What’s Wrong With This Picture? Atlanta

It’s a famous Atlanta reality show regular who makes a boat load of money off the RHOA. :) It was a cold, wet and nasty day in Atlanta. 


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13 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Atlanta

  1. Derek J, who needs to sit all the way down.

  2. Uh, lets see…what's wrong with this picture……a animal in heels escaped from the zoo and was caught texting?

  3. Why is Derek J. wearing Kandi's ponytail?

  4. I'm starting to catch feelings for Derek J. He is true to himself and making big money. He works his ass off! Um figuratively speaking. :)

  5. Don't they still have programs to give coats And shoes to the homeless in Atlanta it's been a minute since I lived there ..surely they can help this man.

  6. Roughly, how much money does Derek make from RHOA?

  7. He doesn't get paid to be on RHOA. At least not by Bravo. But it is one giant commercial for his hair salon where is works constantly, and if frequently called out of town for big clients. He does very well. He maximized his opportunities like a pro and is very sought after as a stylist.

  8. All girls have a bad fashion day here and there!WD

  9. He needs to, as Tamar Braxton would say, have several seats. Tamara the Braxtons are on the Atlanta scene, I'd like to hear what you think about them from time to time!

  10. Derek J is pretty bad ass. Wish I could rock high heels like he does.

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