Maloof Hoof On Sale Now!

Today is a good day to buy a Maloof Hoof! If you are a fan of the overhanging toe look Lord &Taylor has them all on sale for like 40% off. 


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10 responses to “Maloof Hoof On Sale Now!

  1. These are some of the ugliest shoes I have seen in a while. They really do look like hooves.

  2. LOL, yes they do look like hooves – could that be why they are on sale??

  3. I don't get the overhanging toe… it's very unattractive and makes it look like the wearer is about to fall off a ledge… wonder how hard they are to walk in with no back and your foot pointed almost straight down – Maloof walks funny – maybe she's trying to keep them on… different strokes for different folks…

  4. lord and taylor is my favorite

  5. These shoes are so ugly! Not only that, but they look like they hurt! Anyway, I like Adrienne M., but honey I just can't with these heels. FG

  6. Might as well wear toe shoes! Not only is it ugly, it's unstable and you trip over yourself when you wear them. Saw a gal @ an upscale mall last weekend with a simliar shoe – could barely walk, poor girl. The bad thing about all these huge/high spike heels is the way it damages your foot & BACK! Sorry, you can still be fashionable without wearing torture devices on your feet.

  7. Lisa V. called it right when she said "hoof". I agree with other comments. With any brand of heel this high, wearers can expect future knee problems because it throws your body weight forward off of your heels.

  8. Boy, Adriene is having a bad week financially! Kinda knew her shoes would do badly….not at all attractivd and the pricing ridiculous. PayLess shoestore — may be low end, but they have had adorable shoes this year at their low prices! These women do not relate to the majority of viewers imo. Everything I have read in the last week about the Maloof brothers and Adriene says they are threatening to move their ballteam, again, but either location — the Maloofs are broke. The Palms income down, small % of ownership anyway, sold their beer dist last year to pay creditors, The bank that they hold many investments-doing poor, ballteam broke even, at best, last 2 seasons…No more big bucks. Things lookin dismal for Adrianne. She better be nicer to Paul, his income is their primary now and something tells me he doesn't bring in millions like she was used to having most of her life.

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