Camille Grammer ON GMA With Katie Couric and Guess What She’s Doing Now?

Camille Grammer and her boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos showed up this morning for an interview with Katie Couric on Good Morning America. Camille tells Katie that she told Bravo that she was unwilling to have her children on camera (I can barely recall ever seeing them anyway) and that she would not have her relationship with Dimitri on the show. These seem like reasonable enough requests. Having your relationship on TV has never been helpful to anyone’s relationship and more often than not it really puts a strain on it. Just think of all the people that have gotten a divorce after being on a reality show. It seems any grand wedding in her future will not be on Bravo. But there is more to know about her relationship with Dimitri…

Dimitri is from Dallas and has a brother there who has a pretty bad criminal record. I don’t think Camille wants to draw attention to all that. Meanwhile Dimitri who is a licensed attorney in Texas seems to have relocated to California.  In a blog by D Magazine out of Dallas, it was reported (in October) that Dimitri was planning to open a vitamin line.  That article ran in October and just today  Camille tweeted that she was excited to share her new venture, . Oh so coincidentally, despite the fact that the owners of Wellnetix are not mentioned on the website, the contract address is in Dallas Texas. It appears that Dimitri has found a great investor! Surprisingly Camille does not mention Dimitri with regard to her “new venture”.

So after Camille made these conditions known to Bravo, they countered offering her a “friend of the housewives” contract much like Brandi and Pam had last season. Camille seemed a bit offended by that and decided it wasn’t worth her time and energy. Camille has plenty of money and is clearly more interested in the “prestige” associated with being a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.  So though Camille says in the video above that she is open to another reality show, it looks like for now she is going into the health and fitness market. 


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5 responses to “Camille Grammer ON GMA With Katie Couric and Guess What She’s Doing Now?

  1. Now i hope he is not planning on using her

  2. Does anyone really believe that Bravo made anything more than token attempts to retain Camille and Dimitri?—D-Listers, dregs. Does anyone really doubt their tabloid wantonness because she exchanged sympathetic words with Couric? Frauds. The untold story of Dimitri and Camille is the pain they’re inflicting on Camille’s and Kelsey’s children and Dimitri’s abandoned little boy. Camille’s deluded. Her behavior has a way of coming back to spite the face…When I think of them, I’m reminded of a quote from Gone with the Wind by Mammy, “They ain’t nothin’ but mules in horses’ harnesses.”

  3. …and much like Michael Jackson's face or any other plastic-ridden countanance, her face can't handle any more spites…

  4. She really wasn't interesting enough for Bravo to bend over backwards to keep. Too bad since SHE has real money. Not sure I'm going to miss her that much.WD

  5. I hated Camille first Season, love her now. If they do not bring Brandi back this season I have no reason to watch.Glad Lisa got her own show.

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