Svedka Vodka Had a Party in LA with Lots of Reality Show Cast Members

The was a Svedka Vodka Bash last night called Night of a Billion Reality Stars, or something. I haven’t seen any particularly interesting pictures of the event. Pretty much all the RHOOC, and Kyle from RHOBH and Teresa from RHONJ and everyone from Shahs of Sunset and that guy who used to be married to Kate Gosselin and Maxim and Val from DWTS and a bunch of other people were there posing with cardboard cut outs of themselves and well, drinking vodka I guess. Macy Gray sang and the reality whores all took pictures of themselves and tweeted them. This was the first time Kyle and Teresa (pictured left) had met. It seems like everyone had a lot of fun. The reality personalities had to dress themselves and let’s just say this went more smoothly for some than others.  Reza Farahan was there looking fabulous as always.

Sorry, there is just not much to say. It was sort of reality overload on vodka. 


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2 responses to “Svedka Vodka Had a Party in LA with Lots of Reality Show Cast Members

  1. Teresa looks like she got a boob job and Svedka is the smoothest vodka out there.

  2. Teresa's boobs are either taped using the entire roll of duct tape or she's had them stuffed and lifted. Good to see Kyle looking awful, as usual.WD

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