David Golshan: Background Character on Shahs of Sunset

I get a lot of interesting emails. In fact, I often think that blogging about my Tamara Tattles emails would be the most interesting thing I could blog about. However, if I did that the people that email these interesting emails would stop emailing me. But there is one I will share that came from a PR representative in LA asking if I would like a celebrity interview. The interview was for David Golshan of the Shahs of Sunset. The email came the Monday after the show premiered. As most of you have noticed/complained about, I went all in on my coverage of Shahs of Sunset and first started blogging about the show in November when it was first announced. I know pretty much everything about the Shahs of Sunset that is available to be known, and then some. Most of it I have posted about. /wink So how could it be that there was a someone I didn’t know?   And why did I decide not to interview him? Well here’s the story…

David Golshan is an interesting character. He was on Millionaire Matchmaker (as one of the millionaires, supposedly) and was a bit of a pervert at the “mingle” but to be fair, all the girls are brought in like a walking menu at the Bunny Ranch. He seems to be a bit like Jill Zarin in that he is always trying to get in the gossip blogs, even if he has to manufacture reasons to be there. At one point he told Radar Online that he was looking into gathering a group of investors to change the name of the bankrupt Kodak Theatre to the David Golshan theatre. And Radar Online actually ran it. What is it about people on Bravo reality people and Radar Online? On March 28 David gave them another  out there story about some little girl threatening to kill her birds and hamsters if Bravo didn’t have him on season two. Again, Radar Online thinks this is a great story to run. First they refer to him as “a star” on the show, and then say he isn’t an official cast member but a “major player.”

David is a paid comedian and he tends not to keep his coarse humor confined to the stage. Chelsea Handler went after Golshan for being vulgar and said he gives Iranians a bad name. Chelsea Handler. Despite owning an online company that sells suits, his full-time job seems to be promoting himself you can find several blogs that apparently accepted his offer for an interview for Millionaire Matchmaker.

So it must be crushing him to be merely a background extra in this season’s Shahs of Sunset. Production refers to him as a friend of Reza’s but we don’t see much interaction between the two like we do with Anita. I did hear Asa mention his name in the pedicure scene with Reza and GG where Reza was once again trying to mend fences for GG with Asa.  Other than that, it’s almost like he was cut out of he scenes entirely. You see his face here and there but he’s not involved in many conversations. His past history shows whatever comes out of his mouth is something provocative that he finds funny but apparently Bravo did not share his sense of humor. Or it just might be because he was at the center of the Kathy Salem drama which I first covered here in November, with more detail in January and the resolution here in March.

The Courthouse News Service  posted court documents from the case of Kathy Salem versus  Ryan Seacrest Productions, Ryan Seacrest, Bravo Media, and Berne Productions much more details of the event are revealed. The court documents filed by Salem’s attorney read in part as follows:

“Plaintiff was not allowed into the party until after she signed a one-page document which was the signature page of what she later found out was an alleged release. Plaintiff signed the one-page document without ever having been shown and without ever seeing the body of the alleged release. When plaintiff entered the party as one of numerous participants, she understood that she might be taped as one of the numerous partygoers in the background of an episode of Shahs of Sunset. She did not understand that she might be blindsided and forced against her will to play a demeaning and humiliating role in an episode of Shahs of Sunset.

Towards the end of the party, while plaintiff was speaking with friends who had come to the party with her, one of the featured performers in Shahs of Sunset, David Golshan, approached plaintiff and struck up a conversation with her. While she was conversing with Mr. Golshan, another member of the cast of Shahs  of Sunset, Anita Gohari, interrupted their conversation and announced that she was engaged to Mr. Golshan and that plaintiff, by speaking with Mr. Golshan, was disrespecting  Ms. Gohari.

What developed was a bullying session wherein Mr. Golshan, Ms. Gohari and a third female cast member became verbally abusive to plaintiff and addressed her in an obscene manner. Then, after the verbal abuse, someone tried to strip plaintiff’s top off and another cast member by the name of Reza threw a cup of water in plaintiff’s face.

Ultimately plaintiff came to understand that the entire confrontation was contrived to create a scene in Shahs of Sunset which was being taped in its entirety. Plaintiff had unwittingly been cast as a ‘bad girl’ and the result was her being publicly humiliated and assaulted for the benefit of defendants and their production the Shahs of Sunset. Presently Shahs of Sunset is scheduled to air in February 2012. If Shahs of Sunset airs the scene in which plaintiff is abused and assaulted on national television, plaintiff and her reputation will be irreparably damaged. Defendants had a duty to inform plaintiff that she would not merely be attending the party but that she would be verbally abused and physically assaulted as part of the production of “Shahs of Sunset.”

Gif by RealityTVGifs
Salem sought rescission of the release she said she never saw, an injunction prohibiting publication of her “assault”, and damages of more than $100,000. There was a confidential settlement to the suit in which TMZ claims that the rescission of the release and the injunction were granted without monetary settlement. It is important to note that the quote above is written by Salem’s attorney and should not be read as an objective account of what occurred. It’s the account of a girl who was suing over an incident at a party where lots of alcohol was served. It’s reasonable to assume she woke up the next day having one of those OMG moments after a night of too much alcohol and was desperate to keep it off the television. Can’t say as I blame her for not wanting it aired, but it’s hard to believe that her memory was accurate.
I’ve gone back and forth on even mentioning David Golshan here. He’s a good looking enough guy but rather crude and there is a sort of ick factor when it comes to him I just can’t put my finger on. But since he is putting himself out there, I thought I would give y’all the tea. Basically, he probably had a shot a more airtime but he became a Bravo headache they chose to minimize. If there is a season two I would not expect to see him.


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10 responses to “David Golshan: Background Character on Shahs of Sunset

  1. O Gawd, I remember that guy from Millionaire Matchmaker. He was so skeevy and not "that" cute. I think Patti said he was a narssacist (is that how you spell that?) But she kinda gave him a personality makeover in the end. I'm not buying that he really changed.Is he really engaged to Asa? I did not see that one coming.

  2. NO! not engaged to ANITA or Asa. Now you are starting a different rumor. LOL.

  3. I can't believe Reza threw a cup of water in her face. What? There was no Dom available? I hope it was Diamond Water!

  4. I was told by David himself that he was acting on the Millionaire Matchmaker show.

  5. Oh gimme a break "Tamara". You're no legit blogger. Judging by all of your posts, it's clear you either work for Bravo or are paid to write your BS stories. Why else would you have started writing about this show back then when the public knew nothing of this show? As far as those scripted interviews you've posted on your blog, they're nothing more than exaggerations, if not overt lies. As a member of the Iranian community, I can also say that the wealth of these people is all nonsense created by Bravo. The majority of the cars are rented. The jet to Vegas and Vegas stay were all paid by Bravo, not Reza. A simple look at GG's average rental unit that most LA college kids live in makes that clear. I wouldn't be surprised if your paycheck came from the same place that funds that BS celebrity net worth website.

  6. I do seem to know an awful lot about the show, David. The success of the show you blew your opportunity on must be killing you. Bless your heart.

  7. Tamara is clearly a loser judging by this low end job she does for a living.

    Tamara, you sound like a fat ugly black girl who hides behind a computer and spits poison at everyone in order to make a few bucks. Your karma must kick you in your ugly ass everyday judging from the life you lead. You must be a real pig and get what you deserve. You seem like the kind of girl who doesnt get much love from a man….chances are you dont even have one, your writing shows how ugly you are from within.

  8. Sweety

    Agree ! I personally know David Golshan ! He is a real concided “dick” Numberous times ,asking me to go on his facebook wall and write …,Ohh David ‘you’re soo good looking’ !! I declined . He’s a cheap skate and belittles woman !! ps. he’s “ok” looking ! I’ve seen way better !!

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