Final Autopsy Report on Whitney Houston Released Today

The coroners report on Whitney Houston’s death has been released and the cause of death has been ruled as drowning due to heart disease and chronic cocaine use and a possible overdose on “a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol.” Whitney’s body was found by her assistant face down in the bathtub and she called the body guard in to help her pull the body out of the water to attempt to resuscitate her. According to the report, nearly every flat surface in the suite had prescription bottles, open alcohol (beer and champagne) and blister packs of various over the counter medications. On the bathroom sink there was an ashtray, a coke spoon, a rolled up piece of paper and more prescription bottles. In the top drawer of the vanity there was a mirror with what tests showed was cocaine residue and more cocaine residue in the drawer.  In addition to the collection of “a plethora” of prescription pill bottles, the coke spoon, the residue from the drawer and counter tops, fingernail samples, hair samples (both head and pubic hair) and a rape kit were taken. There were three empty Xanax prescription bottles from two different doctors . One was a prescription for NINETY one mg tablets the other was for 15  the third was for a total of 90 dispensed 15 at a time all were empty.  That’s almost 200 mgs of Xanax prescribed between November 1st and January 20th. There were also an awful lot of antibiotics. a total of 12 prescription bottles were taken into evidence.


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6 responses to “Final Autopsy Report on Whitney Houston Released Today

  1. Is it just me or does this sound like suicide?

  2. RIP WHITNEY .SHE IS BETTER OFF IN HEAVEN NOW HER LIFE WAS A SAD ONE INSIDE,HER SOUL I FEEL BAD FOR HER,RIP. AND MEMBER MICKI DO NOT THINK SO.She want to live,was makin'her comeback,clive davis verify this.i believe that. and she love her child so much,so i doubt it,just NOT enough to stop being a coke fein,who abuse pills,just stupid wat she did,and now die from it ? in such a lonely sad way.RIPi say arrest the people around hertoo,for which some 1 had to get it for her,RIP.from GEENA ROMANO on facebook

  3. That is so unfortunate. After that Oprah interview I thought she was rid of drugs. But after reading the full report its clear she was deep into it. Which sucks. I just hope she rests in peace.

  4. JFC – who has that much of a variety of drugs at any one time?!?! Daaaaaayum.No doubt she loved her daughter. This just shows what a firm grip drugs can have on someone. Now her daughter is going to be used by the very people who didn't really look out for her mother. I hope she's able to rise above it.WD

  5. The leading 11:00p.m. newscast on WDIV tonight outlined that WH death investigators are in Detroit, MI looking into prescriptions that were issued to her while she was in residence at the Westin Hotel while working on the movie Sparkle. Seems that scripts were generated from an eastside Walgreens, a CVS on Woodward Ave, and from pharmacies in California and Atlanta. Speculation has it that multiple scripts from multiple physicians and locations may be indicative of abuse. Awaiting completion of investigation and any further information regarding whether sanctions will result.

  6. dosent the gov of Kentucky want a national (USA wide) data base to tell every pharmacist in the US who has a prescription (!) Just an invasion of our privacy for you & me because these *star* drug addicts will get what they want whenever they want.

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