What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kardashian Klan Version

It’s a Kardashian Easter parade to church. Let’s try not to factor in that the last time we saw paparazzi photos of Kim it was her walk of shame. Maybe my church is different, but this is not what Easter Sunday looks like where I come from. Is this clan presentable for Easter Service at your church? Am I being to judgy expected hair done, church length skirts, shirt tails tucked in, suit jackets, hair parted, etc? Should dressing for church not be at least as important as dressing for the red carpet? Let me know.


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  1. They are southern california born and bred boo lol. VERY laid back culture..but you know this. It's all good. Keep up the great work on the blog darling.

  2. Maybe Phaedra can hook them up with a prayer cloth

  3. Honestly, I have a large group of friends from S.Cal. None of them go to church dressed like this. MaMa K needs to intervene. Let's not forget the time she called Khloe and told her she looked "Fat" and wasn't a good role model for their diet product! So – diet product dictates her intervention but church & worship attire isn't? Let's just call this what it is – doesn't care about this part of their life.

  4. Church is the one place where I believe it shouldn't matter what you where … so though I don't like the Kardashians … I don't see anything wrong with what they are wearing.

  5. I meant what you wear :)

  6. Who cares what they wear

  7. Doesnt matter what they wear. They're there. Shouldn't that be all that matters? SNI found your site last night, and I love you already. Keep up the great work! Your like Sandra Rose 2.0. I need another "tell it like it is" site.

  8. The Kardashians are not Jewish. Scott Disick is Jewish. Also, the philosophy of it doesn't matter what you wear to church doesn't really apply to the Kardashians.If you have the money to dress respectfully you should brush your hair and tuck your shirt in. You should not wear extremely short skirts. There is a certain decorum that is expected in church. Much like you would not walk in with your Starbucks and a donut, you attempt to look presentable in a house of worship. If you are homeless and can't afford a hairbrush then just coming as you are is fine. Otherwise, bathe, groom and look like you are going somewhere at least as important as a dinner date at a restaurant with a dress code.

  9. IMO they look fine. The ladies look cute. I can't stand the kardasians but hey…

  10. According to Wendy Williams Mama K is co-owner of said church (imagine how happy she is, receiving 10% of Kimmies earnings-and its not like she doesn't know what that amount is).As a native-Californian, people wear shorts to church, (except old-fashioned churches) it's kinda not the "clothing" thats considered important, but the "heart". That said, personally, I think Kim's skirt is way too short. As for Bruce's shirt untucked…irrelevant. Everyone else looks okay…afterall, MamaK is the boss- maybe even the pastor! HA! Wouldn't that be sinful? LOL

  11. Good Lord, I looked it up and you're right. "Speaking to Piers Morgan, Kim Kardashian has revealed how she funded a church set up last year in Calabasas by her mother Kris Jenner." The preacher was tossed out of his church for infidelities or something and was working at Starbucks. Kris used to go to his church so she bought him another one. To me finding out Californians buy their own churches is not half as shocking and sad as the fact they don't dress appropriately to attend the ones they buy. The least you could do is tuck your shirt in. SMH

  12. Wow maybe you should read the Bible especially the part about judging.

  13. Perhaps I could join Kim K's bible study. I'd love to be there to help her comprehend the passage about the camel passing through the eye of a needle. :)

  14. Tamara,This is the way many of us in California go to church. I am Catholic and we wear jeans, tee shirts. sun dresses, sandals, flip flop, many of our churches are very laid back. The old saying is come as you are.

  15. No they are not. Scott is, but the Kardashians are not.

  16. I think the one thing you said Tamara that really stood out with me is this, "Should dressing for church not be at least as important as dressing for the red carpet?"I'm going to say a big fat hell YES! They can dress for the camera's but on a christian holiday they couldn't put on a conservative church outfit? Kim's dress is too short. Kourtney's dress looks like something you'd wear over your bathing suit and is Bruce so lazy he couldn't tuck in that shirt?When I was growing up my grandmother had one red dress and black dress for church. (Yes, we were poor). Long story short. The red was for christmas service and the black one was worn every Sunday. 60 years old and 2 dresses. She had the respect for her church to make sure she wore them every Sunday. As we got older (and started earning money) we purchased her new dresses for church … But I'll always remember those 2 dresses. She cared for them so well they lasted many years.

  17. Yes, I think you're being a little bit judgmental, but it is ok because I know where you are coming from, unfortunately living in southern California, a lot of churches do different things. I go to a multi-cultural church and we have people in first lady outfits to jeans and it is ok because "god says, come as you are". I have also went to predominately Black churches in Los Angeles and you have first lady to first in the club! So the kardashians are fitting in very well, wherever they attend church!

  18. I attend an International Baptist Church with members from over 50 nations, and outside of tight or see-through clothes, our dress code is very much 'come as you are' unto Christ. We wear jeans, sneakers, sundresses in the summer, minis year round (but casual, with tights, cool boots, ect.) Our head pastor is from South Africa and when it's hot he will be in the pulpit in a cotton dashiki and plain slacks. Central air conditioning is not common where we live in this northern central European locale (it's normally just cold and rainy here), so when we finally do break out into a heat wave, everything from cargo capris to flip flops, open sandals to sundresses with attention paid to not showing too much "busom-age" are accepted in our house of worship. When I lived in South Florida in constant 90°F summer heat, casual was also the order of the day there as well.What it comes down to for us is that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do not really care what you wear or how long you spent in the mirror getting ready for Sunday service, but rather than how you spent your entire week in relationship with Him and what is going on INSIDE of YOU. There are people that will spend countless hours and countless $$$ to look the part of a God-fearing person, but what it comes down to in God's eyes is- how you living 24/7?Scripture tells us very clearly in 1 Samuel 16:7 "But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”I also understand that the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is full of restrictions for what could be worn (or not) in the Temple; but we have to remember that those were instructions specific to the Children of Israel and Judah as acts of sacrifice in atonement to God. A lot of the highly specific commandments in the Old Testament do not apply to Christians as Christ was the ultimate sacrifice that bonds us to God for once and for all, needing only confession and repentance, and not having to worry about whether or not we've worn an outfit mixed with wool and linen to church. I am by no means a Kardashian fan (and I especially don't want to come off as an apologist!) but in the bigger scheme of things, in terms of biblical themes of vanity, Babylonian mentality, etc., I think that casual clothes are fine in church as long as they are modest. It would be far more questionable to me if the ladies were wearing body-conscious dresses enhancing their breasts, curving their behinds, and so on. Bruce? He's dressed like my associate pastor on an 80° F day. I honestly believe that if he is a true Christian striving to get right with God in Jesus' name, it's not as if he's going to suddenly be erased from The Book of Life on Judgement Day because his hair got messy on the way into the sanctuary, or because he wore his shirt untucked. He and the family as a whole will likely have have much deeper issues to face when that time comes.

  19. the kardashian " church" is a $et up Mama Manager how $mart is she? get tax write offs this family is increadable in their $cams In the west coast its casual wear to church, I seen people in their work out clothes, such as those thin yoga clothes I do not think that is apporiate church wear I get the dont be judgemental talk saying that at least they are going to church.. Its just inapporiate I dont care what other say.

  20. I agree with Tamara, very classless to go to Church the way they look. (especially I would think if your mom owns the Church)Laid back calif style is a poor excuse, just a cop out really.God should be given *at least* as much respect as you would give to someone you are meeting for dinner,a good point & not judgemental but instructional. They need it.

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