What’s Wrong With This Picture? Cirque Lodge Face Version

What are they doing to the patients at Cirque Lodge? Both Kim Richards and The Situation came out with really plump faces. Reckon they were just really dehydrated before? Click through to see Kim’s post Cirque Lodge Moon face…

See what I mean, Jellybean?  
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10 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Cirque Lodge Face Version

  1. Oh Miss Tamara, there must be something more interesting to report on than this.

  2. I know, but did you see how ROUND Kim Richards face was when she came out of there? His is the exact same way! #conspiracytheory

  3. Mike just dank a lot of vinegar water while ine treatment.

  4. They are actually eating when not drinking or taking drugs. Alcholics and drug addicts don't need or want food when they are strung out and stressed out. In rehab as they get better they eat! Kim looks a little heavier in that photo. So does the Situation. Although a more healthier look does nothing for their looks as each are still not good looking people. ;-)

  5. I work in a treatment facility and most addicts don't eat when they're abusing so when we get them, we make sure they're nourished. Also the same dopamine reaction that they receive from the drug/alcohol is similar to the same reaction that any of us get from eating sweets and chocolates so they're privy to lots of snacks. A simple way to trick the brain!

  6. I'm with you, too, Tamara.. *side eye*

  7. I cannot beleive he is driving a $$$ carDirty shore is the best $$$ that could have happen to these people where else in the world would they ever at their age can they afford a bling bling lifestyle .And they all branded themselvesreality shows a job and a career R

  8. The Jersey Shore cast is the highest paid among reality shows. And you are correct that many of them have made a brand for themselves with other ventures which is smart. That said, the cars you see them drive are generally rented. Outside of the Kardashians, very few reality "stars" can sustain the lifestyle they try to project longterm. It's like lottery winners, most people don't know what to do with large windfalls and just start spending.

  9. thanks TameraI wonder when the show-money and fame run out and interest in them how they will end upmost lottery winners end up in a worse place than when they beganR

  10. Maybe they give their patients face filler shots so that everyone will say boy that facility really works look how health their patients look after treatment .

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