Sheree’s Daughter Tierra Talks About Her Mother

The housedaughters from left: Briana Culberson, 25; Victoria de Lesseps, 17;

  Pandora Sabo, 26; Tierra Fuller, 26; and Lauren Manzo, 24

A recent article in Glamor magazine interviewed some “housedaughters” from Bravo including Vicki’s daughter Briana, Luann’s daughter Victoria, Lisa’s daughter Pandora,  Caroline’s daughter Lauren and Sheree’s daughter Tierra. I for one am shocked about that last one.  If you recall back in season one, Sheree did an interview with Essence magazine that included still from the show. In one of the pictures Tierra was identifed as a “family friend.” Sheree went to great lengths not to admit that she was a teen mother. Then again in season two, Tierra came to the “fashion viewing” for She By Sheree and there was another controversy over Tierra. I believe that she was entirely cut out of the scene if  I remember correctly. Also, in earlier Sheree posts on this blog, Tierra’s college friend posted that Tierra was really suffering financially while in college and her mother refused to help her out at all. I’ve read several places that Tierra was eating ramen noodles (like most college kids actually) and putting herself through school without a dime of help being offered from her Birkin bag.  Click through to see what Tierra has to say…

FULLER: I find myself getting very angry when I watch the show. Then I’ll talk to my mom, and she’s like, “You know, you can’t get too emotional about it.” The whole Marlo thing was hard for me. [In season four, Whitfield and cast mate Marlo Hampton engaged in a screaming match over a snubbed dinner invitation.] That fight was really intense. You want to protect your family, and that’s my mom! If I’m watching and something goes down, I’ll send her a text, like, “Wow, why did you two start arguing? Did that really happen?” And then she’ll give me the background.

So she asked her mom if she really hangs out at Onyx with drug dealers?

I was only on the show a few times, but the city of Atlanta isn’t that big, so I get a lot of recognition—especially the first season that I was on. Anytime I went out, people would come up to me like, “Oh my God, you’re Shereé’s daughter!” One time I went back to Nashville for the TSU homecoming, and this older lady came up to me and was like, “Can I get your autograph?” People still give autographs? I thought that was weird.

A woman approached me about being on another reality show. It was going to be about people my age being spoiled, always getting what they want. I guess they didn’t end up selling the pilot, but I was interested. My boyfriend, Damon, and I spoke about doing our own reality show. I think it’s not a bad idea. I like Bethenny Ever After and Khloé and Lamar. My mom is doing her thing; I’m trying to get her to make her own workout DVD or her own juicer. A lot of opportunities come out of reality shows, and my mom is my role model. [Glamor]

Well that is sad. It seems on the show like Tierra might have some sense but in this interview she didn’t have anywhere near the insight that the other girls have. It’s sad especially that she was interested in being on a show for spoiled children. Like mother like daughter. She certainly does not fall into that category based on the word around town. People seem to really feel sorry for her because of her mother. 

She seems to be dreaming with regard to her own reality show. Why do I feel like Sheree encouraged Tierra and Damon to get engaged for the finale of the show in hopes of a wedding for season five? It’s sad.  At least she understands that her mother should have been starting some business ventures related to working out. The DVD and juicer both would have been marketable before she got fired. I really feel for a young woman whose mother is her role model when that woman is Sheree. Sheree didn’t raise her, ignored her, denied her and then used her for a reality show. That was their relationship. She also failed to get an education, is unemployable and married a man for his money. When the marriage ended she dragged it out all the way to the supreme court and violated court orders by removing property that did not belong to her. She spent all her money on herself (in excess of a million dollars) while failing to provide even the basic necessities for her youngest children. What exactly does she look up to about her mother? Bless her heart.


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22 responses to “Sheree’s Daughter Tierra Talks About Her Mother

  1. Why is Sheree unemployable? Because she refuses to try or is she really that dense?

  2. During Sheree's divorce her attorney repeatedly told the judge that Sheree has no education. I don't recall whether she finished high school or not but it is unlikely if she got pregnant at 15 26 years ago that she did. He also claimed in court that she has no employable skills and as such is considered unskilled labor in the workforce. So she got almost 2 million dollars which she spent almost immediately. She was SUPPOSEED to use it on a home for the kids…

  3. Sherri could easily become a personal trainer.. that she is unemployeable is BS..I remember when the fact that Tierra was her daughter not her assistant came out.. I have never had a good thought about Sherri since thensweetnessnbubba

  4. Actually, Sheree would probably have a tough time becoming a certified personal trainer. That test is HARD. She COULD, however, do some fitness videos and then come out with a line of workout clothes. That is IF she were smart. I'm beginning to think she's really not too bright.Very disappointing interview with the daughter. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree…sadly.WD

  5. Ok, I no longer feel sorry for Shereethanks for the article and the people who posted about this article… SHEREE IS A WICKED WOMEN…

  6. " she seems to be dreaming about having her own reality show "No.. do not shoo shoo her aspirationsreality shows are a job and career pathwaysI used to see reality show people as in they did a show got on tv were famous for a little while and then quietly just fade away. much like being a contestant on a game show win a prize go home people forget about you. Look at the reality show people who made $$$$$$$$$ and brands and merchandize their one shot at reality show the Kartrashians have a BILLION $ enterprisesso many reality show people also set up their relatives up in their own realtiy shows.Reality shows are a job and a career path for many who do not have the education, or have put in years of work or study or training,If I was a actor / designer / singer/ fashionaita etc. who put in years of eduacation, study , training and paying my dues to advance in my career I would be seriously pissed at reality show people get famous and rich just by acting as despicable human beings and being richly rewarded.So for this girl to activily work towards haveing a Reality show on which she can be on, is ( in my opinon ) a valid career choice.thank you for reading my rantluv your blog !R.

  7. the reason Sheree is broke is that she is shortsighted to as not worked her notriety on the housewives shows or branded/merchandised herself more effectively $$she did not plan it well into the future like NeNe did .also the fact that the money Sheree received she spend it all on herself as soon as she got it. shortsighted sheree lives moment by momentR

  8. I hate to break it to Tierra but being on the RHOA a couple times as Sheree Whitfield's daughter (or family friend) is not going to set her up for her own reality show. Also, there are THRONGS of ex-reality show people that went right back to regular lives after their shows ended. In fact I can't think of anyone who had success after leaving their show at the moment. I'm sure there must be someone but I can't think of them at the moment…

  9. Please. No one would watch the show. sorry. Sheree is boring enough–no one wants to see the daughter she refused to acknowledged until she was caught. Plus for Tierra it would be just about the money the producers offered–which im for sure both her the boyfriend need since he's so in debt with student loans and all…

  10. There are a few who can break out of reality TV and actually do something productive. The girl who was on the first season of Road Rules "Kit Hoover" did broadcast journalism for a while and now one of the host for Access Hollywood. That's all I can think of at the moment

  11. Bethenny has had loads of success since leaving RHONY. Stacie is still very successful in her career. Lets not forget that racist whore Elisabeth Hasselbitch started out on a reality the security is veryyy annoying.

  12. The celeb daughter I hear has been offered a reality show is Bobby Kristina Brown. I think its criminal if this happens and will be a train wreck like her parents show and lives. You know her mess of a father would be on there to get his cash and camera. Kristina needs to grieve, clean-up, grow up and get her own life. She needs more than a deceased singers daughter on her resume of life.

  13. OMG this was a strange interview – looks like Tierra has no clue just like her Mama. I read that Bobbi Kristina is also thinking about a reality show. Evidently both of these young women do not understand nobody wants to see you on reality TV after the train wrecks you mother's participated in. So sad.

  14. Here I go again…Where on earth is Sheree's youngest daughter Calee? Did the chile escape to live with her Dad or grandmother? She is never seen. It was painstaking enough to see her son shopping for second-hand shoes with a nappy head and dingy shirt! Sad!!

  15. Bobby Kristina Brown reality show supposely with her ** brothet who is now supposely her loversound like a reality Tv show to me and of course there is that other ** famous daughter Bristol Palin who has a reality show with her and her baby and her live in lover shacking up R

  16. What I can't figure out is if Tierra thinks of Sheree as her role model because she is naive and stupid or if she believes the bull about Sheree being left destitute by Bob in the divorce? It is so crystal clear that Sheree is nothing but a gold digger and will always be that way. Probably why she hates Marlo so, she just wishes she was as good at her gold digging ways as Marlo is.And did she really blow through almost $2M already? That is very hard to do and is just so stupid. With proper investment, she could have parlayed that amount of cash for a good many years although it would have meant living a reasonable lifestyle. Tierra's 5 minutes of fame is up. I was shocked in the picture of the daughters, how feminine Victoria looked, that's a first.

  17. Tamara I disagree with you on the apple not falling far from the tree comment . I think she said those things because her mother would of killed her if she didn't , she's an abuse victim and as you well know they always try to please their abuser and I'm sure a part of her still wants her moms love and acceptance . I don't believe a word she said as the kids say she needs more people! Please! Role model ??? She doesn't believe what she said, she said all those nice things to prevent her from being totally cut off from her piece of mother. Poor thing. The reality show talk , I've got nothing. …… Love your blog! Oh and one more thing, if she was like her mom she wouldn't of had the drive to finish college, she would of tried to bag a baller

  18. Sheree did furnish her daughter's apt…..remember?

  19. Oh Tierra, Tierra please wake up sweetie!! You can love your mother all day but to use her as your role model, GURL BYE!! Why does no one mention Miss Seven Figures history of arrest like Marlo's? Why does MSF live in a world of delusion?? Sheree made herself unemployable due to her TWO ARRESTS FOR THEFT (shoplifting)!For why God…FOR WHY???

  20. The girl clearly has Stockholm Syndrome.

  21. ok was i the only one that watched bravo's before they were stars? i did notice sheree's story was missing from this special….well i guess no need to ask why….thanks tamara for the tea…lol

  22. Ash511

    The fact that Sheree pushes her daughter to marry a man wit 3 teeth at the top didn’t make it any better. Shame Sheree.

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