Toya Wright’s Mother Begging for Money in New Orleans

According to Straight from the A, Toya Wright is a leading contender to be the next housewife on Real Housewives of Atlanta. This news has been met with a bit of displeasure by my readers who have emailed me their sentiments. In generally they feel she is too young, too uneducated and too “hood” to be chosen. To that I say, “Have you seen Sheree and Marlo?”  Today a reader in New Orleans sent me a heartbreaking story (and picture) about Toya’s mother, Nita. Click through for the tea.

Here is what my reader reported today from New Orleans:

I get that sometimes family can be a hassle for “celebrities” especially when they don’t help themselves but when you incorporate said family into your reality tv show like theyr’e really a part of your life but then shun them away when the camera’s stop rolling it says alot about your character. Today I was buying some crawfish from a local store here in New Orleans and here comes Nita, Toya’s mom, begging everyone to buy her a pound of crawfish. It was just sad all the way around. Everyone was basically ignoring her and after a few minutes of her ranting about how no one loves her and how her daughter just used her (ppl were saying she should call up toya and wayne for money) she started begging everyone for spare change to pay for a shelter for the night. I personally would never let this happen to someone in my family but its just sad to know that her family has so much and they don’t help her.

I asked the reader about the baby she is holding and she said she didn’t know where the baby came from. She said that Nita was going down everyone in the checkout line asking for change to buy a pound of crawfish. A pound of crawfish sells for $3.17.  Nita also indicated that she had no place to stay that night and was asking people to help her come up with enough money to get into a shelter of some kind.  This story is a sad one; however, it seems that Toya maybe an appropriate person to replace Sheree on RHOA.  It looks like there will be much to report on.

Edited: Media Fake Out posted this story today (and actually sort of credited me for a change) which may have led to Toya posting these tweets:
Toya Wright@ToyaWright

As long as I’m living my mother will NEVER be homeless!


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46 responses to “Toya Wright’s Mother Begging for Money in New Orleans

  1. Oh my God, how sad! Do you know if there is a history of substance abuse with the Mother? I've never watched any other reality shows, except for RHOA … was Toya in another reality show that her Mother was on?

  2. There are three sides to every story your side, the other person's side and the truth. Where are the other members of her family? I read somewhere that Toya's mother has a drug addiction. Could this be part of the problem, she doesn't have a place of her own? No one know for sure if Toya's really tried to help her mother. Before you come down on this woman, make sure Nita is on the level herself.

  3. Oh how sad! I know her mother was trying to become sober from drugs in the early episodes of her show. Love your blog by the way!

  4. but whose baby is she holding? where did she get that baby to beg?I do agree with other posters who say that mom may have a drug problems. there are 2 sides to every story

  5. On the show, she had a substance abuse problem. She chooses to live in New Orleans. Toya tried to get her mother to stay in Atlanta. You can't help someone that doesn't want to be helped. You have to wait until they come to the end of themselves and hope they don't die in the process.

  6. Nita has been on crack basically ALL of Toya's and her sibling's lives. Toya was moved from house to house growing up because Nita was on drugs. Her dad was a rolling stone. Has a hella lot of kids(smh). After Katrina, Toya tried to get her mom to move to Atl to live with her but Nita wanted to go back to New Orleans. Toya has tried to help Nita. Toya has her own life, family, store and career. Nita needs to want to help herself.

  7. yes, i did watch Toya's reality show and her mother is a serious addict. Toya and her siblings have tried to help her numerous times with rehab and all but Nita kept relapsing. Yes, its sad to watch Nita hit this level but truly the family has tried several times to help her. Like any addict, only Nita can decide when she's ready to truly get clean. As for Toya on RHOA, im not sure that's a good fit. Who would she interact with, Kandi? I know that Tiny and Kandi were in the group together and are probrably still very good friends and Tina and toya are friends..but Toya really has nothing in common with the women that are currently in RHOA–and knowing Phaedra, she would tear the poor girl down because we all know how she can be. Nene and Marlo wouldnt be bothered with her because she's not a fake label chaser and not high status like they pretend to be. And..Kim? please. that wouldnt even be a factor. Cynthia would probrably try but really can you see Cynthia and Toya as BFF's. Ha.

  8. Toya does not need to be on the RHOA..IF I SEE HER ON THERE IM GOING TO GET PISSED because she going to RUIN the show smh and there going to go down on views..lets just be honest shes not on there level on there..stay in you lane toya

  9. She cant be on the show because RHOA needs people who speak english. I dont know what language that is that Toya speaks, but it sure isnt english. Bravo would have to use subtitles, costing them money. Dont see her getting casted.I wish they would cast a woman who made a successful career WITHOUT being some mans cumbucket,smh. But I know those women wouldnt want to be on this show to ruin their reputation.

    • Dana

      Give the woman a chance we are all human beings they are (other women on the show) no better than her its not where u came from but where u are going

  10. What happened to tameka foster (ushers ex)? Now shes got drama I would love to see but you know u would never let his kids on that.

  11. Just when you say RHOA can't get any worse – umph!

  12. I do remember Tiny and Toya from back in the day I liked their reality show from what I remember is that they were true sister/friends and had each other backs I even seem to remember Tamar Braxton on it ( or one of the Braxton sisters ) present day women on reality shows are combative witches with each other the undercurrent is physical violence is going POP and someones weave is going be pulled I dunno know of Toya is right for this RH of ATL they are mean fighters R

  13. I think Toya is a little young for the RHOA crew, and the Bravo audience may be a little more hard for her to impress than BET viewers. Also, I don't think Phaedra would be rude to Toya…If I remember correctly, Phaedra appeared on the first season of Tiny and Toya and provided advice to Toya about how to dress when she traveled to New York try to get a book deal (Phaedra may have been involved more behind the scenes as well).

  14. At least Nene & Sheree spoke well….LAWD I think Sherre once had a bad stutter that's why her speech is so I don't know controlled?? Anywho Toya is WAY too hood, hood as in she's not cultured AT ALL. She's just stuck in her little hood rat bubble if she'll be added I won't be watching.

  15. I'm in the New Orleans often and I know of Toya and her family. Her mother (Nita) actually has a very nice home, furniture, etc. all of which TOYA has provided for her. Nita is actually doing better than she is being portrayed. As far as RHOA is concerned Toya wont be a good candidate because the "housewives" for the most part are classless and messy. This is nothing Toya is. She is very intelligent and down-to-earth.

    • johnice noflin

      Very well said. I know Nita does what she wants to do, always has. Toya helps her when she needs help and as far as Toya on RHOA u are right Toya would not fit in she is not messy or fake cuz they would seriously get the beat down if they come with that drama on someone from New Orleans.

    • BoSsLady69

      Thanx for Telling The Real Story About Whats Going On With Mz.Nita,I Was A Little Confused To What Was Going On With Her Since The Show Ended…She Had Finish Rehab And Was Running Her Restaurant,I Was About To Cry For Her,Until I Read Your Comment…What A Relief To Hear Shes Doing Good.{Smile}

    • BoSsLady69

      I Definitely Agree,That Toya Does Not Belong On The RHOA,Because She Just Isnt FAKE ENOUGH….She Doesnt Pretend To Be Anything But Herself…And Thats PRiCELESS…Alot Of What We See Is A Fascade,Ive Been Reading That Bravo PAYS For Alot Of The Things U See,I Even Read That When NeNe And Greg Got Evicted From Their,It Was Bravo That Was Picking Up The Tab For NeNe And As Well As Sheree Home..Kandi Is The Only REAL WEALTHY Housewife On The Show With A Net Worth Of 35Million…And Phaedra Would Definitely Be A Friend Of Hers,Remember She Was On Tiny And Toya,She Help Toya With Her Book Deal…

  16. Whenever you are doing good there is always going to be a few envious people who only want to tear you down. I feel like this person made this statement with little to none consideration and although I don’t know their reason, I know you don’t know Toya’s story so how can you try to narrate? We are so quick to judge people but you should sweep around your own front door. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when you’re trying to state facts you have to first hand KNOW the truth.

  17. No mam, Toya is not to blame! She's repeatedly tried to help her mother get off drugs! What is Toya suppose to do? On the last season of Toya's reality show, she put her mom thru rehab, she told her mother if you go thru with this for 20th time, I'll help you and get your own restaurant since you love to cook!How do we know her mother wasn't trying to use her, she didn't raise her! Chile please… I don't feel sorry for the mother!

  18. I related an event that occurred yesterday in New Orleans. My ONLY subjective input was that I found the situation sad. The was no blame placed anywhere. A factual account of a situation was presented. Judgement is in your head.

  19. Girl u obviously never saw the Tiny and Toya show. Her moms has been on drugs for a very long time Toya would run the streets lookin for nita finally tracks her down moved her in her home and put her in rehab. I'm starting to think Nita likes begging and actin a fool.

  20. As for RHOA I say give her a chance you never know she might have evolved and matured cause yall acting like the girl str8 dumb. I like her and if WACK Ass Brandy can be on the game she can try fiore RHOA. SHIT They were saying Monica for the part. Theres no big diff there btw the two to be honest. I say give her a chance. Go ahead Toya id watch.

  21. I watched Tiny and Toya and I like her. She did try to help her mother but she wouldn't take it. I didn't feel like Toya was being insincere or using her mom for a story line. The show had enough plot lines between Wayne and TI. It's a sad reality for people who have family members fighting addiction. I've lost two uncles and many friends to drug abuse. You can only do so much. Nita knows if she agreed to go to rehab, Toya would help her. All she wanted on the show was for Toya to give her money for drugs. I hope she does join the show. She's a lot more real than any of them.

  22. mto is using your pic. your watermark should be bigger

  23. Media Fakeout copies lots of my stories. At least this time the sort of acknowledged the source and didn't claim it as one of their WORLD EXCLUSIVES! lol

  24. U people are dumb. She is not holding the baby. The woman next to her is holding the baby. Look closer!

  25. Anon 5:37 You are right, the person next to her is holding the baby. Sometimes We see what we want to see!

  26. I know nothing about Toya but what I have seen on the show but glad that someone from our hometown who knows her is speaking on her behalf of facts not fiction. Haters are all around & need to drop off the face of the earth.

  27. My problem with this story: If Nita had no where to stay for the night, where was she going to cook the crawfish? I know bloggers are not bound by the journalistic code of ethics, but I would not have run this story without verification beyond a picture.

  28. This story is garbage. Thats Nita's son at the counter making a purchase.

  29. This story is bullsh_t and whoever believe this is dumber than the person who wrote it. First of all I always see Ms. Nita and she is doin fine, Why would she be begging for change when Walter (her son) is at the counter purchasing things. People love to stir up trouble it must've been a Toya Hater who sent this picture in. I love Toya because she came from nothing and made it out of something she's the epitome of a strong black woman, I wish her much success, love, peace, and longevity. I love you Toya keep doin ya thing cuz ya got a whole army comin behind you supporting you.

  30. Omgeee that's wild story smh@ that

  31. Ms Cutie

    Toya is not hood!! just because she’s from New Orleans!! HELL!! I’m from New Orleans I’m more hood then her,but news hows to carry myself, in a well mannered way!! but… I can get hood on yo ass,If i have too!!! and I’m sure Toya can too,if push comes to a shove, but ya’ll need to stop judging her,and ppl from New Orleans everybody is different to a certain level, but we have hospitality and everywhere else doesn’t, and you bitches can’t take us!!! and for as her in RHOA ain’t a good idea for her image,she too smart and quiet for that!! it takes a bitch like me,on there,to read them hoes out!!! so Toya keep doing you mama,fuck watcha heard!!!



  32. Your crazy toya you contradict yourself saying shell never be homeless as long as I’m alive then say maybe she’s hungry why she begging for food why she begging long as you alive

  33. glentriciya

    Thet is stupid from even taken pics and showing who eva tht is and thts also childish

  34. sam

    well not much 2 say just happy 2 see that some ppl that came from nothing gets a chance 2 live a fraction of heavan right here on earth Just enjoy it while u can

  35. 504CreoleQueen

    that’sor those that’s hating on Toya cause she’s from New Orleans drop dead. I know Toya personally and RHWOA needs her on the show, they will finally have a real down ass bitch on their and we as CAJUNS aint never scared of nobody stepping up to us, nor will we bite our tongue about anything, y’all just can’t handle the truth. Far as her being dumb, do a rating of high school graduates from the hood in New Orleans and ATL and see that we have the most low poverty graduates. Some of you say she don’t speak english, thatthat’s

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