What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kelsey Grammer Version

Proving you are never too old to make a bad tattoo decision, Kelsey Grammer, who is almost 60 hits up a Chicago tattoo shop to get his latest wife’s name tattooed on his pelvis.  Nothing gay about that at all.


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12 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kelsey Grammer Version

  1. Based on other pictures I've seen of him in swimwear – he has plenty of room to marry several more times…and have all their names added to his gut.WD

  2. Too bad it is not neutering the randy old creep.

  3. Is his old ass getting a tattoo ? gross as hell

  4. What is wrong with this picture is he is TOO old to be getting a tattoo. Mid life crisis.

  5. Come on y'all. Maybe getting tatooed old is BETTER. That way you get to see how it will look when you are old and wrinkly right away!

  6. Wonder if he lasers off the ex's or if this is new…His wife must think she's crawling into bed with her grandfather with the almost 30 year age difference…

  7. you know how that goes get a tat of your lovers name on your body the relationship ends and the tattoo stays onsigned Forever WINOJohnny Depps Winona tattoo

  8. Oh! PELVIS!I totally read that wrong the first time.

  9. I thing the better question here is, "What is not wrong with this picture?".

  10. um, my problem isn't so much the tattoo (relatively speaking) but the fact that he posted it on his twitter… ? like, did he really do that? did he *really* do that? and I didn't know guys got tattoo on their pelvises. Maybe I'm just not around those kind of guys.

  11. It was the tattoo artist that tweeted it. I don't know of any straight guys with tats there…

  12. Kelsey said, "I just want to impress my lady."

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