Nene Leakes is Back in Atlanta After a Busy Trip to LA

Nene Leakes is back in Atlanta after a busy trip to LA to film Glee. Apparently, her dinners with Kim Kardashian in Atlanta lately, replete will photographers and bloggers, were apparently more than just a publicity grab. Nene was met with the Shoedazzle people on Wednesday to design her pair of shoes to be featured on Kim K’s Shoe Dazzle website. I imagine they will be very high heeled and flamboyant. After her meeting with the design team she took her scarf-wrapped head out to straight to the salon for some color. Thursday she was already on the set of  Ryan Murphy’s new pilot with her very blonde hair touched up. She met with her acting coach Wednesday morning to go over her lines.  After a dinner out with Ryan Murphy, who is clearly under Nene’s charms, she caught a red-eye back to the ATL. This concludes your Nene Leakes update. Will you be buying the pair of shoes Nene designs for Shoe Dazzle?

Clarification: Nene Leakes is not going into business with Kim Kardashian. She is not designing her own shoe line.  Shoe Dazzle is a website that sells a variety of shoes for $40 a pair. From time to time a celebrity designs a shoe to be sold on the website. The celebrity shoes are sold to benefit the charity of the celebrity’s choosing.  It’s one shoe design that will have her picture next to it and be sold for a charity.


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14 responses to “Nene Leakes is Back in Atlanta After a Busy Trip to LA

  1. I am going to buy them every shoe NeNe wears are HOTT!!!She is handling her business you can't hate on that Congrats NeNe #TeamNeNe

  2. Depends on what the shoes look like and how much they are … too bad she isn't doing it alone though – I do not like the Kardashians – but I understand why she has partnered with them.

  3. thanks for the nene update. she's my favorite :)

  4. Oh Tamara….your clarification is oh so so so so so wrong. I'd look a little further into this story!! 😉

  5. I know it is hard to believe Nene is doing a charitable thing. But that is how the celebrity shoe works at ShoeDazzle. Hell, even Perez Hilton has done one.

  6. She isn't an intelligent person but you have to give her credit for her double talk. Id llove to see what she's like when she isn't trying to impress. I'm sure her shoes will be "just fabulous"….

  7. Uhm no I will not be buying a pair of cheap azz shoes from this fake celebrity tranny.BTW, I was wondering how much is this horse paying you to keep writing all these bogus blogs?Lenethia is a college drop out and a stripper.She is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside & that's UGLY!Ciao

  8. Someone someplace is giving Nene really good advice. She seems to be all over lately.WD

  9. Espi

    Good for her. After this weekend at the women’s expo… She seems to be brushing off the bad press and moving on to the next venture. Curious to see the shoe! She is known for her shoes…

  10. hannahkingrose

    Ok so let me make sure I have this straight. Nene is going to design a shoe for Shoe Dazzle through Kim Kardashian’s site and the money made from the sale of the shoe will go to the charity of Nene’s choice. Do I have that right? If I do, maybe she will use this opportunity to pay her debt. This is probably the only way Nene can pay the bet she reneged on to the Detroit Puclic Schools and Kenya. I started to put alledgedly but Kenya wrote her check and Nene stated on the reunion that she hasn’t written one and will do so at her leisure so I don’t have to say alledgedly. I just hope the shoes are good enough to bring in the needed $20,000.00. With her taste it’s still questionable.

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