

And then, I can’t leave you guys hanging on Chateau Sheree. It seems to me odd timing that just a few days after the end of the regular season, when the ending told us that Chateau Sheree was not under construction, that construction suddenly began. Why did she wait until she was fired to start the actual building? Does she have the finances at this point to complete the job?  As of right now, construction is continuing. The foundation has been laid and the framing is moving right along.

As for She By Sheree business venture, that business no longer exists. Sheree trying to imply that she was going to resurrect the line was just more story time with Sheree. The business failed. Nothing has changed that would make anyone willing to finance the venture again, especially because there is no longer a free marketing program for her to exploit.

So sure, you’ll still hear about Sheree. Maybe things will go well and she will learn how to manage money and come up with a successful business concept. It could happen, If does happen I’ll be sure to let you know.


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11 responses to “What Lies Ahead for Sheree Whitfield?

  1. There may well be construction going on on that property but that don't mean Sheree is the one building. The land belongs to het mother….. Ijs. Do I believe that house is being built by Sheree? Sure,and I still believe in Santa and the Easter bunny!!!!

  2. While the house is in her mother's name, and i was the first to report that btw, Sheree is building the house and has been seen on the property talking to contractors in the past week. Believe me if there were some other juicy story, I'd tell you.

  3. Sheree is at the new house on a regular basis now. I drive by and have seen here on more than one occasion. There is also a guy (friend? boyfriend?) that is there with her each time and he is actually there alot when she isn't. I don't think he's the builder as he is usually there in the Range Rover Sport that Sheree drives. He is also there with Sheree's kids sometimes without Sheree. Hmm. Not sure who he is.So end of the show said there was no more Chateau Sheree? And then construction started promptly after. Very interesting!

  4. When have you ever built a house from the ground up? When and if you have, be a dear and forward us the before and after pics, the square footage, and the financial details…people are a damn trip commenting on this woman's house and have never owned one and if you have surely didn't have it built from the ground….worry about your own property or lack thereof

  5. While I'm no fan of Tamara's writing style or even this blog (I just feel that we have a million and one bloggers that write facetiously already and the schtick is getting old), I actually have to agree with T on this one. Sheree was probably trying to save this storyline for Season 5 and when she was let go just said "WTF – let me just build the damn thing" and started paying up…It's pretty much no different than NeNe officially divorcing Gregg to probably only marry him again in Season 5…Reality TV BS at its finest…

  6. Sheree, you are not the first person to build a house. I'm not sure how much of your Bravo talk about the house you actually believe. There is no way any reputable contractor would have played along with your story on camera, fortunately you know a lot of con artists like Andrew. Most people would have remodeled the existing $300,000 house rather than razing it and moving the house much closer to the busy road. I assure you that many of my readers here own their own home. Some live very close to the construction site and pass it often since it is at a major intersection.I personally did not feel the need to build a house to spec because the real estate market is a buyers dream. I paid cash for my home. Something you should have done with the divorce settlement and you would not have your mother saddled with a mortgage on "your" house right now. You've got to get a financial education. At least pick up a Suzy Orman book or something.

  7. You know damn well you didn't pay cash for your home Tamara…please stop lying…if you had that kind of money I can assure you that blogging mainly about Bravo shows would not be on your very limited radar….Furthermore, you would not be suffering from delusions of grandeur thinking that anyone who comments positively about Sheree is Sheree herself…Child Sheree doesn't have time to read this chitlin' switch nonsense

  8. This is hilarious ..I built a home and as long as those contractors are paid the work will get done but I will give her credit for always finding a way to save face. Will run you raggit after awhile

  9. I was so hoping that you would let her slink off into the sunset. Oh well…On building a house – we've (hubby & I)moved around the country 7 times during our marriage due to his job. We've bought, built or renovated a number of properties due to those moves. The process is never the same…you literally have to drive by the site at least every day or so just to make sure all the subs showed up! Yes, it's the contractor's job to do that, but they're not always on point either! Heavens, it doesn't take a year or more just to put up a foundation and begin framing, unless there are legal issues with the lot or sale. Just my two cents.

  10. I am a single mother who built a house last year from the ground up. Not that hard. I researched and found a great contractor. From drawing up blueprints to move in day was 5 months. Now I didn't build a mini mansion, just a normal 3 bedroom 2 bath home. As long as Sheree is realistic about what she needs and what she can afford, process goes quickly.

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