Camille Grammer Goes in on Dimitri’s Baby Momma

Camille Grammer’s attempts to keep her boyfriend, his past, and his brother’s past are failing. I reported Tuesday that Camille was on Good Morning America explaining why she left RHOBH. I also told you in that post that Camille has gone into the health supplement business with Dimitri and rumors of an engagement abound.  It seems as though things are not as carefree as the couple appeared in Vegas. It seems that Dimitri Charalambopoulos has a girlfriend/baby mama in Dallas named Lisa Chynoweth. Lisa would like to move to Colorado with their son Marcus. For reasons that are unclear since Dimitri has essentially moved to Malibu, Dimitri is fighting this and Camille goes in on the girlfriend in a recorded phone conversation. Click the link for text version. In the videotaped deposition with Dimitri, Chynoweth’s lawyers play a tape of Camille making what they consider threats toward both Lisa and her son. She is heard in a very ugly voice saying: “If you go to the press, I have lawyers that are beyond what you can imagine and they will pull stuff on you and you will be so mortified about your life and your family and what you have done. You don’t want to do that to Marcus. I will desecrate you, believe me, and that I can do, so be careful what you say and what you do because my defamation attorneys are huge, they’re the best and the people out there in the press that know me, they’re the best and they will hunt down and research every nook and cranny of your life.”

Well that sure isn’t sweet little ole season two Camille now is it? Well Camille’s side of the story is that she was going through her custody problems with Kelsey at the time of the phone call. She claims (through some anon source to RadarOnline) that Lisa said she was receiving phone calls from the media wanting a statement about Camille. Camille became threatened and went off. That is why the comment begins with “if you go to the press.” That does make a lot of sense as she refers to her defamation attorneys.

Yesterday a judge ruled that the video above should be removed by Lisa. We will see how long it stays up; however, the toothpaste is out of the tube. And it seems more and more likely that Camille has gotten herself in very deeply with someone with a very messy past. And really, arguing over a man with the ex is not very classy.

UPDATED: September 25, 2013 TMZ  reported the following today. Camille just won the lawsuit, and she won without a fight, because Lisa  never filed an answer to the complaint … so the judge just issued a default  judgment.Lisa has been ordered never to release the recording in  question ever again, as well as NEVER to record Camille without her permission.  Period.

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7 responses to “Camille Grammer Goes in on Dimitri’s Baby Momma

  1. Now that's the Camille we came to love on RHOBH. This would have made for a great storyline this coming season. Did anyone read anywhere that Camille's boyfriend's brother is a murderer. I am sure I read it somewhere. NJB

  2. Looking forward to season 3 of RHofBH when the entire cast turns on Taylor. The web of lies she's been spinning since the first season are bound to exposed at some point. That should be interesting.I'm sad to see Camille (her real money, fabulous clothes, and baller estates) go, but she accomplished what she needed to and got out on a high note. Good for her. That tape of her talking to the mother of her boyfriends child is disturbing, but so Camille of season 1.They'd better find someone good to fill her spot. I don't want to see Kyle and her mean girl antics take over another whole season. Atlanta HW's used to be my fav, but this season with the Taylor/Russell suicide Beverly Hills wives has brought the drama!

  3. What a thug Camille is. What is she a mobster? How tacky to talk about getting dirt on someones family. From reading on the net it sounds like Dimitri is the one with the family dirt. Family in the Tiddy bar business, violent assaults, DWI out the wazoo, weaons charges, indecent exposure, etc. Even his friends have colorful pasts. Who is she to threatnen a family? Get those defamation lawyers ready Camille because when all of Dimitri's skeletons come out sounds like you are going to need it. But she is good putting on the fake act. Too late, we remember season one and not fooled by the season II fakeness.

  4. bsbfankaren

    And so it seems that no one ever told Camille to never say anything on tape that could be used against you in the future? Wow! What a foolish, foolish move!

  5. TT said * And really, arguing over a man with the ex girlfriend is not very classy.* Wow. Alll she has to do is look at how LeAnn Rimes treats Brandi. And we all know what a beeatch LeAnn is. Camille has a pretty vicious streak that I have always noticed. She insults Kelseys penis every chance there is an opportunity. Yeh, I’d call her *real classy* all right.

  6. And this is why you don’t mess with Camille. That record sounds like classic Camille. One of my favorite housewives!

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