Sheree Whitfield Has Something To Say, She Quit!

Sheree Whitfield admits to that she got fired from RHOA is leaving RHOA. In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint she says, “After four solid seasons of helping Bravo build the show into its most successful Housewives franchise, I have decided to leave. The direction the show is going in is no longer a fit for my lifestyle. I’m tired of the fighting and the cattiness.”  You can read Sheree’s entire version of events here.  I’m shocked that Sheree didn’t contact me to share this breaking news. Truly.  I do like how she confirmed my story that she was never at UpFronts, was actually in Puerto Rico, and knew she was fired before the reunion. I wish her all the success in finding a financial opportunity that supports her lifestyle.


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25 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Has Something To Say, She Quit!

  1. Interesting. The new house is full steam ahead. The first floor is almost done framing. I wonder when the money will run out and construction will halt again.

  2. I'm guessing she got a severence and realized that she better actually build the damn thing unless she wants to live down by the Chattahoochee in a van. :)

  3. SheWasOnceAHousewifeButNotAnymore Whitfield, if you ever read this: You were fired; goodbye and good riddance.

  4. Of course she quit. Poor dear.YOU CAN'T FIRE ME – I QUIT!!!WD

  5. WetPaint probably paid her for the interview.

  6. Do you think they paid her severance. Interesting. I actually feel for her. She's pretty stupid. She's incapable of earning an honest living

  7. Who does she-she think she's fooling, it's been all over the media that, she was going to be fired, because she was asking too much money. Well I belive now it's a good team with nene, phadera, cythnia, kandi and someone new. Kim gone too, I've heard. The ladies wouldn't interact with her, anyway,they have nothing in common with her. I wouldn't watch, her show if cable gave it too me, for free.

  8. I don't think Sheree is getting a severence package. If they would have taped her and not used the footage, like Lisa Wu, then I would believe she would have received something. It really depends on her contract. I think Sheree exposed way more than she wanted too this season.

  9. So Tamara now that you've been proven right, will you at least give us updates on Chateau Sheree — i'd love to see how it turns out

  10. Tamara sorry to leave this here but I wasn't sure if there was a separate place to ask, is true two members of the Shahs of Sunset cast wont be returning for season two?

  11. Updates for now are that they are actually working on the site regularly and getting some framing done! Guess Sheree was finally shamed into putting money on the construction. I don't know who you guys are reading that says Kim is leaving. I assure you she is not. I also have a story on her but I haven't been able to verify yet.

  12. Won't Sheree get royalties from old episdoes that will air on Bravo? I know last week or the week before they were showing Season 1.

  13. No royalties. Royalties are for syndication, not reruns.

  14. Mess. She's in a bad spot. And she's so fake so I doubt that she has good friends or advisors to weather the storm. I truly wish her the best. Hard road ahead for her.

  15. Well bless her pea picking heart ..and she better get picking those peas girl needs a job..peas by Sheree perhaps

  16. First time reading your blogs and your FAB! I just keeping reading all the archives. I was never a fan of Sheree I think she started a lot of the drama this season with he said she said conversations and she was trying to back peddle and it was not working. I loved it when Phaedra put her in her place and with class LOL. Thank you for the great blog I love the straight forward comments :)TracyinRI

  17. You can get royalties for reruns and syndication if it was in the contract when they 1st sign but it wasn't so no royalties check for them the re run air on nbc instead of some soap shows

  18. I must be the lone person who will miss Sheree. From season 1 forward, I thought her inconsistent stories, wit and confrontations added so much to the show. Even though she is arrogant, spends too much money and doesn't follow through she entertains me.I do hope their replacement works out because I can't really take Nene too much – she really is a nasty HUGE hypocrite. (First-hand experience). Kim has just become relevant, though I think she is carrying herself in the reunion.Cynthia, Phaedra and Kandi are great and def add value but they are more like important supporting cast members – not the main event.So I will just have to see what direction this goes.

  19. I meant Kim has become irrelevant, but the reunion is making her somewhat relevant.

  20. i got no beef with sheree… i hope she does well in the future.

  21. I know I'm in the minority. But, I actually feel sorry for Sheree. Can't be easy being fired from any job. The thing is I wonder what she will do now? Seems she's got no other irons in the fire. What's up with the fashion line? What else does she have going on? One thing I can say about Nene, she is smart to pursue all these additional opportunities being offered to her now, before the wick burns down to nothing. I am a true believer in multiple sources of income. If one thing ain't pumping over here, you can make it up over there. I hope she is able to take cake of herself and her children.

  22. Tamara, will you keep us up-to-date on Sheree even though she is off RHOA?

  23. I hope Sheree and her family find success and happiness. I'm not a Sheree fan by a long shot but the reality is this franchise and some of the others (i.e. Basketball Wives) promote the worst kind of behavior. Its what get viewers talking and blogging. All of Sheree's shenanigans this season were all about her causing conflict and pushing the envelope to appear relevant. I think NeNe is over the top and represents what is wrong with reality tv. Cynthia is boring as watching paint dry. I'm so over Kim. She should be the next one out. Phaedra and Kandi are the only ones interesting to watch. Although Phaedra's Phunerals by Phaedra story line was weird and while I don't really consider myself a prude, Kandi's Bedroom Kandi infomercial the whole season got to be too much.I'll tune in next season to see the replacement(s) but may give up on this franchise all together.

  24. I'll be keeping up with Sheree for awhile.

  25. Her insisting she quit is the reason I've never liked her. She is such a bull-shiter. Does she really expect people to believe that she voluntarily gave up the only INCOME she had? Someone that: is unable to pay their bills, begs for child support, constantly moves around, etc. will NOT walk away from money. No one with even half a brain would believe that lie. I'M GLAD SHE'S GONE.Blessings,P

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