Shahs of Sunset Finale: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Okay, what the hell was that Shahs of Sunset finale all about? What was Ryan Seacrest Production thinking? Even if they felt the need to have this abysmal episode, it definately should have ended with everyone at Asa’s release of Tehrangeles. It brought some class to the whole season and could have ended the season with everyone dancing and celebrating even if MJ glared at Sammy from across the room. We surely didn’t need the whole “fake dinner to celebrate an imaginary deal Mike closed” ending. Since when do reality TV shows end with episodes that have you worried for the survival of a major cast member? Simply the worst finale ever.

Last night’s episode was a close second to the most depressing episode in the history of reality TV, when Pedro Zamora died on the San Francisco version of The Real World. Frankly, I am amazed that MJ is still alive. I don’t even know where to start. First MJ’s best friend tells her that her mother doesn’t love her. Jesus Christ, Reza. I don’t recall MJ harping on the fact that your father was a deadbeat womanizer. There were no very special episodes where she gently caressed your arm and said, “Reza, don’t be a drama queen, your father is a deadbeat homophobe that walked out on you and your mother and never looked back. Sucks to be you!”  Nope, despite the fact you didn’t have the Father of the Year, MJ supported you flying across the country to be there as you attempted reconciliation. You would think your friend of 20 years driving a knife in your heart and saying out loud, to your face, the words. “Your mother doesn’t love you.” would be the worst thing to happen to MJ this episode. You would be wrong.

MJ’s very good friend Sammy, agrees to plan a blind date for MJ since she was hooking him up with a very nice girl.  So what does Sammy do? He brings MJ’s ex-boyfriend who is some sort of Iranian pervert out to hone his rape skills.  MJ is a drunken mess when she arrives for the date and Sammy quickly opts to get her drunker. While MJ’s friend expresses concerns that the Iranian molester is mauling the drunken MJ while she wriggles in a vain attempt to escape.  Sammy is so busy telling the girl she needs to “tone up” (please refer to pictures of Sammy) that he completely ignores her attempts to get him to intervene and save MJ who is a mere three feet away. Eventually MJ’s friend distracts the molester long enough for MJ to escape where she drunkenly wanders into the street while Sammy lies to her friend telling her she is just fine.  Sammy and the molester probably just roll on to another club leaving MJ’s friend to fend for herself. Frankly, she dodged a bullet.

You would think that surely would be the worst thing to happen to MJ this episode. In truth, everything is so bad that it is difficult to rank them all in order of most horrific. MJ also had a lovely luncheon with her mother where she attempts to get her mother not to be such a bullying bitch whose sole mission is to crush her daughter’s soul. This did not go well either. Her mother tell her that she is “not marriage material.” Essentially she says that no man is ever going to love her so she may as well just not even consider marriage an option and to prepare to die all alone. Gee, this is a great support system this woman has. I am starting to worry less about her drinking problem and wonder if she can possibly drink enough!

But wait, there is one more scene. MJ who clearly has a masochistic streak a mile wide agrees to attend the requisite fake luncheon with the entire cast for the obligatory final scene. She bravely attends despite the fact that Sammy will be there and attempts to clear the air. Sammy walks in to an audio overlay that says basically, no matter how shitty I treat MJ, there is nothing that can come between our friendship. Then when MJ explains how hurtful it was that he would bring some scumbag for her to date and completely fail to protect her from his molestation, Sammy manages to become an even bigger douchebag. He tells MJ that the reason he brought Chester the Molester as her companion for the evening is because he called lots of other guys and none of them want anything to do with her.  It was a deep and scarring cut that she will never forget.

MJ needs to move. Move to New York. Move to Brazil. Move to Nova Scotia. Just move far away from these people. She’s in a toxic environment and she is going to end up drinking herself to death if she stays. Move to one of the Florida Keys and open a bait shop. Something. Meanwhile that was the worst finale in the history of the world. Instead of looking forward to next season, I’m starting to think I can’t watch anymore. Bravo has taken its degradation of women to a whole ‘nuther level this time.


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11 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Finale: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

  1. forget the haters, I think your blog is funny!

  2. Pam

    I agree that the finale was not the best episode of the season. And although MJ seems to irritate the hell out of me at times, the beat down she got with this episode was not fun to watch. I actually really like this series and watching Reza usually brings a smile to the endless dark drama that my Sunday night reality tv has become. That did not happen last night. Oh, and Sammy so needs to get over himself. He will be lucky to get a wife eventually that will be able to stand being around his ass for 15 minutes at a time. He is so NOT all that he thinks he is. :gag:

  3. Just when I thought this crew couldn't get any douchier, Sammy steals the golden douchebag trophy from Reza.This franchise deserves a nice burial in a toxic waste dump. There isn't one person with any redeeming qualities except perhaps, Asa, and she can't carry this load of crap.

  4. Reza: Your mother doesn't love you! Wow. MJ took the beatdown alright. She seems to have a drinking problem along with some serious bad hair issues. I felt for her last night. Actually, I feel for her every episode because she's drunk all the time. No one that's happy is drunk ALL the time. They have a sober moment here and there…Sammy is a fat disgusting pig. I seriously doubt he's banging nearly as many 'chicks' as he seems to want us to believe. Oh, I think they go out with him, but pass on the white blubber bang.WD

  5. Aw, I missed it last night but your recap did it for me! I have to watch it for myself. LOL!

  6. Wow. I love this show but Tamara you nailed it. What were they thinking, making this the finale?! What a way to end on a bad note. MJ has really grown on me and I hated seeing her abused like that. The "date" made me cringe, I was wondering at what stage will the camera crew step in – they were probably 5 min away from having Ryan Seacrest Productions sued for filming a sexual assault. And imagine the lawsuit if MJ got hit by a car when she ran into the street!MJ and Sammy seem to have patched things up because they were on WWHL together and seemed fine. Remember this was filmed like 9 months ago and unlike the RHO anywhere, these people are actually friends. MJ I think you read this blog – if you want to ditch LA and move to Houston I'll be your new gay, I don't have a moustache but otherwise I'm pretty cool.

  7. P.S. Tamara – do you know if Shahs is going to do a reunion?

  8. No reunion this time, but season two has been confirmed!And Fredrick do you have any Tea on the Russell Hantz show that just filmed there a few months ago? If so can you email me please and thank you…:)

  9. I figured it would be renewed, that's good to hear. My guess is that there will be some cast changes – Sammy is a big waste of space, both literally and on this show. Asa is great but I'm not sure she's a fit for reality TV. Keep us posted when you find something out!Other than that it's named "Flipped Out" I don't know much about it- I'll ask around and message you if I discover something. I'm just glad reality TV has finally discovered that Texas has a huge supply of untapped drama queens.

  10. I know this is off the wall but Sammy's picture has that "I just farted look"I loved how Sammy said on WWHL that he and MJ lay naked in bed together LMAO and MJ SAID NO WE DO NOT!

  11. I haven't seen this episode yet, so my comment is only based on this post.I really like MJ. Even when drinking heavily, because at least it shows she's not being very calculating. Rather refreshing for a reality TV starlet. I jumped on the SoS bandwagon rather late, so I had read about the crew already before starting to watch. I never understood why was Sammy called a "sweetheart". He's just not. It feels a bit like people are trying to seek for some inner beauty when it's just not there. Sometimes people just aren't very attractive, inside or out.Which brings me to my main comment, about MJ's mother. Reza really may be right and MJ's mother does not love her. However, that does not have anything to do with MJ and everything to do with her mother. I recently read somewhere that if a parent is able to love or show love, they will love their children automatically. If the parent isn't able to love or show love, and there are plenty of people like that out there, unfortunately the child is just never going to get that love, no matter what they'll do. The poor child will do anything to get the approval, but it's just not going to happen, because they're seeking it from someone who's not able to give it. So in all honesty, it may be better to just acknowledge the fact that her mother is just not a loving person, rather than tell her that the love is there if she'll just hang in there and will try hard enough.Like I said, I didn't watch the episode, so I have no idea how Reza said it, but that's just what came to my mind after reading this post.I think this whole show has been really fascinating partly because of the family connections and how they've affected at least half of the cast. I even have some sympathy for GG, because she hasn't learned how to deal with her emotions and then they come out all over the place. She clearly is hurting and that's no fun. She has no sense of security and is clutching onto Gucci bags and knives.The whole show has been really interesting and refreshing and I hope it remains that way the next season, though I really, really hope that MJ, GG and others will find their own way and will become healthier and happier.

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