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David Golshan: Background Character on Shahs of Sunset

I get a lot of interesting emails. In fact, I often think that blogging about my Tamara Tattles emails would be the most interesting thing I could blog about. However, if I did that the people that email these interesting emails would stop emailing me. But there is one I will share that came from a PR representative in LA asking if I would like a celebrity interview. The interview was for David Golshan of the Shahs of Sunset. The email came the Monday after the show premiered. As most of you have noticed/complained about, I went all in on my coverage of Shahs of Sunset and first started blogging about the show in November when it was first announced. I know pretty much everything about the Shahs of Sunset that is available to be known, and then some. Most of it I have posted about. /wink So how could it be that there was a someone I didn’t know?   And why did I decide not to interview him? Well here’s the story… Continue reading


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Reza Rants: Mustache Obsession

Reza is becoming a bit obsessed. It’s only Season One people. Here’s the latest rant. Which is your favorite?


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