Lamar Placed on Mavericks Inactive List for the Season

I’m not a Kardashian fan. I’m really not. Somehow though, I became a Khloe fan. I admit that I am a sucker for Khloe and Lamar. I don’t watch it on Sunday nights, because there is way too much on, so that means I catch it on weekends. Perhaps, I am in a vulnerable place when that Ryan Seacrest Production comes on my screen. I should know better, having seen hard evidence that lots of the Dubai scenes from Keep Up With The Kardashians were refilmed in a Hollywood studio, than to believe what I see on Khloe and Lamar. I should, but I don’t. I believe.  I feel a bit happy to still have some reality TV naïveté left. It’s nice to be able to suspend disbelief and just go with the show.

Last night I was up way too late and saw a bit of  Khloe and Lamar in the wee hours of the morning. Lamar had just started playing for the Mavericks and it wasn’t going well. He was depressed and Khloe was trying to fix everything. It was a rather sad episode. The kind that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you want everything to be alright. But it’s not alright. Lamar was benched for the season today and unofficially released to go back to Kardashian land. Lamar won’t be playing again until next season if then. He may just retire. I know it’s naive, but I just hope that Khloe and Lamar survive this. I want to believe in their happily ever after.


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14 responses to “Lamar Placed on Mavericks Inactive List for the Season

  1. hey tamara,i, like you, am NOT a kardashian fan but somehow have been following K & L. hope the divorce rumors are not true. by the way, I love your blog…but just asking..why havent you blogged about the Braxtons? they have A LOT of inside drama and they ARE in atlanta…as are Tiny, Toya, etc..just wondering why you dont spread the blog love with the other (filming in atlanta) and Non-bravo "reality" shows.

  2. I dunno. I never have watched the Braxtons except on weekend marathons when I come across them flipping around. I like them but honestly have no idea when they come on or when. Bravo has me sucked in to every show, so I often find myself missing things on other channels I might like simply because I forget to look for alternatives. I think I might have seen one episode of Tina and Toya.

  3. I'm a huge Lakers fan & was devastated when I found out they were even thinking about trading Odom. I think he insisted they trade him out of anger/hurt. He easily could have been 1 of the top 3 players on the team, or at the least a starter, but he wasn't comfortable with that. So, he became the best 6th man player in the league. He is 1 of my absolute all-time favorite players, he's so loyal & I don't think he's the type of player that is comfortable going from team to team. My heart really breaks for him, I'm well aware this is a "business" but it's also made of lives.I don't watch K&L, but thats the only K show I would watch. I hope they make it- I think she's good for him & vice versa. Their love seems real.

  4. Lamar dated his baby mama for years and never married her, and he just up and marries Khloe after a few weeks of dating. He walked out on her after their son died of SIDS. This Hollyweird life is what he seemed to want. This is the life he wanted… Karma is a Bitch…You Reap what You Sow… Always remember that!!!

  5. Im sorry monique I dont believe that. Check the facts…lamar did not leave baby mama for khloe..they had been apart and were actually dating other people way before he met khloe. Also he was very hurt by what happened to his child..if you watch k &l you would know that. Unlike jaleel white baby mama, notice lamars does not put his business on front street because they do have good relationship and he does take care of his family…a little too much in the case of his dad..but there it is.

  6. he needs to get away from the Kard-ass-ins, then and only then will his life have meaning,,mayb if cameras were not following him around all the time he could have had some peace and settled in with his new team, always thinkin about the mightly dolla is not a good thing..old is the root of all evil

  7. I truly believe that Lamar is suffering from depression. He has had to many tragedies all within such a short period of time. I suggest he see his doctor ASAP. It's time for him to put basketball and the show aside and concentrate on his health. I am sure khloe will stand by her man, she seems to really love him.

  8. Cali and I AGREE about something? We need to write this moment down for history! :)

  9. any man who get near any kardtrashian women ends up with manhood put in a jatexample just look at Bruce Jenner blind items say Khole is setting him up as having too many problems so when she files for divorce poor lamar will look like the bad guy . Remember this family are master media manipulators

  10. People are assuming its Khloe setting things up for divorce but i think its just the media who want to see this happen. Khloe truly loves being married, and Its her claim to fame–especially among the sisters-they seem to be extremely competitive with each other so that's the thing she's holding over the other two. Kim tried to do it but she picked the wrong This is pure media speculation. There are also rumors that Kris J is behind all of this drama but i dont believe that either. She is also Lamar's manager (for everything outside the court–check it out) and is probrably already looking for other things for him to do to keep the money rolling in. Bet she is already working on damage control by either working the kim & kanye angle more to divert attention away from K & L or have the two teen daughters do something or..wait for it…having Kourt discuss baby weight, clothes, name, etc. just wait.

  11. NO SYMPATHY for this leave ur baby mama, ignore ur kids, just to marry a kardashian u just met for fame reasons(i guess he felt inferior to kobe) & now his career is falling apart.he'll probably have to go to europe or china.

  12. Lamar may have become a fame whore but he does not neglect his children. That has never been an issue. He has been on the west coast for years working for clippers, etc before he met Khloe so his children have nothing to do with marrying her. He lost his mother, his grandmother, his cousin and his father was a deadbeat. Khloe said on the first season on the show that when she met him he was paying 30 people's cell phone bills–and he is still 100% supporting his mooching bff, Jamie and his addict-vet father. Does this scream deadbet dad? NOT! Do you really think he would honestly neglect the few members of family he has left? Also, he did not desert his family to marry a Kardashian. Khloe talks about how his kids come out a lot and I dont know about his relationship with his ex but obviously he has a type since Khloe and his ex have a resemblance to each other (has anyone else noticced that?) so i believe he would have married his ex. He was definitely in the market. There was actually a rumor out there that he was dating another famous african american actress (taraji henson?) and proposed but she said no so he moved on to someone who was ready.Dont know if that rumor is true but it is very obvious that he is very much a family man.

  13. Me again..I meant i dont know if the taraji p henson rumor is true btw.and to clarify he seems to be very much a family man. I believe the only reason why his kids are not on west coast is because his ex lives in NY and does not want to move. She has family there herself, and he respects that. But he has rooms for the kids in his house and they come out a lot for vacations..i bet the mom & he came to an agreement that they would not be on the reality show which is why we do not see them on K & L.

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