Why Sheree Whitfield Got Fired From Real Housewives, A Tribute

There is a whole ton of false information floating around regarding the firing of Sheree Whitfield. Some sites seem to think that Sheree found out last night. Others think she was in NYC last night and left when she found out she was fired. Not true. Some of those sites found out last night. Sheree and all of Atlanta have known for weeks. Way back in this post I was trying to let my poor little knuckleheads down easy telling them to prepare for Sheree’s exit. Word has been all over Atlanta since the week before the reunion aired.  It was said that Sheree was trying everything to stay.  Sheree is one of the few housewives that doesn’t appear to have anyone negotiating for her. That was one of her problems. Another problem she has is that she is broke as hell and has no storyline. Let me break it down for you…

Bravo shows are all about people with money or people pretending to have money. As we saw this season, Sheree could not even fake it anymore. Production was  not happy filming at her house with the air mattresses on the floor and the disappearing TV and game console. Blogs everywhere picked up my Chateau Sheree stories where it was made clear the property where the huge house with the roller rink was to be built was purchased in her mother’s name because Sheree has the worst credit on the planet.  Her “contractor” is not licensed to design homes and is one of the many people with legal problems she tends to attract. Also her (alleged) property theft after being evicted from the marital property came to Bravo’s attention.  She has also been sued by lawyers and others for outstanding debt and even had her Bravo paycheck garnished at one point. Despite my initial thinking that Bob Whitfield should have kept his kids in a house, the reality turned out to be that Sheree spent all the money from the divorce on an Astin Martin (until it was seized by the courts for outstanding debts) and Birkin Bags and clothes leaving the kids with no beds and some bologna sandwiches. Which reminds me of Sheree saying she did not eat processed foods on twitter the other day despite feeding them to her kids on the show.  Speaking of Bob, no one wanted Sheree to be picked up again more than Bob. This could hurt him in their upcoming court date to reassess child support in June now that Sheree is unemployed.
Then there is the storyline problem. They tried the Chateau Sheree crap up until they realized that was not going anywhere. Yet another lie by Sheree. They even filmed Phaedra and Kandi out there looking at the dirt mound. Then there was the faked courtroom scenes and other appearances by Bob.  Even Phaedra had trouble playing along with that one. Then she had a falling out with Lawrence (apparently he caused her hair to fall out) so they couldn’t do the gay friend scenes anymore.  Then she remembered she had an adult daughter. Despite referring to Tierra as a “friend of the family” in the media and in previous seasons, she realized, probably after watching RHOBH Lisa planning a wedding for Pandora (who is rumored to be pregnant by the way), that if she could get her engaged she could do a wedding storyline. Suddenly she was best friends with Tierra and her boyfriend. But that didn’t work out.  The only thing that worked out fairly well was the staged party in Africa and the shit stirring that she did there. Her shining moments were the fight with Nene on the first episode, the great race debate, and her fight with Marlo.
Where it seems to have broken down is during that week before the reunion when contracts were negotiated and finalized. There was some shred of hope for her staying up until that week. Apparently, she went into negotiations with an ego oblivious to the obvious fact her days were numbered. Instead of begging to be kept she acted like a diva and began making demands. Kim, Sheree and Nene were the only original housewives left. In general these three should have been able to negotiate from a place of strength. However Sheree had no strength because over the course of the show she lost her house, spent all her money, and had no social ties. If they were recruiting today (which they are/were) Sheree would not even be considered. So she blew it and she’s out.  Sorry Sheree fans. You can look forward to her losing her mind on the reunion though, so there is that. Meanwhile, it looks like the answer to Sheree’s question, “Who gon’ check me boo?” is …Bravo.


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  1. Makes no sense – she could have made MONEY wit fitness videos and a line of fitness clothes. I will never understand why she never capitalized on that.

  2. Where did all the money go from the profits of She by Sheree? What about the money from her acting career? I can't believe this. The greatest star in history being fired by Bravo. The inhumanity of it all.

  3. Tamara, you always have the 411.So let me get it straight, cause I'm deaf, blind, and dumb when it comes to the contract stuff for Bravo: NeNe and Kim had someone doing the negotiating for them, and Sheree didn't?

  4. WTF is with the accent grave on Sheree's name? It's in the wrong place and should be aigu, pas grave! Tabernaaaak!

  5. In general,once you are cast on a show and start earning money, smart people hire someone in the entertainment industry, a lawyer or a really good manager who keeps the finanaces straight and reviews future contract offers and sits in on salary discussions. I've heard that Bob has been helpful in this capacity in the past. Despite their differences Bob ultimately wants what is good for the kids. I believe that Sheree was without representation of any kind for this contract season. It is my understanding that Sheree gave a list of demands to Bravo and they responded by saying that they were "going in a different direction" next season. I'm not sure a rep could have helped, but not having one probably hurt.

  6. She has it in the right place on twitter, but the wrong accent still. I think she thinks it makes her name more elegant which is very important when you are trying to gansta rap. Don't judge. :)

  7. Bravo checked you boo. Too funny

  8. Why not give the boot to Taylor Armstrong?

  9. Can't imagine they would bring Marlo in, would they? Did they know her criminal background before they introduced her as Charles Grants girlfriend from last season. Not that any of the rest of them are role models, but someone charged with Aggravated Battery does not need to be high-lighted on tv and given any kind of celebrity status

  10. Toya Carter is sounding like the front runner for the new slot though apparently others are still in the mix. Wonder what happened with Courtney..Marlo talk is pretty much NOTHING. As in no one is hearing anything on that front. It's sort of wait and see at the moment.

  11. Sad for Sheree, really- considering some of the other frauds Bravo tolerates- I don't wish her ill. Maybe shed make a good assistant for Kim!It was pointed out that media takeout is claiming this "story" as an exclusive, demanding they be "credited".Best laugh today!

  12. The Funny thing is what will happen once the Bravo checks dry up. I mean she either going to work at a dept. store or live with her mother. I feel so sorry for the son, he looks like he gets messed with all the time at school over his broke mother.

  13. Pam

    Can't say I am sorry to see her go. She is cooked and well done and everyone is looking for medium rare.

  14. Tamara, what's Sheree like in "real life"? I guess I'm one of the few who has always liked Sheree on the show. What happened between her and Lawrence?

  15. Certainly not sad to see her go. She spent too much time attempting to tear Nene and her reputation down, that she let all of her own opportunities slip away. Even waited two or three years to TRY and capitalize off of 'who gone check me boo'. Time for someone who's not going to squander the opportunities these type of shows bring.

  16. Awww… all that talent she thought she had: world class designer, Oscar winning actress, and all that "…sophisticated, just like me" that puked outta her mouth. She is a fakir and faker. And a phaker. Glad she got what she deserved.

  17. This cuts me to the bone and I will never watch anything on Bravo again.

  18. The problem with Sheree is that she lets her emotions/ego rule her, and it costs her dearly every time.She knew Kim was going to have her own show with Bravo, so she sucked up to Kim and threw Kandi under the bus.Now it looks like Kim's show is going to be short-lived. And with Kandi being a serious entertainer, Kandi's new show will probably last longer than Kim's. So Sheree chose the wrong side once again.

  19. All I want to know what the hell was going on with her hair at the award presentation she looked homeless and I am so glad that she will not be on the show she and Kim where boring.

  20. The other day NeNe tweeted: "The news I just got was music 2 my ears! That's why u don't bite the hand that feeds u"Now I wonder if that tweet has to do with Sheree being let go…

  21. I wish they would have kept her. Maybe its just me, but it seemed like she brought the drama this season. I'm gonna miss her shit-stirring.

  22. There are plenty of other Housewives without the big homes, acting jobs, or products… Look at Tamara Barney on Orange County, she is divorced. Has no job. Lives in a small apartment. At least Sheree drives some fly cars. LOLSheree was entertaining this season. She seems to be THE ONLY Housewife who didn't tread lightly with Nene and Marlo. Even though I am a Nene fan, it was nice to see someone at least put up a fight against her. I say this is a mistake on Bravo's part. Cynthia should have been the one to get the axe. She seems like a nice girl, but she just isn't cut out for this type of show. Plus Cynthia's finances are no better, and possibly even worse than Sheree's.

  23. Sayonara! That is music 2 my ears! First Season she fronted well and it just went downhill from there. Your time is up. What got me with Sheree was after all of that wig pulling and drama with Kim, she constantly kissed her ass for whatever reason(I believe Kim was fronting her some money) but yet talked about Cynthia doing the same thing to NeNe! Take your "sophisi'cated" ass on somewhere! And where is her youngest daughter Callie?? Did the child runaway or something?

  24. OMG!!! I have been saying the same thing! Makes me wonder.

  25. Tamra is a real estate agent, she has a job. Isn't that how they claim she met Heather?Wish they would of dumped Cynthia and her mean ass husband instead of Sheree.

  26. I must say that in the first two seasons I really liked Sheree..This season was the season was when I started to dislike her because of all her back bitting especially with how she did Kandi. All I can say is I think Bravo should get Lisa back or the other original housewife back. The one married to the basketball player, now turned coach. Sheree sometimes having a lot of drama make people not want to deal with you. They really don't want to deal with a broke drama queen. Sorry you won't be on the show but the show must go on because I like watching it. Oh now you can find your kids a damn father.

  27. I just think this is great. She always tried to come off like she had more than others- so classy (WTF). Goes to show all these wanna be gold diggin' females who are only with these men for the money…GET A DEGREE WITH THAT MONEY YOU CURRENTLY HAVE ACCESS TO, their careers are not promised and neither are you.Sidebar: I'm going to check out some of the earlier shows to see how they referenced Tierra. If that's what they did (saying she is a family friend)- for shame.

  28. I just think this is great. She always tried to come off like she had more than others- so classy (WTF). Goes to show all these wanna be gold diggin' females who are only with these men for the money…GET A DEGREE WITH THAT MONEY YOU CURRENTLY HAVE ACCESS TO. The careers of these pro-ballers are not promised tomorrow and neither is your relationships. I guess Marlo called her out for real when they were in Africa- (returning clothes and shoes back). LMAOSidebar: I'm going to check out some of the earlier shows to see how they referenced Tierra. If that's what they did (saying she is a family friend)- for shame.

  29. tamara, the blogsite rhymes with snitch references your entire post, but they do give you credit.chitown shelley

  30. Tamara, You mentioned earlier that Sheree and Lawrence are no longer friends anymore but I don't think you ever mentioned why. What is the tea on that?

  31. Tamara claimed she was a real estate agent, but when she went out with her boyfriend to talk about moving in, she was crying because she said she would be living off of his money and he would be supporting her. The real estate shit was just a script for Bravo to set up Tamara meeting Heather. She may have a license but I doubt she has clients.

  32. WHOOPS!!!!! That is TAMRA, not TAMARA… Don't want you to think I'm insulting you Tamara. LOL!

  33. Who gonna check you. Boo? Oops, I mean who gonna give you a check now, Boo?

  34. you are on fire today tamara. i saw your story credited in sandrarose blog also.chitown shelley

  35. I don't care for Sheree. She is a _hit starter. She tried to railroad Kandi, who truly didnt deserve it. I was wondering how she could afford a sports car and expensive bags!

  36. That is a shame if she did reference her own daughter as a family friend! Maybe karma bit her in the butt for that foolishness!

  37. @Telly Tell … Dawn Snow and Eric are divorced. He knocked up some chick he was screwing around with. Not sure Dawn is even in Atlanta anymore. And Lisa is also divorced..or in the process of getting divorced. Doubt she's livin the high life. I'm not really sorry to see Sheree go..but I do feel bad for her and her kids.

  38. Hi Tamara! where can i find the teapot???

  39. While I would never revel in someone's hardships, I do believe Sheree had it coming. She tried to come across as classy, sophisticated, & mature yet she was a jealous, sneaky, hateful troublemaker. Every opportunity she'd drag Nene's name thru the mud & would shuck & jive 2 Kim's 2 gossip. Sheree is a materialistic, narcissitic, venomous woman. She is blinded by greed & is willing 2 go 2 any ends 2 satisfy it. God does not like ugly & u reap what u sow.

  40. High capping ain't go happen at all..how u go have money n don't invest in sumthing that's go keep u paid..Sharee threw away her money on all them leased cars, burkin bags, huge parties, and ect..now her kids gots to suffer cuz she a dum ass with money…that's y she was on the show becuz Bob rejected her ass from child support..wat a mess..bravo needs to let her go..how u go spurlge on a budge..ha ha chica..

  41. Stfu stupid. That's an absurd extraggeration. If anything she stir up drama and she's a bad mother.

  42. I live for Sheree, I am done with RHOA if she isn't on there anymore.

  43. There is a very big lesson we can all take from this!! That lesson is that instead of investing our time into foolishness and brow beating someone else because u don't want to see them get ahead u should invest ur time an money into getting ur self to the next level!! Had Sharee not spent her time hating on NeNe and being messy with some of the other ladies she would have had more of an opportunity to set her own self up an be a little more financially stable!! I sure do hate it for her though.. to be honest I stopped looking at RHOA several weeks ago but when my mommy told me about Sharee not coming back next season I had to see if it was actually true!! I wish her the best and hope that from this situation Sheree becomes a better woman

  44. The lesson is how people sell their souls and.dignity for money. I think it's sad she put her life in the light for everyone to see and now she's left with nothing. What people really need to understand is material things will come and go so be prepared when they do. I feel for her.she has nothing to fall back on not even an education. In conclusion it's important to have dignity and respect for yourself. In my opinión this has hurt her more than helped her. So for all the people that are happy she lost her job think about her kids.

  45. You're right of course. How will they buy bologna now?

  46. Sheree will end up like the other rejects that got kicked off these reality series. She will end up on those tired reality shows where old rejects go to die and further lose their dignity. Let us pray..

  47. I said da same thg abt da way she has been kissing Kim's behind.Tht either she has been borrowing $$$ or Kim has a lil pull wit "Bravo" so she cld keep her job.

  48. It is just sad that she got booted, but all those real housewives shows is about money. Evrytime you turn around she was having money problem. We should have known that it was bad when she had to take the kids father to court to get child support. If she was independent there would have been no need to go to court. Marlo alledged put out her dirty laundry when they were in Africa about her hanging with drug dealers and so on.I just wish her luck in her future endeavors. Maybe she will get her child support. Hell, if not do like I do and continue to hold it down because he will have answer to those kids later.

  49. Sheree got almost 1.8 million in the divorce settlement. She also got 2K+ per month in child support. Then she refused to vacate the property and it went into foreclosure causing Bob to lose value from the property. She also removed 200,000 of fixtures and furnishing from the home. That is why Bob stopped paying support. Sheree owes BOB money. That is why he is the petitioner on all the child support cases.

  50. Why everyone be beatin up on our Sheree. She just be doin what needs to be done. The girl gotta look good, don't she. Them damn brats are gonna grow up and leave her ass someday. Weaves ain't free. Sheree you go girl, get yoself a new grille and get to struttin. Marlo

  51. Now I know what's meant by haters. Sheree apparently made some poor judgements re family and finances. Personally, I don't find her as crass, foul and anymore phony than Nene. Some how the right men have been impressedwith Nene's outspoken loud mouth to give her more TV work. She said on a recent RHshow that she has been acting for years. About time she has success after all that effort.I don't see how Kim is more deserving than Sheree. Look how she lived and the bed of roses now. You just never know… if I lived in Atlanta I wouldn't be thrilled any of these people were representing us.

  52. Sheree this is Sad to hear..Alot of women who are single try to live above their means i'd much rather see Sheree on the show then Marlo's stankin A$$ Who is Marlo anyways someone who Bogarded themselves on to the show when she wasn't wanted..That sneaky stanky heffa…

  53. I still don't believe that Sheree is not coming back. Sheree and Kim can go into business together. Kim will need some help because she will be very pregnant agin during filming. They could add another caucasian housewife. I actually think Nene is leaving.

  54. It is true that Sheree is leaving, Kandi already confirmed on this Wednesday's Kandi Koated Nights. Marlo will NOT be added neither is Monyetta Shaw (neyo's babymama) because Kandi called her up and asked her and she said no. Kandi talks about the show a lot on KKN! A real blogger/popculture enthusisast would watch to get the information. Just saying Tamara.

  55. Anon 4:00 Thanks for the additional info. I forgot Kandi was dating one of the crew/production members. She is probably getting a lot of insider info. Marlo will not be a housewive, but that doesn't mean that she won't be a friend of the housewives. Normally the housewives would be filming about now. Since, Kim is pregnant, I wonder if they will delay filming until after the baby this time. That would push the premier to 2013.

  56. Sad but necessary… Sheree kept up so much mess it was ridiculou! I think she took for the show for granted but u know what they say if God allows one door to close he will open a better one. We all know alil drama and alot of personality is what keeps u on reality tv.. Fyi, thanks Tam for keeping us up with the latest

  57. shd did do a fitness dvd…or atleast it was said that she did. a lot of ppl hate on her but she was the real reason I watched. she is beautiful 4 her age and I am in love with sheree. a lot of ppl hate on her but I still like her. and I hope they get bobs ass 4 dat child support he is a pathetic father. @zilliondolababy on twitter

  58. No one is hating on Sheree, its called. Karma. As far as child support good luck, the first season when she was going thru the divorce she was supposed to sell the house and keep the money, while she was trying to front she couldn't keep up the mortgage. The house foreclosed and she lost the equity. Not to mention the 75,000 she was given for support. That's why she was in contempt of court and not Bob……Hence why she didn't want to take him to court. She's a liar and its about time she was exposed.

  59. Tara

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