Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion is a Fashion Nightmare!

Since we probably won’t see the most dramatic fireworks on tonight’s first of three episodes of the reunion, I’d like to talk about their wardrobe choices. I’ve been bagging on the wardrobe all season long and I swear their choices for the reunion are prime examples of these women not knowing how to dress themselves. I’ve mentioned their need for good foundation garments at length.  I swear some of these women seem to be wearing Walmart brand bras under their designer dresses. I understand finding bras in large sizes is hard. But ladies, we live in Atlanta, home of the flagship store of Intimacy!  It’s right there in Phipps! Yes the bra cost a couple hundred bucks but y’all are making bank, remember? Let’s talk fashion…

Let’s start with the left side of the couch. I’m not impressed. First of all, since Kim has gotten pregnant, she has lived in long dresses. I’m a huge fan of long dresses for myself, but the best thing about wearing long dresses is that you can wear flats, and if you haven’t kept up with the leg shaving, it’s no problem! Maybe her legs are swelling with the pregancy, I don’t know. It would be fine if she didn’t have some sort of applique on her boobs. All of Kim’s long dress looks sort of look like she is wearing a negligee in public. And again, her boobs are riding low but she covers them with yards of wig so, I mean I guess she’s fine. I dunno what Phaedra is wearing. It looks like sort of a plain black t-shirt mini-dress with a pleated grey tunic/peplum thing on top. Everybody knows the peplum fad is NOT for anyone with a donkey booty. At least she has a decent bra on. There is nothing wrong with Sheree’s dress. It’s a great dress to wear out to lunch with girlfriends on a hot day with some strappy sandals. I like it. It’s just too boring for the reunion.

Which brings us to the right side of  the couch. It’s disasterous. The smalls on the left may not have hit any fashion homeruns but the right side of the couch could not be more wrong. Cynthia looks good in anything. However, somebody needs to pick a season and make all these women dress for the same one. Cynthia’s cute pink dress with the long sleeves and the black tights looks a season or two behind the other bare-legged ladies with all their meat flopping out. Kandi wins worst dressed of the night hands down. I am not sure she put the dress on properly. Her dress barely covers her left nipple and there is apparently an under skirt to the dress that looks like she has some Jill Zarin Skweez Couture malfunctioning under there. Plus, she sits like a man when she gets angry. It just doesn’t work. And then there’s Nene. I hate the dress. I never saw Nene look as good as she did at the Bravo Upfronts. She was WEARING that dress and it fit her to a tee. She had on proper foundation garments holding everything in place and looked FABULOUS. Unfortunately on the reunion, I’m not sure she had a bra on at all and the dress didn’t fit right. It wasn’t as bad as Kandi’s issues but it was close.

As for the shoes, I totally disagree with Andy choosing Cynthia and Sheree’s shoes as his favorites. Nene’s Loubs were perfection. If you can’t wear 6.3 inch spikes to a reunion, then where can you wear them? The same shoes, that retail for about $4.000 were worn by  Cassie, that sometimes singer sometimes model, at the Grammys earlier this year.

So do y’all think I am being too harsh here? Or do these girls really need some fashion help?


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29 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion is a Fashion Nightmare!

  1. Funny you have SO much criticism coming from someone who 1.) NEVER shows her face. 2.) is on the bottom of the food chaind when it comes to bloggers and 3.) probably doesn't even get paid to do this because NO advertisers on this site at all. Kandi is not the worst dresses it definitely is sheree cuz she's not wearing anything but a brown sheet. Cynthia looks liks morticia adams on easter sunday for goodness sakes!! I would like to see your fashion degree that you got better yet show me a damn picture!……r u even female. Girl get the number of your hits on your website up and then MAYBE you can come at them about what they're wearing, their finances and everything else!!You complain so damn much about these but yet the only reason people come to your site is because you talk about them ALL THE DAMN TIME!! Tamara sitdown PLEASE #gurlbye

  2. HI ANNIE!!! Always good to see your thoughtful and deep comments.Sheree could get a start as a stylist by helping her cast mates out. She typically looks the best at being put-together. They all seem to think they wear at least one size smaller than they probably should. And seriously…is there a bra shortage in the south????WD

  3. WD, It's not JUST Annie, LOl. It seems the more links I get from other blogs, the more people show up to tell me know one is reading here. Clearly they seek out the one blog that says negative things about the housewives…oh wait, nevermind. :)

  4. Tamara, I love your blog and visit it daily! I really enjoy reading your sarcastically humorous posts about the RHOA–and most of the time, I agree with your opinions of them. However, I feel compelled to point out that many of your posts (I'm being kind–all, actually) have misspelled words and grammatical errors. I know you don't claim to be a professional writer; however, if you are going to be going in on folks (and, I have read some of your most pointedly written posts–they are daggers!), you have to run spell check or at least type the post in Microsoft Word first and then copy and paste it into Blogger after you've caught and fixed the errors. You know other bloggers come to your site to steal and your haters are looking for ammo. I will continue to read your blog and likely will enjoy your posts. I really wish you'd take a little extra time (and pride) prior to clicking "submit," because I know you can do better.

  5. You really should circle the words you think are spelled incorrectly in a red pen. Or list them here so I can help you sound them out. I'll wait.

  6. Anon @1:11It obvious you are Kandi fan. And nothing is wrong with that. Blogging is like your mind, you get to express your opinion without the censoring of others. Our first amendment right.If you don't like TT comments, leave and do not respond. there are a few bloggers who I can't stand. But I do not bash them because of their views. If I don't like what I have read, I keep it to moving.Only the shallow have reason to badger the blogger for giving their point of view.@juss_jai

  7. Eh it's all about personal preference. Frankly none of them look particularly bad to me. Eveyone knows everyone has their own taste and opinions.

  8. I like Kandi! I just think that outfit is dreadful! :)

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA … my poor Kandi … she always looks crazy – but I love her….cause she is CHEAP!! LOL All that money she has – and she refuses to hire a stylist, let's Derek J do whatever he wants to her hair … she doesn't care! … and for whatever reason, it makes me like her even more.I read somewhere – maybe an Oprah comment – that SOMETIMES the age that you acquire fame/wealth, is SOMETIMES the age in which you remain, so far as development. That would explain Kandi – she dresses haphazardly – jumping from one style to the next – very experimental.I think for her, she honestly could care less what she looks like. Some things she wears, it's okay – but others look more suited for someone in their 20s, not their 30s.Phaedra – her clothes are just TOO TIGHT!!!Cynthia – its hit and miss with her … and I RARELY like what she does with her hair.Kim – I don't pay any attention to her – but I agree those long dresses – too much boob.The reason RHOA all look crazy though – is Kandi posted a while back that they are all responsible for the clothes they wear. They also have been told they can't wear the same things 2x in a row. Frankly, I'm just glad the season is over. RHOA is the only HW show I watch, so I won't be tuning in to BRAVO again until the fall.Hopefully when they return, they will have some new HW to add to the mix.

  10. That's an interesting comment about when you acquire your wealth. It certainly explains trust fund babies. :)I suppose Oprah would say she is the exception. I can see a lot of people not growing emotionally once they got all the things money can buy. They would be pretty shallow to start with though.

  11. The clothes they wear are all too tight ! but tha's the point tight , low cut and bejeweled. I have noticed many of the reality show househags have gotten in to the shape-wear business Jill Zarin the newest NY househag also has shape wear and Bethany Frankel, whose show is just one long informecial for all her businesses.

  12. Jill Zarin has a shapewear line? Well I'll be damned. I bet she plugs it on her show when she has Alex and that brunette chick with the twins over for Shabbat dinner.

  13. Yes she does Tamera for quite some time its a bustier type of shapewear that can be worn as outer wear, she was on the PEW ( the VIEW ) not too long ago showing her product Jill I believe is not on the HWofNY anymore neither is Alex

  14. Oh now you are just pulling my leg. Jill Zarin, not a housewife? Where do you get these stories?

  15. Tamera a quick google will confirm thisJill was not asked back for the 5th season

  16. Who is Tamera? And stop lying about Jill. I am never going to come here and read your posts again. You are clearly a Jill hater! Jill is a pillar of the community! Fine upstanding housewives like Jill Zarin and Sheree Whitfield are the STARS of their franchises and will NEVER be fired! Stop the lying crazy anonymous person. Stop the lies!

  17. Bi-polar bloggers are hilarious! Love it. #whackjob

  18. I love your blog too but I have spotted numerous typos in your posts. It is a fair criticism.

  19. Please go love a different one with better spelling. I'd hate for you to suffer so here. Or better yet, start your own!

  20. Tamara I love your blog as well. Yoi are new to this and it will get even better as you move forward. However; there are lots of errors in your writing. Typos. Please don't be so defensive. Its constructive crticism. Not throwing shade. Some of your writing is difficult to decipher. Sometimes when writing we wrie like we speak. Blogging deserves to be proofed many times over, if need be. Keep up the great work!

  21. i think neenee's dress is gorgeous and it fit well. sheree's dress is in the wrong color. i feel you on everything else. why don't neenee and sheree get a long. i really didn't care for sheree on the reunion. she's was riding the short bus.

  22. I am finally getting to watch the reunion uninterrupted (there was some real life stuff that happened at the beginning before) and I like Nene's dress more than I did just looking at stills and the previews. I think it just got sort of whompy jawed during her epileptic seizure there for a bit. :) See that was nice. I agree about the beige on Sheree too. None of them were fashion standouts tonight though.

  23. Ivy

    Nene's Twitter People are all congratulating her about the faces she was making tonight. Like it's a new talent she's developed. Like babies don't do that. I don't understand these people at all lol.Kim lied about not smoking and drinking if the expressions on the other women's (plus Nene's) faces are to be believed. And I totally believe Marlo about her using Lee's money to help pay for Kroy's. It also looked like she agreed with Marlo's calling her a whore when she defended herself by saying, "But Big Poppa was YEARS ago!" Right, Kim – we're all that stupid.If there's a "winner," Phaedra's it. She took Sheree down without having to raise her voice and she didn't interrupt her once. She won.

  24. Ivy

    Finally (swear) lately I've been picking up more and more on the ways in which Kim and Nene are exactly alike. What sticks out most is that they remind me of two old drag queens (sorry, drag queens) arguing about who's more feminine. They're like two men who are pretending to act like women based on a bunch of nonsense they picked up on TV. @Kay Tee ~ You are so absolutely right on in your assessment of Kandi's style. Say what you want, it's totally hers.@Tamara ~ Always love your rants. WAS that JZ, btw? Sure sounded like her LOL! :)

  25. Was this the Nene reunion? Nene is not going to back down to any of those bitches and they might as well leave her the hell along. I thought she was going to grab sheree by her weave, for trying to talk about her sons. Although Sheree really had the nerve to bring the children into this mess. I must say I really miss Kim and Nene together. They both look like two tranvesties. Kim lips look like she been sucking on the big "D" a little too much.

  26. Kandi has disappointed me this season (I loved her the previous seasons), I am all for her making that $$$ from the sex toys but the last straw for me was when she was video chatting with that girl and she talked about using it on the plane beside some stranger YUCK!!! JOKES – when Phaedra had asked everyone to come in their Sunday best… Did you see what Kandi was wearing?? WHOA! She is not a good dresser at all, I thought Sheree looked OK (most of the time dresses the best but this season she wasn't as well dressed as in previous seasons) and Nene, I want those shoes!!! and dress fit her right (she has stepped up her dressing game, she used to look real bad remember season 1?)SK

  27. I love your blog. You say what other people are thinking! Keep up the good work. You're a peach!

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