Whitney Houston Prescriptions from Detroit Pharmacies Investigated

One of my commenters informed me of this story out of Detroit tonight. I googled it and came up with what appears to be the NBC affiliate in Detroit. I even went to the NBC website to make sure it was an actual affiliate because the site seems sort of weird. But apparently, it’s legit. They are reporting tonight that “investigators” are looking into the prescriptions written to Whitney Houston by four doctors while she was in Detroit filming the movie Sparkle. This is the only report of this information and the meat of the story is quoted below. Make of it what you will. Thanks to Trouble in Mind for the heads up. 

Behind-the-scenes footage shows Houston on the Detroit set of “Sparkle” this past year. She spent nearly two months in the city in a swanky suite at the Westin Book Cadillac. While she was in Detroit, Houston also was having doctors call in prescriptions for Xanax and antibiotics. According to a recently revealed autopsy report, 90 generic Xanax pills were ordered for Houston at a Walgreens at Mt. Elliot Street and Jefferson Avenue.A week before that, another prescription was written by a different doctor at the CVS Pharmacy on Woodward avenue, two blocks from her hotel suite. All together, four different doctors called in prescriptions for Xanax and antibiotics to pharmacies in Detroit, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Investigators recently contacted the Detroit pharmacies and interviewed medical staff who worked on the set with Houston. [Source Local4News Detroit

In other news, residents of Newark, NJ are displeased at the $187,000 overtime bill for police services related to the Whitney Houston funeral. The private funeral police expenses for Michael Jackson’s funeral were paid by the estate.


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9 responses to “Whitney Houston Prescriptions from Detroit Pharmacies Investigated

  1. from what I'd heard on TV she had 4 scripts for Xanax between Nov-Jan, 1 of them was for 15 per refill. But getting a script of 90 at a time (for 30 days) is not unusual for xanax…unfortunately, because they are SO addictive, and are a bitch to detox from. I still find the fact that she was face down in the tub bothersome & that her "people" cleared out the entire hotel room (sheets included) prior to investigators getting there. I also heard about 2 spoons (supposedly for cocaine) but didn't the reports say the coke was metabolized? (may be wrong word) Whatever the word, it gave the impression it wasn't used recently, but whatever ailment she had was a result of long-term coke use (but not in her blood). If so, then who was using coke in her suite & why did they leave the spoons there? To make it look like it was Whitney? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she were getting prescription drugs & others were using them. And what infection did she have that she needed so many antibiotics? (again, perhaps someone in her party needed them)Something smells rotten… I hope whatever happened wasn't something intentional by others- wouldn't surprise me in the least, unfortunately.

  2. Could you please leave this woman to rest in peace? Yes she had a storied life but now she's gone and there's no need to keep her in the limelight anymore. Just leave Ms Whitney Elizabeth Houston be enough is enough!

  3. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know I am alive. Um, so to speak.

  4. Actually with mj funeral city of l.a. Was initially saddled with the bill. But since wh funeral was private invite only event (even though televised for world to see) wh estate should pay the bill. But her death does seem.rather weird right? I watched oprahs interview and pat houston and husband came off a little shady to me. Plus it was weird the way pat was standing during bk portion of interview like she wanted to monitor what bk would.say.

  5. The MJ estate paid for the police presence at the private funeral right away. That was $150,000. The police overtime for the Staples Center event was a million dollars. The city had to fight for payment for that, which AEG eventually agreed to pay for.As for Whitney's death it's pretty straight forward. She was a drug addict who killed herself with drugs. It happens every day is there is nothing "weird" about it other than the fact that she was an extremely successful artist. While it seems there were doctors giving way more prescriptions than is customary(despite what one of the commenters says) and they may or may not need some sort of disciplinary action for overprescribing, Whitney's drug addiction is what killed her, and trying to find someone to blame is not a productive us of investigator time. This is my opinion, yours may be different.

  6. I think it's safe to say that the world knows, at least our world, that Whitney had a drug problem. Eventually your body just gives out, or the drugs cause you to act in a way that brings your death (death in a bathtub – too much drugs?) too early. Given that the world knows her history, can we please leave her alone now?

  7. We all know what kiled Whitney and her history with drugs. The womon is dead for crying out loud…there is really no need to rehash what is already known. let this woman RIP! Geez

  8. But I can't help but wonder now everything I see her, was she high when she did this performance or when she did this scene or this movie. And how come Denzel Washington has not commented on her death?

  9. What really is amazing about these high profile drug deaths is what we hear from everybody else namely that "there needs to be stricter controls on RX drugs". So that translates to more hoops for you &me & our doctors to jump through while people like Whitney, Anna Nicole & Michael Jackson get what ever they want whenever they want it not only for the patient BUT every body in the entourage !!!I want my rights back why do I have to be hasseled cause celebrities kill themselves !

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