Real Housewives of Miami: A Drama-Filled Filming Update

I’ve been sort of ignoring the whole filming of the Real Housewives of Miami because frankly I just can’t stand Joanna Krupa.  Joanna is stunningly beautiful and should take a page from Cynthia Bailey’s book and try not to talk.  I’m not overly excited about Lisa Hochstein either simply because she seems like another airhead that I can’t seem to be bothered to try and tell apart from Joanna much to the chagrin of angry comments here. I’ve yet to see much redeeming value to either of them, but perhaps the show will change that. I do like Anna Quincoces at lot. Perhaps 
because she cooks and eats and tweets like an adult.  Those qualities have me worried she might be relegated to the status of “friend of the housewife” or “housewife junior” as I like to call them.  Karent Sierra has also been filming lots of scenes with the RHOM. Karent is a hot single brunette dentist and I imagine either Ana or Karent will be relegated to the friend role. Word is that there is some of the usually jumping in of the new girl when the other housewives chide her for being a dentist with a publicist. Karent is a spokes person for Colgate. I would prefer to keep both Karent and Ana and for Joanna to be the new Pam, but that’s just me. The interesting RHOM news is that the newest person who is definitely cast in the role of “Friend of the Housewive” is James Davis, pictured at right. Settle in with a beverage while I spill some tea…

James Davis is better know around the South Beach circuit as Elaine Lancaster.  As Elaine,  um James, works as a hostess for drag queen events in various clubs around town.  James, and by extension Elaine, was brought on as the “friend” of Lea Black.  I don’t remember much about the first season of RHOM, but I do know that Lea Black is married to Roy Black a high profile defense attorney in Miami.  Lea was a juror on the William Kennedy Smith trial and Roy was the defense attorney. Smith was acquitted. (Shades of RHOV)  Lea claims she met Roy socially a year after the trial. Anyway, that is a whole nuther talk show. Lea is very smart and a terrific fundraiser so it makes perfect sense that she is besties with a local celebrity drag queen. At least in the world of Bravo.
It seems more often than not that the “friend” brought in by one housewife is supposed to be the “enemy” of another.  In this case it appears that the enemy of James Elaine is Marysol. About two weeks ago the RHOM went to a luncheon/shoe fashion show (because aren’t all luncheon’s held explicitly for introducing a shoe line on Bravo?)  at the Star Island home of  Donald and Lisa Pliner which they recently sold for 17 million dollars. The shoe line was Lisa Pliner’s, whose line features green soles and are made to be comfortable. Unlike another shoe designer’s red soles that are made to be torture devices.  Elaine Lancaster hosted the event in way in which most drag queens host things, humorously with an evil underbite. Elaine is rumored to have poked fun at Marysol Patton from the stage and again in a scene where Bravo producers forced a confrontation between the two. Marysol is said to have gotten emotional enough to have threatened Bravo that she would quit if things didn’t cool down. Bravo producers reminded her that she is contractually unable to quit and that comment allegedly resulted in a Bravo Drama moment on the grounds of the fancy estate. Marysol’s version is that she had to get back to work and was over the heat and stupidity. Or something like that. Whatever. I’m team Marysol I hope she adjusted Elaine’s wig a la Sheree Whitfield. Nothing brings the Bravo ratings like a good wig snatch.

In other bits and pieces of RHOM news the show is already being called out by writers for the Miami Herald as being scripted to the point of setting a new real show scripting standard for Bravo. Bravo is always trying to take it to the next level of scripted reality. Bravo had a hard time finding Miami “socialites” willing to do the show this season but Elsa Patton is back and causing a ruckus so Andy Cohen is happy. And really, isn’t that all that matters?


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4 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami: A Drama-Filled Filming Update

  1. Yes, Mr. Loub needs to lube those things up, especially for them being the prices hey are. I went inside Saks in New Orleans a while back and tried a pair on. Needless to say, my feet have not been the same since.

  2. Is that Marysol's mom 2nd from the right with huge hair? Read she had some face work done…

  3. who is in the bottom picture ? Obviously the big haired one is Elaine Lancaster but who are the rest? I've never heard of any of these women except for the non woman, Elaine. Go Figure, Bravo to Bravo.

  4. Lisa hochstein is not an airhead, quite the contrary,she's super intelligent, I know her and her family personally. She's one of the most hardworking savvy individuals I've come across. She's been a hard worker since she was 12 years old. I know this. Don't have such low self esteem, you're judging yourself only.

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