Nene Leakes IS Divorced

Well at least according to Rodney Ho over at the Ho posted earlier today, “I just called the Forsyth County superior court clerk’s office and the administrative assistant confirmed to me the basics. NeNe filed for divorce on April 29, 2010, during season three and finalized the divorce September 29, 2011, after season four had finished shooting.” Apparently the confusion over the divorce proceedings occurred because they filed in Forsyth County.  Oprah fans will be familiar with  Forsyth County because that is where she filmed a show on racism that got lots of attention.  Reports are that Nene has been renting in the gated Sugarloaf community safely tucked away from all the racists.


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  1. Well, she IS a big celebrity and Greg was just a regular grifter (according to some reports). She's on to bigger and better…..?????WD

  2. The information is consistent with what Nene has said all along. I was hoping they would work it out and stay together. I also noticed that Gregg was not wearing his wedding ring at Brentt's birthday party. He always wore his ring. I wish them both the best!

  3. NeNe is making bank with her tc appearnance GLEE and other venues go to celebeity net worth and put in her name.Reality show a job and a career look at Ms. NeNe she worked itand the dress she is wearing did anyone noticed its the same outfit that girl was wearing at the Las Vegas epidode of Shads of Sunset the dinner table scene where GG an MJ were talking smack about her and her so late fashion dressR

  4. Nene lives in St. Marlo Country Club, also where Lisa from seasons 1 & 2 used to live with her now ex husband Ed. The neighborhood uses Duluth 30097 as its official address however it sits just outside of Gwinnett in South Forsyth. Too bad she officially went thru the divorce just for the sake of a dollar even though Gregg is still by her side.

  5. My understanding was she was evicted from St Marlo awhile back. So this is either a newly leased place or she is in Sugarloaf. I'll look into it. Thanks.Also Anon, you've posted in several places about reality tv and how much it pays. I love that you are commenting! However, the pay scale that is circulating about RHOA salaries is not just false but ABSURDLY so. Bravo doesn't pay anywhere near that and is notoriously love on the scale compared to MTV and VH1. I've posted previously that the housewives make 10K per episode to start and that may increase with very high ratings. NO ONE but the HWs themselves are paid except for the "junior housewives" like Marlo and Brandi and Pam who make significantly less. That is why Camille didn't accept the junior housewife slot on RHOBH, it's not worth the trouble. :)

  6. Tamara, do you know if Nene worked at a job before RHW? Greg said last year he spent 300,000 to set her up to be on the show. In her phony looking visit to lawyer a couple weeks ago she tried to make it sound like she had always been the larger earner. Thanks.

  7. She was evicted from Stonebrier at Sugarloaf, a gated community on Sugarloaf Parkway directly across from the more prestigious Sugarloaf Country Club, this was season 1. I've heard that since Lisa worked in real estate she helped Nene get into her current home in St Marlo. As of recently, according to friends in St Marlo she's still living their, plus the same home was just recently featured on The Amandas, where they did a makeover on her closet.

  8. Tamera on realitytea via mediatakeout ( tale it for what its worth ) they claim to know the salaries of what the ATL househags make NeNe makes 750K a seaon !!I am very curious to what they really make $$ on the show and of course trading on their fame by tv appearnances selling crap with their name on it.I am both disgusted by reality show people and intrigued to watch them ! this is such a career making opportunity in this day and age I cannot wrap my mind that the dirty shore , all the househags of various cities, and oh the baseball / basketball women, bad girls club etc etc take this opporunity to enrich get famous themselves in way that would never be possible for them .so being on a reality show ..PEOPLE ! this is a job and career keep that in mind if you or yours are ever offered a chance to particpate in it $$R

  9. Ivy

    So does she have to pay Greg alimony?

  10. Ivy

    And aren't she and Greg going to feel pretty stupid when she STILL doesn't get her own show?

  11. With all the money she makes she could've put a nice down payment on a very nice home,probably not in a gated community but still. But I guess she'd rather front to the public (& herself) by renting a home that she could never afford to buy, & throw money away every month rather than making a sound investment.

  12. file this under……..who gives a damn!!!!!!!!!!! men are trying make gay marriage legal and here he is getting a divorce!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I don't think Nene and Gregg's divorce had anything to do with reality TV or spin-off show. I don't think Nene has to pay spousal support, but she may have waived child support. We will probably never know the details, because they made an agreement and not the court.

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