Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is Divorced

Well last night’s finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta was a total snoozefest. I had absolutely no desire to see yet another Kandi storyline with her sex toys and blue conversations. My freak number is pretty high, truth be told, but I just can’t imagine having explicit conversations about my sex life with my girlfriends on national television. It’s just not done.  As for Kim’s scenes, I already knew she bought Kroy a Porshe so there was nothing remotely interesting about those scenes. Cynthia’s model auditions were shown on Bravo in the previews and were still the most interesting thing to happen this episode. For once, when Cynthia called out for “Peter Thomas” he was in fact still in the building. I’d actually be interested in more of Cynthia next season if we get some genuine scenes of her new enterprise. Phaedra and Sheree had no story line. last night. Basically, Sheree went out with a fizzle bemoaning her lack of romantic seduction. That of course leaves Nene.

I have a ton of Nene fans that swoop down on my site every time I mention her name without a exalting her numerous virtues. But last night the twitterverse went buckwild about her behavior at the sex toy party. Was Nene any more rude and condescending than usual? Nope. She showed up at a party, plopped herself down in a booth likely reserved just for the talls and never acknowledged her hostess, Kandi at all. Nene and Marlo both seemed to think they were at a club with servers, despite it being clear the club had been rented out with a cash bar that guests had to get up off their big fat and waddle to for their beverages. Parties are for mingling after all. So of course Marlo sends Derek off to get them some drinks which some production assistant most likely ended up fetching as Derek was never seen again. Yep, typical Nene behavior.

But then, while the camera focused on the attendees and their low budget weaves and unfortunate clothing choices, Nene did the unthinkable. She degraded the guests as “twitter people.”  Now a large percentage of people who follow me are not fans of Tamara Tattles. They are huge fans of Nene who follow me for the sole purpose of telling me I am a Nene hater who is simply jealous of Nene and her fabulous life.  But last night, they were pissed. And for once it I was not the target of their displeasure. There were some people in denial like  the @neneleakesarmy account. I honestly think Nene could crap on their heads and they would find a way to spin it as if they were chosen by Nene for the honor, but the run of the mill deluded Nene fan went nuts. Those comments will go down in history as one of Nene’s biggest PR blunders ever. Check out the results from a search on “nene twitter” it ain’t pretty.
The other thing that caused somewhat of an uproar after the most boring finale in the history of Bravo was the update portion at the end that said Gregg and Nene are officially divorced but remain friends with benefits.  Here is what I know. I’ve been checking the public records site in Nene’s county ever since this divorce talk began. I have never seen the first shred of evidence that any legal document was filed. What I do have evidence for is Nene and Gregg spending a lot of time together. Nene was in NYC for Upfronts last Wednesday and talked about being on vacation over Easter weekend. Where was she on vacation? NYC according to the picture at left is of Nene, Gregg and Brent shopping over Easter weekend. They look cozy enough to me. Gregg and Brent have been out to LA many times with Nene lately. And then last night after the show aired and Nene had worn herself out retweeting every positive comment about her she could find, she posted this:

NeNe Leakes@NeNeLeakes

My man is sayin I gotta get off twitter b4 I say way 2 much (like I haven’t already LOL)
Gif courtesy of RealityTVGifs

I know for a fact Nene is not dating John. I know for a fact that Nene has never seen a camera she didn’t stop and pose for. If Nene has a new mystery man as she would so much like for us to believe SOMEONE would have captured it on film. Nene would not be able to keep a low profile if her life depended on it. Then again, not too long ago Nene tweeted about being free and able to move forward. Bloggers wondered whether she got out of her RHOA contract or divorced Gregg but neither was proven out. Sometimes it seems Nene likes to tweet things just to stir up attention. Shocking, I know. So was the above post just Nene messing with us, or was she with Gregg?

Up until today, all signs pointed toward Gregg and Nene still being together. The story line with John Kolaj was a diversion. Even on the show Nene makes it clear they are not dating. So that was a red herring that most of us recognized right away. Gregg and Nene are together a lot and the tea here in Atlanta is that they’ve actually been living together all this time. Some say they have “an arrangement” of sorts that is for the benefit of Brent always having someone home while Nene is gone. Nene is gone a lot. Nene herself admits she and Gregg are still sleeping together. When the two travel together they go to great lengths to take different flights and stay separated yet still they are caught by the paparazzi. It seems like they want to hide the fact that they are together.
Why would they do that? Well the RUMORS have been around for awhile now that Nene actually did have a spin-off offer from Bravo.  The story goes that Nene was fed up with Gregg and in an emotional reaction approached Bravo telling them she was getting divorced suggested a spin off on the divorce, and Nene’s return to dating. The show was to be shot in LA not Atlanta. There were less credible rumors that Nene would guest on RHOBH while shooting the spin off. According to this rumor, scenes were actually shot in LA. Everything was going along just fine until Bravo found out Gregg was out there and the divorce was off. No divorce, no story line. Again, these are Atlanta rumors.  I have no solid source on this. That said, I heard these rumors well before season four so it was very interesting to me that Nene was acting like she was divorced all season and the theme was Nene’s desire to date. It began on the beach in Miami and continued all season. That made the rumors somewhat credible to me. I fully expected last night’s episode to be Nene coming clean about not divorcing Gregg. But that didn’t happen. So I went back to the public records for her county. Not only is there still no evidence of a divorce filing but some of Gregg and Nene’s records no longer show up. That is interesting. Is it possible to have public records removed from the database? It is starting to appear so. Someone should have told Sheree about that trick.
So for those asking me today if Nene and Gregg are really divorced all I can say is, “I don’t know.” There is no concrete evidence either way. I suppose I could investigate further, but really at this point does it matter? I think that is exactly what Nene would want me to do. Nene is a clever opponent and right now she’s holding all the cards in this game. Dammit.

Edited to add: Concrete evidence is now here. Nene IS divorced.


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31 responses to “Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is Divorced

  1. This show is clearly fake and scripted and you are clearly dumb…I am no way a NeNe Leakes fan – I've actually disliked her country ass since Season 1 but there are clearly pictures of her, Marlo, Cynthia, and Kandi all talking to each other on various blogs when that scene was filmed months ago…A decent blogger would have asked why the PRODUCERS made it seem like NeNe did not speak to Kandi when there is photographic evidence that she did…You bloggers are really joke…I see why Necole Bitchie won that award…Her blogs actually gives facts and not bitter speculation…

  2. Nene is such a fake! I'm glad she made that comment last night so some of her fans could she how fake she really is. I wish Andy would wake up and smell her stank. This season she has been more unlikeable than Traylor Trash, in my opinion.

  3. Rumour has it that NeNe earns 750K per season with a 250K bonus just for the reunion episodes. They seem to be the highest in all the RH shows and NeNe is making the most of ALL the housewives, even the OC Vicki. What gives? Why does Andy LOVE our NeNe so much? Does he FEAR her and her hoodrat ways?She is pure trash. She is using this restaurant fool for more shoes, purses and trips than anyone else – even KIM Z and BIG POPPA weren't this foolish.The Countess said it best – money can't buy you class. And this beast can't even buy a decent set of teeth or a good weave with her loot.If she is so 'rich' why can't she afford to own her own home than rent the house or lease the car? You just can't take the 'hood or trailer park out of the moose, er girl!

  4. The story by Hello Beautiful about the salaries of the RHOA is utter crap. Not one word of truth. They don't even understand how the housewives are paid.

  5. She is totally a ROYAL BITCH and CUNT. She should remember where she came from. She acted like she was a sorority sister last night, when she said "I haven't worn that since college", did she even graduate High School??? I use to like her, but she has just gone way too far. Even the A list crowd does not act like she does, she is a disgrace.

  6. Well you have a point. The chances of Nene spending much time in a college classroom are not very high.

  7. Twitter People? So Kandi is smart enough to invite her core demographic to her party, who are going to buy her products, and it just so happens to be through Twitter, and that downgrades the party?Had Cynthia been as smart to invite people to her grand opening of the Bailey Agency through Twitter, she wouldn't had been looking like a fool when it was time to mail the invites out, only late AF.NeNe sure doesn't mind telling everyone on the TOP OF HER TWITTER PAGE "ATLANTA'S REALEST HOUSEWIFE, Coach Roz on Glee, Mother, Author, Philanthropist, Restaurateur,Actress, Loyal Friend & yes i'm Very Rich!", but she'll diss the people who made and make her?She's an idiot.

  8. Tamara, I saw this same story on another site outside of HB, and I thought, WTF? NeNe, paid $750k per season? From what I have been reading, the RHOBH and RHONY are at the top of the pack for housewives pay cap. RHONY make $500,000 per episode, and that is just LuAnn and Ramona, and they don't get paid for the reunion. I'm with you, not buying it.

  9. As soon as those 3 began bashing the twitter fans…I logged on to twitter and as expected – people were LIVID!! HAHAHAHA It was the dumbest thing Nene and Cynthia could have said … and then they kept on and on about it.Bad move.

  10. The twitter people comment was not a good one because people could have taken it the wrong way about what they meant. It really doesn't matter in the long run because they are all cashing checks and we are simply watching and not getting paid. After part one of the reunion no one will care. If you don't like what they said then unfollow them and see how much they care.

  11. I'll admit that I have been a Nene die hard fan since season 1. In the beginning, she could do no wrong. However, she started to change in season two, and by season three I knew that season one Nene was gone (forever? Who knows!)She doesn't need a slice of humble pie. Instead, she needs to eat the whole pie! I was glad that she was getting opportunities beyond rhoa, but she has let all of that go to her head. I had been hearing rumors that she was mean and rude to some of her fans when they would see her out, and they asked to take a picture. Smh at the comment about twitter people on the show. Here we are, fans, supporting her, and she has the nerve to think that she is better than us! However, she never has a problem going on twitter and clogging our timelines when she wants us to watch her on tv, buy something from her, or she feels the need to go on her weekly rants. Thank goodness Kandi invited her twitter fans to her event. I thought that was great of her, and speaks volumes about her. At least she doesn't act as if she is better than her fans. I still have hope that the Nene from season 1 will come back someday. That is the Nene that I loved and thought was such a good and fun person. FG

  12. i usually like your nene updates but this one was too long and full of speculation so i couldnt read it all.

  13. wow. i was expecting to see some of nene's twitter followers to drop off but it appears that she has picked up quite a few followers.. interesting indeed

  14. Someone needs to look up the word speculation in the dictionary. And work on their ability to focus on text longer than a paragraph.

  15. Linnethia Leakes…SMH. She's good TV. That is all.

  16. Ivy

    I've always seen similarities between Moose and the "Lonesome Rhodes" character in "A Face in the Crowd," but I still couldn't have been more surprised (and delighted) that Moose's finale was so close to the ending of the movie. Except that instead of referring to the audience as "losers, morons and degenerates," she referred to them as "Twitter People"All that's left now is for her to scream Kim's name over and over and over again before she jumps off the top of the building.And if she's lying about her divorce, which I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE that she is, she's going to have to cough up some proof. Not even her "Twitter People" are believing this. I think that she may have quit for this very reason: people are calling her out on this lie and she can neither back down from it nor provide proof that it's true.And YAY, IT'S OVER! No more close-ups of Moose when she's trying to emote! No more Kim chasing people down for "Talkin' shit about me!" IT'S OVER! 😀

  17. And you need to find a real job or learn how to be a better blogger that shows proof about her damn Housewives stories….I forgot you're probably one of the many nobodies in ATL collecting some form of state or federal supplemental income – as you clearly don't work…this blog even looks chitlin' switch and bargain basement…I'm done.

  18. lol.. funny! i was trying to give you some constructive feedback and i see that it was not appreciated.anywayspeculation = A conclusion, opinion, or theory reached by conjecture.conjecture = Inference or judgment based on inconclusive or incomplete evidence; guesswork.

  19. @Anon 6:24… "Chitlin switch and bargain basement!" Classic!! LMAO! Tamara since everything else is fake and set up, how do we know that whole party wasn't staged with staged comments and voice overs? It seems like it's only staged when you are trying to make a point about someone you don't like. NeNe seemed bored to me; the whole thing looked boring. Who the hell wants to sit up and watch folks get massages and hear buzzing all damn night? If she really had to go home cuz her son was there that happens to people who go out. That's reality!

  20. Ivy

    The "Twitter People" comment was staged? And how would they convince Leakes to repeat "Twitter People" over and over again for a voice over?

  21. I used to stan for NeNe…and hell I can't even knock her hustle. But that whole comment about the "twitter people" was rude and uncalled for. I guess she forgot about all of her followers on twitter…are they now lowly "twitter people" too? So sad. And to show so much disdain for Kandi's sex toy party with her nose up in the air…heifer you used to work the pole if I'm not mistaken. So let's not forget where you came from…

  22. I don't see what the big deal is. People on twitter = twitter people. I've seen other celebs and bravolebrities on twitter say hello my twitter people or twitter peeps and it didn't garner any anger, err or disrespect. Personally, I think Tamara has a problem with Nene hence everything she does/says is highly criticized on this blog but then again, it's Tamara's blog so she can say whatever. Oh well, Next no hard feeelings!

  23. Gracie, I'm not sure if you saw the scene that upset her followers, but she was very insulting to the guests and referred to them as "twitter people" in a condescending way. She went on to insult their hair and clothing (which was um, unfortunate). It just wasn't a wise move for someone who has a legion of "twitter people" who support her every move. I also included a link in my post to show the outrage that was all over twitter as it happened.As for the commenter who is appalled by speculation on the Internet, I don't think you'll find a site that puts rumors in bold and concludes with "there is no concrete evidence either way." but you are welcome to try to find one! :)

  24. bling bling bitches mad and her followings still risen so it really didnt do no good for yall to complain

  25. tamara i like your blog.. i check it regularly… ijs – if you write a post full of rumors with no concrete evidence keep it at about 500-600 words rather than 1300 words.. just a suggestion.. its your party.. do you.. i appreciate the time you put into this. thanks :)

  26. NeNe Leakes has totally lost her mind. She and her husband Greg will do anything for money. She was totally disrespectful to her fan base and twitter followers when she was so condescending to the people at Kandi"s party. She is a fool that has lost her mind. Andy Cohen may as well sit back and allow Hollywood to chew her up and spit her out one script at a time.Tamara Tattles keep up the good work and allow those that lick NeNe behind to say and post what they want to. She also need to take Marlo along with her because they are two bullies.

  27. Ivy

    If Moose still has followers it's only because they're too dumb to know they've been insulted.

  28. Why would anyone be offended by the "twitter people" comment. They probably preferred to enjoy the party without people all in their face with camera phones and all that foolishness.

  29. It's evident Nene is for lack of a better word Jaded. She clearly is above the show that brought her the fame she's been wanting. It's sad really. Her comments about anyone other than herself always come off condescending and negative and yet she will not listen to what anyone else may have to say. In a clip called Atlanta Glamour Squad on Bravo's website, about .46 seconds in she states loudly and clearly that she's "Sick of these Gay People," and yet her fans still back her? Maybe she brings drama to the show, but honestly I would watch it without her and fast forward through her scenes most of the time anyways..

  30. Ivy

    @Anon 6:05 ~ I saw that clip and heard that comment, too. She said, verbatim, "I'm sick of these gay people," loudly enough for everyone in the room to hear. I thought Andy's eyes were going to pop out of his head. I'm surprised more people haven't jumped on this, because if that's not an anti-gay statement then I don't know what is.

  31. GwenB

    Nene doesn’t care about her twitter fans, except that she considers them her minions and she is so above them. They’d be foolish to think she really gives a crap.

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