Sheree Whitfield Goes Down Swinging on Tonight’s RHOA Reunion

What can we expect to see tonight on the first episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta? We can  expect it to follow the format of every other reunion in Bravo history. That is, it will start with just the six housewives being asked softball questions by Andy.  Will there be catfights? You betcha. But tonight’s episode may not be as explosive as we are expecting. Remember, this reunion was filmed at night and went until the wee hours of the morning. Most likely the parts we see tonight will be at the beginning before people started drinking like fish and begging to leave. In the beginning, the ladies try to keep it together. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring, because Sheree is already aware she is on the way out, so she has a lot of things she wants to say. She’s loaded for bear when it comes to Nene and she’s going all in.

Sheree has a history of gathering “evidence” and pre-planning her attacks on these shows. Remember back at the season one reunion she showed up with phone bills to prove some nonsense about Lisa Wu lying? Well she’s at it again and even manages to work Lisa Wu into the drama! Now, it might be smart to do your homework before the reunion, but Sheree has not been good at homework since way back when Santa didn’t bring her that Speak & Spell. So most of the ammo Sheree shows up with is inaccurate and flat out wrong. It doesn’t really seem to matter though because for some odd reason Sheree is the one person who can get under Nene’s skin unlike anyone else. It’s Sheree’s one redeeming quality on RHOA. So tonight we return to the Biltmore, where we’ll see Sheree bring a three-pronged attack on Nene.

Tonight Andy asks Nene flat out about the “trump check” freak out. In the first episode of the season Nene lost her everloving mind with Sheree over the Tyrone situation where Sheree accused her of trying to steal her appearance fee. In that emotional state, Nene went off and made the infamous trump check comment. On the reunion, Sheree, thinking she has the tea says that  Piers Morgan said he got $25,000 for his appearance. That is incorrect. Piers Morgan stated in a journal about his time on The Apprentice that he got £12,000, which at the rate of $1.25  per £1 at that time amounted to $16,000 for three weeks work.  Here is the quote from the Daily Mail who posted Morgan’s journal, “As I marched down the road, I wondered why am I even in this stupid show? It’s not for the money, because we’re only getting £12,000 each. There’s the charity, obviously, and that is very important. But the harsh truth is that the main reason I’m doing this is for vanity.” Ah, if only Nene had such insight. Last December , WetPaint contacted Donald Trump Jr. and asked about the “trump check” comments. He seemed amused saying, “Honestly, I have no idea. All the celebrities on the show play for charity. She received a small appearance fee, sure, but that was it.”

Despite the $9,000 error, it’s enough to set Nene off. She’s clearly outraged that Sheree of all people would be questioning her income so Nene shoots back with “Do you really think that is all I made last year?” and asking Sheree about her “status at the bank.” Then Sheree unloads her second round of ammo. Sheree claims that Lisa Wu had to help Nene rent her current home. Now one thing is true, if you have a history of bad credit you can’t get a loan or a rental agreement when you are looking for a place to live. So you have two choices, if you are  a “rich bitch” you can pay your rental agreement in full, or purchase a home outright or you can have your mama get on the mortgage (like Sheree did) or if renting, have a cosigner. Sheree seems to think her homework shows that Lisa Wu is the cosigner that got Nene in her rental property. Now I don’t doubt that Nene has problems renting, but I am not swallowing the Lisa Wu is her cosigner theory.  What I want to know is how Lisa Wu even made an appearance in Sheree’s head? Nene of course tweeted Lisa about this last Thursday after the promo aired. They both dismissed Sheree’s theory as ridiculous.  But why is Sheree all up in Lisa Wu’s business? Does she think Lisa could be taking her place?  I’d actually like that, I’m a Lisa fan and she has been doing pretty well for herself since the divorce. Alas, Lisa is a positive person and you know Bravo doesn’t like positive people.

Sheree’s shots, no matter how far from the mark are having an effect on Nene though. Nene’s hatred for Sheree is almost to the boiling level when Sheree goes for the jugular. Sheree wonders aloud why such a rich bitch has a grown kid stealing from the Wal*Mart. Oh yes she did.  This had the potential for a great fist fight between Sheree and Nene but Andy of course got scared and made Sheree back off. Dammit, Andy we’re never going to have a felonious act on a reunion if you keep this up!  

Andy moves on to a safer topic, sex toys and it is Kandi’s turn to remind Nene she was a stripper. I think the previews are the best moments we will see tonight. I don’t think we will get to the background characters like Kroy and Peter and Marlo tonight. I wonder if we will even see Apollo on the reunion. He was there, but so far not on any promos.  Tonight it seems it will be Sheree v. Nene in the main event with an undercard of Nene v. Kandi  and Nene v. Kim. Perhaps we’ll see a bit of Cynthia  against whoever she feels Nene  needs some help with, probably Kim. Cynthia seems to have been hitting the champagne almost as hard as Andy (both appear drunk) so expect a drunken barb thrown here and there.  Tonight will have a bit of focus on Sheree, who knew the hammer was dropping on her during the reunion and had nothing left to lose.


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42 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Goes Down Swinging on Tonight’s RHOA Reunion

  1. Just a point of clarification. You said, "…he got £12,000, which at the rate of $1.25 per £1 at that time amounted to $16,000 for three weeks work." However, I think you are confusing the pound with the euro. Over the past 10 years the dollar/pound exchange rate has vascillated between 1.4USD= 1 pound and 2.1USD= 1 pound. In 2008 the exchange rate was about 2USD=1 pound NOT 1.25USD=1pound. therefore, in 2008 12,000 pounds was equal to about 24,000 USD NOT 16,000.

  2. Psst. I'm not going to argue exchange rates with you, and I am well aware of what currency Piers used when discussing his salary with the British paper. The US paper who first published the story was the NYPost. It was their conversion that put the figure at $16,000. So correct or not that is the widely published number that Ms. Whitfield would have read. Additionally, the article ran in 2009 while discussing payment from 2007. While your enamorment with exchange rates is adorable, whether the amount is 16,000 or 25,000 is not the pertinent issue. But thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm an economic officer so my "enamorment with exchange rates" is more than "adorable", its my career. The pertinent issue is providing correct information. I am not interested in arguing with a pop-culture blogger over economics. You simply don't have the knowledge or expertise to make such an argument worthwhile. If I wanted to argue about something trivial and entertaining then, I might consider your opinion. However, while you are obviously not a journalist of any merit, I don't think its too much to ask for you to provide correct information to your readers.

  4. I am pretty sure the important part of the story is that Nene didn't become rich because of the check she got from appearing on Celebrity Apprentice. What the actual amount of the check was is rather irrelevant. And if you are so concerned with her journalistic merit maybe you should find another place to read about your reality TV fixation.

  5. Whether intentional or not, the exchange between (original) "Anonymous blogger and Tamara is actually entertaining. Seriously- laugh out loud funny. Thanks for the passion, sticking up for your positions (and demanding respect for your careers); this was well worth the visit!! Happy Sunday :)

  6. Yet here you are, a foreign service officer, doing just what you have no interest in doing! I've placed links in the blog so that you might go to the source media and argue with someone of a higher journalistic status about the dollar to pound sterling exchange rate. Sadly, there are not many reputable journalists who concern themselves with the stipend paid to a D-list British celebrity who makes his living, ironically enough, in tabloid journalism, but I suggest for your sake you keep searching. You have clarified and reclarified your expert opinion on the subject and while I do appreciate you dropping by, and clearly lurking about for further commenting, it seems your services here beyond our needs. There is an interesting article in the WSJ about JP Morgan and Wells Fargo's abysmal first quarter performance that, despite potentially interupting your economic officer heart's sinus rhythm ,you should find infinitely more interesting. If you need my pw just ask.

  7. Tamara please stop blogging—-you have nothing noteworthy to really add- you come across as a hater with no life REAL TALK

  8. And yet here you are…day after day…surely there are some good blogs out there that you would enjoy.

  9. I don't understand why you were so rude to the commenter. They offered a point of clarification and didn't do it in a rude way. This is not the way to build readership, which appears to be your goal when you were on Twitter asking for more followers. Most of your gossip is from TMZ anyway and in several instances not distinct enough from other bloggers to consider your info unique. At no point does it merit your snide attitude. Readers=consumers. Satisfied consumers being other consumers. Get it?

  10. I have to agree you are very mean.

  11. I'm starting to think I need a blogroll just so you guys can find your way out. Is someone holding you hostage here at my mean, mean blog? Have you been sentenced by your probation officer to read blogs with opinions and attitudes you don't like to work on anger management skills? Are you using a browser that refuses to shut this window? Again, I would suggest you find a blog with the sort of attitude and temperment you enjoy because life is to short to hang out where you are unhappy. And I'm quite happy with my blog and it's not changing, so you are wasting your time and energy here. Best of luck to you on your search for your happy place.

  12. "Economic Officer" means they can work both the counter and drive up window. Very impressive.NJB

  13. Cant speak for the other people that hate your blog but i only read it to see how you're going to hate on Sheree Whitfield each day – its really old and i actually feel sorry for you that she's the person talked about 80% of the time…..i thought sheree already had a stalker that blogged but i guess you can never have too many nobodies writing erroneous stories about you

  14. oh Sheree, you really shouldn't come here everyday. It's not healthy. You exaggerate how many of my blogs are about you though. I would really appreciate it if you could go to rehab or have a breakdown in the near future.You are correct in that most people who come to this blog do it to read about your stupidity. You have even more people checking out your stories than Nene. I'm gonna miss the traffic unless you can ramp it up a notch. Thanks.

  15. Regardless of where she gets her information, I enjoy her blog because of her unique perspective and personality which really comes through when I'm reading her blog :)

  16. Great, way to make me sound perky. You are worse than they are! I am not perky with personality!#PMS Does anyone have any chocolate?

  17. Nothing like a afternoon cat fight. Is sheree in or out. I saw on another web site that she is getting 500.000.00 next season, so does anyone know the truth?

  18. That sounds about right. You seem like you've found a really great website there. I'd spend my time there if I were you. Nothing to see here…

  19. Tamara – are you fat?

  20. Yes! I just finished my second pint of Bella Ciao sorbet in two days. I've started the third! I think I may need fat camp! This really isn't one of those "chat blogs" I can email you the url for one though. Just shoot me an email. They talk about weight and aches and pains all day! We tend to stay on topic here.

  21. This is my 1st time visiting this blog site and will be my last. It was fine until I got to the comment section…The economic officer was making a point about the Euros and if he was wrong about thinking you posted the currency instead of NYpost..that's all u had to say to clarify it. Your bad attitude and hood mentality will only get you less readers.

  22. I don't think I've ever seen a blogger go at those making comments as much as you do Tamara. Maybe its easier for you to respond because you don't have a lot of followers. In this blog world you better develop thicker skin and ignore some of these comments if you want to be successful. Go ahead I'll wait, because I know you are going to respond with hate. I wish you well. No "shade" here. Lol

  23. The person who posted the info. regarding exchange rates, is correct. If something is 16usd here, British pound equivalent would be twice as much or roughly 32 dollars. Now, the tricky thing is rates fluctuate everyday but you get the point….As for the article, I thought Nene did good taking on those bitches tonight. Sheree is a dumb ass among other things. Someone that lies about a home that is in their mothers name has no room to talk about someone having a co-signor. Secondly, Sheree talked about Nene's son being a thief when she was the one busted for passing bad checks…At the end of the day, Sheree is a broke ass buster. She is still lying about the house, ShebySheree, etc…. Kandi, Kandi disgusts the hell out of me. She does talk about sex a lot. She is classless and two-faced. I don't know what in the hell people see in her. Nene especially did well in her comeback to that nasty bitch in heat…Can't wait for part two and three!Peace,P

  24. I like Kandi, P, but I have to agree that the sex talk is way past the point of cute. :)And "anon" you seem very interested in posting today. You do realize that little green thingy at the bottom is a site meter don't you? You are cracking me up with the repetitive comments. Let me make it perfectly clear,I don't value your comments, or have any interest at all in you posting here. I realize his hurts your feelings but please, just leave, it's not necessary to keep pretending to post again as someone else or announce your departure. Please find a new hobby. Or would you prefer I post your IPs? :)

  25. I really enjoy your blog but you come off as defensive and sarcastic in some of your comments like the one above. What is the point of being rude to loyal readers?

  26. Didn't Lisa and NeNe have a twitter beef going on last year? And now they made up? It's so hard to keep up with the twitter drama, lol.I'm kinda disappointed Andy didn't ask Sheree about trusting Tyrone over NeNe. At least NeNe called him a scam artist, haha.

  27. Wow you can't take criticism. No need to state what others said. Simple minded woman

  28. Nene was throwing major shade like it was 100 degrees in that room last night. Sheree has the nerve to talk about anybodies kids. Bryson is a grown ass man and what he does shouldn't reflex on Nene no matter how much money she has. Loved how both Nene and Phaedra had Sheree's hating ass on hush. Favorite line from last night was " how much money is in your bank account". BloopMiss Kitty

  29. I don't think that anon @2:11 was trying to be rude.

  30. Wow. I found this site from another blog site (Reality Tea)a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed this site until reading these comments. Tamara, what is wrong with you? Why the nastiness & rudeness to your readers? Why insult the commenter who only gave an accurate statement on exchange rates? He/she wasn't being rude to YOU.Don't you want to keep loyal readers coming back? SMDH…

  31. No "Angie" I don't. Please go away and do not return. Do not post again. Do not read again. Just leave.

  32. Angie, don't let the door hit ya in the ass!

  33. I was on a blog where a poster made a comments about the misspellings and grammatical errors. The blog owner told the man if he wanted perfection to go read the Wall Street Journal. I was on another blog and the same comments were posted. The blog owner responded with a "thank you" and that was the end of it. Why some immature blog owners have to be so defensive, rude and ignorant is beyond me. Grow up.

  34. Why some blog readers troll blogs to repeatedly post "helpful comments" spelling is beyond me. I believe I have been perfectly clear that while I would love to have a gajillion readers here, I am not posting for the pleasure of anyone but myself. If you don't like it, I urge you to get the hell off the blog that I pay for and find one that suits your purposes. And if your purpose in life is to be a human spell checker for blogs rest assured I am going to tell you to kick rocks. Or fuck off. Depending on my mood. Ciao!

  35. tamara is sheree in or out for next season? i read on twitter where someone was commenting "keep your head up" to sheree, but this could have been about anything with all the mess she has caused this year. also tamara, i think i read you saying lawrence and sheree had ceased being friend for awhile. what was that about? i saw that he did her hair on the reunion show looks like for payback becuase she looked awful and very tacky with the hair style, hair color and that dress. her hairstyle looked homemade and not something done by professional. i can tell she was nervous because she kept picking at her dress and her voice was quirky and she kept stumbling her words. okay let me know what you think…thankslannette

  36. Yes lannette, Sheree is off RHOA. I started posting about thi about a month ago. So if you look to the right you should be able to find articles about it all the way back to mid March. One of the more recent ones is called "Why Sheree got fired from RHOA" and has most of the stuff. :)

  37. Tamara you come across like a real bitch. I enjoyed your blog in the beginning but you are really feeling yourself now. The nasty comebacks are so unnecessary and childish. Were you picked on in school? Grow the fuck up! Save the "Don't come here/No one's forcing you crap". I haven't been to your sight in awhile and was hoping you had eased up. Nope, still a petty bitch that has to be nasty. Fuck you and your blog.

  38. Why do you keep coming back expecting the blog to change to meet your expectations? For you to continue to check back here with that hope is insane. I do not value you or your diatribes. I assume you will eventually tire of these constant tantrums. Try to stretch out your "not being here in awhile" to last a bit longer…

  39. This is my first time reading this blog, I didn't come here to read arguments exchanged between the blogger and her readers. This is Crazy. Think I'll find another blog. Good luck yall.

  40. Tamara! You too funny:)

  41. LMAO-whew! I do enjoy a well written piece but sometimes you have to say no to steak served on a garbage lid. Well, one final word of advice. Go to, get the biggest dildo you can find, insert and rotate repeatedly. Repeat before AND after blogging and you can kill several birds with one stone. You're welcome��. The only reason you're so angry is because no one is helping you de-stress in the bedroom. This is also why you're fat-out of frustration. Alright off you go now…������. Guess I'll stick with the other ATL blogger. At least she shows her face�� smooches bish

  42. Sweet T

    Who cares about the exchange rate?!?

    Anyway, the reason why I am commenting years after this post was first written is for this sentence…

    “Dammit, Andy we’re never going to have a felonious act on a reunion if you keep this up! ”

    Please enter beauty queen and THOT.

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