Kim Kardashian Does the Walk of Shame in NYC

The gang at TMZ just caught Kim doing the walk of shame. She’s in NYC where she went on a date to see Hunger Games last night with Kayne West. This morning they caught her coming out of his apartment in the same clothes she wore last night. Whatever happened to keeping it in your pants until the divorce is over. I love this new trend where people talk about ex-husbands when THEY ARE NOT DIVORCED. Kayne has been recording songs about Kim that include lyrics like “I admit I fell in love with Kim … ‘Round the same time she fell in love with him … That’s cool, babygirl, do your thing … Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team…” I hope for Kris Humphries sake they made one of Kim’s pornos replete with the golden shower scene for the upcoming divorce trial. I hope like hell it is televised I want to see every second of it.  Don’t you?


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12 responses to “Kim Kardashian Does the Walk of Shame in NYC

  1. Yes I do. Couldn't have said it better myself.Calling this chick trashy would be an insult to trashy people.

  2. why do we even waste breath talking about these whores? Is this all you have to do in America is be a whore and you become famous?

  3. Pam

    Hope she took a shower before she put those leather pants back on.

  4. Why is she walking in the dirt? There is perfectly good sidewalk all around that patch of dirt and she's wearing spiked heels!I do not understand the richnfamous. bendy

  5. I'm very skeptical. Wouldn't she have someone bring her a new fit? I would…no walk of shame

  6. So the pictures of her leaving Kayne's apt the next morning in the clothes she arrived in the night before were somehow photoshopped on her like a paper doll? LOL. There are paparazzi taking her picture all day long.

  7. As Anonymouse 5:01 pointed out; wouldn't she have someone bring her another outfit? Kim has assistants, her mother who is never far from her side, a nearby store, etc. plenty of resources to NOT be photographed leaving Kanye's apt. in the morning with the same clothes on. What really gets me is the need to constantly stay in the news and somehow relevant. Can't we just let her fade away?

  8. Y'all are insane. She's in NYC for one thing. How would walking to a nearby store…. oh never mind. I don't think you two understand the concept of a walk of shame. LOL.

  9. Not walking to a nearby store. I meant having someone from her DASH store send something over:)

  10. LOL, I completely understand the concept of the walk of shame, I'm not saying the photos are fake, I think their hooking up is fake. I mean Kim is a fame whore who lost alot of fans with her fake wedding thing, she's trying something to keep her on the mapI think if it were a real hook up, she would keep it a little cleaner, not so flamboyant and out there with it, she would have definately had someone bring her a new clean fit, this situation screams bogus! JMO

  11. I think they understand the concept of the walk of shame, I guess they find it hard to believe. Kanye could have sent for an outfit…anything. Dag, he didn't even walk her down to the car.

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